Beast Girl

Marabell Vela as you can see an is ordinary 18 teenager but there is one big secret Marabell is hiding from everyone. She is a werewolf from blood. When her father died a couple of years ago and when Marabell turned 14 she was turned into a werewolf. Marabell isn't popular in school and is made fun of because she is a loser even though she is total rich. Marabell hasn't fallen in love before but what happens when she meets 18 year old Harry Styles? Will she fall in love with him? Or will the monster inside of her take over her when she becomes close to Harry? Read and find out! (1D NOT FAMOUS)


7. Chapter 6

Marabell's POV

As i got out of the shower rapping my bathrobe around my body I tied my long black/brown hair into a bun than went to a closet and pulled out a navy blue dress. This dress was the one a wore for one of my dad's awards given by one of his companies. I smiled at the dress than put on my strapless bra and panties than put on the dress it looked really nice and showed all of my curves than I put on my black high heels. I put on the silver infinity necklace I got for my birthday when I turned 14 when everything changed.I curled my hair than  put on my matching navy blue earrings that I had than put on mascara,eyeliner,and red lipstick. "Marabell let's go!" I heard my mum call from down the stairs I sighed than grabbed my phone and went down the steps. As I walked down the steps I saw Harry standing there his hands in his pocket looking all cute he was whispering something but I could hear all I saw were his lips moving under his mop of curls. He was wearing a really tight suit that made him look more sexier. I saw him look up he smiled as he saw me,"hi." I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck "hello to you beautiful and might I say you look really beautiful and more sexy than ever." he whispered in my ear giving me soft kisses down my neck I smiled but started to blush from his comment. I looked up in his eyes and smiled his beautiful green emerald eyes locking into mine we leaned in closer our lips a millisecond from touching I brushed my lips against his he smiled we were suddenly interrupted by my mother clearing her throat I started to turn red and let go of Harry,"ready to go?" she asked I nodded than put Harry's hand into mine "sorry for that." I looked down he chuckled "it's okay it was kinda funny seeing you look embarrassed it's cute." he explained I giggled. 

When we walked up to I'm guessing Dave's car Harry opened the back door for me I went in than he got in with me and closed the door our hands entwined. I looked out the window for a few minutes before Harry whispered in my ear,"I'm going to get that kiss from you later." I got shivers down my spine when he said that than he gave me silent kisses to the neck I looked at my mum and Dave than were talking while looking for the place we were going to. I tried to hold in my moan but Harry stopped and than just kissed my knuckles. i saw him smirk before turning back to the window.No man ever touched me like that before I liked it though especially how Harry did it. 

When we got to the place I looked at the place it was a hotel with a restaurant I looked over at Harry with a smile on his face my eyes widen I knew what he was thinking...God help me. We entered the restaurant and we sat in a booth I slid in. I sat next to Harry and across from my mum and Harry across from Dave. I sighed and looked at my phone Sam texted me.

Sammy<3: Heyyy Lou just asked me to the Junior Prom!! yayyy!! whatz up?? did Harry ask you?

To Sammy<3:yay! congrats and nm just out at dinner with Harry,mum, and Dave and no Harry asked me yet but I don't know if I really want to go

I sent the text than locked my phone I put it under my thigh,"hello my name is Suzy and I'll be your waiter tonight what can I get you ladies and gentlemen for drinks?" she asked "can I have a martini." my mum told her if she was going to drink than I was I went to a party once and got drunk so I'm okay "I'll have a beer please." Dave ordered "I'll have a a cranberry vodka." I smiled at the waitress she nodded "um..I'll have a beer too." Harry ordered he looked at me with a confused look I looked over at my mother I could tell in her eyes she was pissed I just smiled. The waitress walked away,"are you crazy Marabell?!" my mother asked 'what I can't have a drink?" I smirked "stop with the attitude you never drink." she growled I chuckled "yeah sure I haven't remember that timeI went over to "Suzy's" well I went to her place changed and went to a party got drunk and slept at her place than the next morning I shower changed again than went home I'm just that smart right?" I chuckled/explained "bell I think you should stop." Harry whispered I shook my head no I didn't know what was wrong with me I never acted like this before but I couldn't control myself I looked back at my mother,"stop it right now Marabell Sarah Vela now let's talk about something else." she turned her head to Dave i rolled my eyes "Harry move I'm going to the bathroom." I almost growled he did as I asked I quickly went to the bar,"can I please have a shot." I asked the bartender he nodded I showed him my I.D. than quickly took the shot the burning liquid burning my throat but I felt good I thanked the man than went to the ladies room. I went up to the mirror my eyes were starting to get red but you couldn't tell. I looked at my phone and started calling Sam I needed to talk to her.

Sam's POv

I was sitting and cuddling with Louis while watching a movie. My phone started to ring and Lou groan I giggled I looked at who was calling..Marabell. I thought she was at dinner I sat up and answered,"hey Bell what's up?" i asked "Sam my eyes are starting to turn red I was sitting down at dinner than I ordered a cranberry vodka and my mum and I got into a fight than I told her about the party and how I got drunk I don't know what was wrong with me something was controlling me than I am now herein the Ladies bathroom talking to you checking on my eyes and before I came in here I ordered a shot and it was really good I want another one." she explained I quickly got out of Lou's bed and opened the window it wasn't a full moon,"I'll be right back I have to take this." I stepped out of Lou's flat "Bell it's not a full moon so someone or something is controlling you and just clam down you can't let Harry see your eyes and don't have another shot and don't get your mum mad I know what's going on with your life but just clam down and don't let It come out or else someone is going to get hurt okay?" I explained "okay can I come over your house?" she asked "um..I.I-m at Lou's." I mumbled "okay well I'll talk to you tomorrow if anything happens." she than hung up and I walked back in with Lou's arms crossed,"tell me everything." I bit my bottom lip God Marabell is going to kill me but I have to can't lie to Louis.

Marabell's POV 

I came back to the table but my eyes were coming back I looked at my drink my mum changed my drink to a water I could care less but now I know I feel like killing a wild animal right now. I took a sip of my water and went on Facebook I could careless about what everyone was talking about. "Okay so what can I get you guys." Suzy came back "I'll have the seafood special." Dave ordered "I'll have a shrimp cocktail." my mum told her the waitress looked at Harry,"erm..I'll have the pasta please." his deep husky voice said it made me calm but I was still full of anger "and for you." the waitress said "can i have the steak please with vegetables and potatoes and can the steak be rear." I ordered she nodded and than walked away "you like you steak rear?" Harry asked I nodded "does it taste bad?" he asked "no it taste really good to me I love meat." I said licking my lips really fast I was now starving I looked at Harry he looked so muscular I could just- no stop it! Don't let it take control come back Marabell you love Harry because you fell in love with him. I put my head down I took a sip of my water. Harry basically talked about his life to the both of them I just stayed quite and nodded. 

When the food came I licked my lips and was about to eat it when I heard a voice,"you don't love him Marabell kill him already he's just food in the way don't hold back let the beast inside of you unleash if you don't you'll just end up like your father..dead." I clawed my hands into the seat and I started to get angry I closed my eyes hoping they won't turn red I held back the beast. I thought of my dad and than I said to myself,"no! I love Harry he will never be food to me! Stop doing this to me just leave me alone! I will never let the beast unleash out of me I'd take a silver bullet for Harry now leave!" my mind was pounding but it than stopped I took a deep breath and just took a bite of my steak i felt so good I felt my blood tingle I saw my mum look at me she shook her head I rolled my eyes. "So Dave do you have anything bad in your records?" I asked taking a piece of a vegetable my mum glared at me "nope I haven't done anything." he smiled eating a piece of his food I smirked " should know that if you do anything to hurt my mother I will hurt you and if I do find something in your record one day be careful." I explained I chuckled so did he. It really wasn't a joke though when we were done with dinner we all decided to check into a hotel. I had this huge wave of energy I turn excited when Harry and I were walking down the hallway I pushed Harry against a wall and smirked. 

Harry's POV

As Marabell and I were walking down the hallway she pushed me up on a wall,"Marabelll what are you doing?" I asked she pushed my wrists against the wall. She started to kiss my neck,"giving you that kiss you wanted baby." she chuckled I saw a glance of her eyes I could of sworn they were red. Her name escaped my lips when she nibbled on my skin she came close to my lips and crashed her lips on mine she smiled during the kiss. "Marabell..stop this isn't yo." I whispered she didn't listen she shut me up by kissing me again she moved down to my cheek than my jaw line and to my neck she kissed softly,"you smell so good babe." I heard her whisper she opened her mouth and suckled harshly on my neck. I got angry than I pushed her away,"stop it!" I yelled I think I heard her growl from inside her I looked at her eyes they looked like they were changing,"Marabell what's wrong with you you've been acting strange?" I asked her she started to run than went to the staircase. When I went to the staircase she was gone...what's up with her? I touched the spot she sucked I winced she left a hickey. I know this wasn't Marabell. 

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