Beast Girl

Marabell Vela as you can see an is ordinary 18 teenager but there is one big secret Marabell is hiding from everyone. She is a werewolf from blood. When her father died a couple of years ago and when Marabell turned 14 she was turned into a werewolf. Marabell isn't popular in school and is made fun of because she is a loser even though she is total rich. Marabell hasn't fallen in love before but what happens when she meets 18 year old Harry Styles? Will she fall in love with him? Or will the monster inside of her take over her when she becomes close to Harry? Read and find out! (1D NOT FAMOUS)


6. Chapter 5


Marabell's POV

It has been a week ever since what happened to me and now my eye color is back to normal and all of my scrapes,cuts,and bruises are gone. I still haven't talked to my mum I refuse to talk to her and usually Dave is over for dinner or something and I wouldn't talk I would just eat than go upstairs to my room and talk to Sam or Harry. Speaking of Harry we are officially  dating and we make a cute couple it's been working out great we spend a lot of time together everywhere he is really sweet and protective it's cute sometimes when he protects me. I also still haven't told him about the real me..the monster inside of me but one day I will when the time is right. Anyway, I was at Harry's flat making popcorn. I walked back over to Harry watching a T.V. show,"what are you watching?" I asked sitting down next to him "Family Guy." he chuckled "I hate this show I don't like it." I stated Harry looked at me "why?" he asked/chuckled "because it's really disgusting what some of the stuff they do on this show my dad hated it too..I prefer The Simpsons." I explained "oh so your a daddy's girl?" he smiled I frowned and l looked down,"I was.." I whispered I started to have tears in my eyes I quickly wiped them away. "What happened to your dad?" he asked I looked at him "h-he died  when I was 10 he was the owner of so many companies and was a great man,husband, and dad." I explained Harry gave me a hug "it's okay Bell." he whispered giving me a hug "thanks Harry." I smiled wiping away my last tear. "So what should we do except watch that?" I asked he raised his eyebrows and leaned in closer and kissed me. I smiled and kissed him back my fingers tangled in his curly hair. He brushed his tongue against my bottom lip asking for entrance but I pulled away,"well there's that." I smiled Harry chuckled "how about we play would you rather?" I asked he nodded "okay would you rather kiss a monkey or lick a hobo's foot?" Harry asked I giggled " kiss a monkey" I giggled he nodded in agreement "okay..would you rather date a girl that was a werewolf but was sweet,pretty, and kind or a beautiful hot blonde super model that is snotty,doesn't care about anything, only uses you, but likes you and the werewolf girl is totally gives her heart to you." I said I bit my bottom lip as I looked at his face thinking "well I have you and you are my world and is always beautiful to me and no girl can replace you." he smiled "ha ha Mr. Cheesy but I'm serious." I said taking some popcorn "well I've seen some werewolves not the prettiest of all people when the transform but I have to say the second choice." I coughed up the popcorn when he said his choice "Marabell! Are you okay?" Harry asked I nodded and took a sip of my water "just went down the wrong pipe." I faked chuckled he nodded I bit my bottom lip hard so I can hold in my anger and not let my eyes turn red,"so..would you rather date Adam Levine or Zac Efron?" Harry asked "definitely Adam I love Maroon 5 but I love you more." I smiled he gave me a peck on the lips "hey you know what I just noticed?" Harry asked "what?" I said "your top and bottom teeth look really sharp like a dog or a vampire teeth but with four fangs!" He chuckled  I chuckled,"yeah my dad had them and my mum told me that these teeth have been going on for as you can say generations in the Vela family." I explained he nodded. My phone buzzed I looked to see who texted me. It was my mum.

From Mum: Hey Bell come home now Dave is coming over so be here in 15 mins.

I rolled eyes I didn't text her back,"hey I have to go my mum wants me home to have dinner with her new boyfriend." I rolled my eyes "you don't like him?" he asked "it's nothing Harry I'll see you later love you." I sighed and gave him a kiss "you don't want me to drive you home?" he asked wrapping his arms around my waist I shook my head no,"no I'll be okay." I smiled giving him one more kiss "hey how about you come over for dinner tonight so I'm not a loner at the table?" I asked/giggled he smiled,"sure what time?" he asked "probably 6." I said he nodded "see you then beautiful love you." he smiled "love you too bye!" I waved before walking out. When it was all clear I started running werewolf speed to my house.When I got to my house I saw my mum sitting on the couch,"Marabell we are going out to dinner tonight you can invite Harry if you'd like he has to be here by 6 though." she explained I just nodded and walked up the stairs to my room then closed the door and changed and went in the shower.

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