Beast Girl

Marabell Vela as you can see an is ordinary 18 teenager but there is one big secret Marabell is hiding from everyone. She is a werewolf from blood. When her father died a couple of years ago and when Marabell turned 14 she was turned into a werewolf. Marabell isn't popular in school and is made fun of because she is a loser even though she is total rich. Marabell hasn't fallen in love before but what happens when she meets 18 year old Harry Styles? Will she fall in love with him? Or will the monster inside of her take over her when she becomes close to Harry? Read and find out! (1D NOT FAMOUS)


4. Chapter 3

Marabell's POV

*Thursday Night*

I jut got back from Harry's and met his mum,stepfather, and older sister Gemma they are all so nice and we had a laugh and told stories about each other. I took a water bottle out of the fridge and looked at my phone to see I got a text from Harry. He told me to ignore everything his mum told me I laughed. I was about to text him back before my mum came running down the stairs in a dress holding high heels I had a confused face suddenly someone knocked on the door my mum sighed and answered it,"oh hi!" she smiled. A tall man in a suit walked in with a smile I put my phone and water on the counter and crossed my arms. Who was this guy? I thought. "Oh Marabell this is Dave he is my business partner I will be back in an hour or two you can invite Sam over if you like." her high heels "hello Marabell." he smiled I waved "hi." I said as coldly as possible I put on a fake smile. My mum grabbed her purse then shut the door. I waited until I heard the car go. I screamed my eyes were turning red I started to cry. Why?! Has she finally over dad?! No! She will never be! I stormed out out of the house and started running in the woods. I was getting more angry than ever before tears streaming down my face. I could feel myself changing into a wolf I started to howl. I stopped half way I was almost transferred into a whole werewolf but I stopped when I saw an animal I ran towards it and shredded it to pieces blood going everywhere my eyes were not bloody red I climbed up a tree and sat down on a thick branch. I was breathing heavily. I cried,"she can't move on daddy! She said she would never! Dad I need you why?! Why did you have to d-die!?" I cried There was no answer I laid back and closed my eyes. It was peaceful for a couple of minutes before I heard this screeching sound of something it made me go crazy I covered my ears and screamed it to stop I loss my balance and fell out of the tree. When I landed on the ground I had a bruise on my cheek and cut my lip and scratches on my legs plus and cut on my arm the cut was bleeding crazily. I covered it and began running werewolf speed to the house I ran upstairs to the bathroom and washed away all of the dirt and blood. My cuts and bruises will go away possibly tomorrow or Saturday they don't stay long they disappear but my eyes stay red longer hopefully they would start to fade on Sunday or Monday the longest they could possibly stay for my age would be for a month but that has never happened to me before. I bandaged up the cut and changed into my pj's. What was that screeching? I thought I just put it to side and fell asleep I didn't even want to talk to my mum about it I am too mad at her.

The next morning I felt so sore I realized about what happened last night I touched my lip and winced because of the cut. I got up as carefully as possible and walked towards the bathroom. I looked myself in the mirror they bruise was all black and blue it looked like someone slapped the shit out of me and my bottom lip cut was kinda deep and my lips and some of my face was still smeared with blood. I had a few scratches on my arms. I jumped in the shower and scrubbed all of the blood and rest or dirt or anything. When I got out I put on jeans and a grey long sleeve shirt with my converse. I put on some make up on my cheek to see if the bruise will fade you could barley see it so it's okay. My lip I just put on lip balm it's fine if it looked like that I could care less. I looked at my eyes they were still red,"shit." I mumbled I grabbed the black sunglasses Harry gave me they looked really good on me and I liked them. I grabbed my books and ran down the steps my mum wasn't down there I rolled my eyes I wasn't hungry anyway I made myself a quick cup of tea and left for school. I really hope Harry is either absent today or doesn't see me.

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