Beast Girl

Marabell Vela as you can see an is ordinary 18 teenager but there is one big secret Marabell is hiding from everyone. She is a werewolf from blood. When her father died a couple of years ago and when Marabell turned 14 she was turned into a werewolf. Marabell isn't popular in school and is made fun of because she is a loser even though she is total rich. Marabell hasn't fallen in love before but what happens when she meets 18 year old Harry Styles? Will she fall in love with him? Or will the monster inside of her take over her when she becomes close to Harry? Read and find out! (1D NOT FAMOUS)


2. Chapter 1

Marabell's POV

It was a sunny but cold day here in Cheshire today. I woke up from my alarm clock I looked at the time 5:00 I got out of bed and grabbed a towel then went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. When I got out I picked out my clothes for school my black skinny jeans with a purple tank top with my black hoodie. I brushed my teeth, straightened my hair, and just put on eyeliner and nude lipstick than I grabbed my back pack then went downstairs.

I went into the kitchen to my mum making breakfast,"Morning Marabell do you want breakfast?" My mum asked politely. She is so sweet and polite to everyone she can't really get angry, "Um... yeah sure what are we having?" I asked "Sausage,bacon, and homemade french toast." she smiled "yes pleasee!" I loved meat as you can see I grabbed a glass of orange juice from the fridge. "where were you last night?" my mum asked I bit my lip hard "out." I looked down "Marabell did you hurt a human again?" she asked I looked her in the eyes I nodded "it was just a guy in the woods mum I'm sorry I can't help myself! I wish dad were here he could have told me what to do!" Tears started to prickle out of the corners of my eyes my mum came over to me and gave me a hug she looked at me into my eyes and smiled,"your eyes are still teal but your right now has green specks and your left has brown." I smiled I sat down and she handed me my plate of food and I started to eat it. "okay well I have to go to work and I will be home late so I love you and try to not have so much anger out on today." she explained I nodded than she grabbed some papers and left. My phone buzzed I looked at who texted me it was my best friend Sam I just locked my phone and put it back in my pocket I put my plate in the sink than grabbed my car keys and left.

As I arrived at school I saw Sam waiting at the front door for me I grabbed my back pack then went up to her,"hey." I said "hey why didn't you answer my text?" She asked "sorry, I was eating breakfast anyways what's up?" I asked/explained "Haley Stuz is dating Steven Collin." she said with a huge smile "and I care about this why?..." I asked we were walked through the crowded hallway "that means that Harry Styles is free!" she squealed and looked at me "and I care about this because?.." I asked "because now he could ask you out, Belle!." she winked I frowned, "yeah! No." I told her it was her turn to frown now we walked the res of the way to English talking about random gibberish. I sat next to Sam and just talked to her as Mrs.Goldling came in. "please take your seats class." she said in her strict tone I looked at Sam and we both rolled our eyes and to add on top of that we sat in the second to last row so we were behind Harry Styles and his 4 annoying friends. Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. Here's the thing they are al assholes and douche bags Especially Harry I cringe every time I hear a thirsty girl talking in the bathroom about him. All five of them wouldn't shut up but I held in my anger and tied not to turn around and rip their eye ball out of their sockets. Oops? Nah. "Okay everyone we will be starting a new project today you will be paired up with partners on everything we learned so far. Now it's boy girl partners." Everyone groaned especially me I always worked with Sam since I didn't like anyone else here or they just didn't like me. "okay okay just listen Jade and Liam, Niall and Kate, Zayn and Marie, Haley with Steven, Sam and Louis, and Marabell and Harry." She explained. No, nononono. This could no be happening I could not be working with him,I looked at Sam but she just had a smile that was so wide it almost covered her whole face. Sam has had a crush on Louis ever since 5th grade. Even though she'll say he's so annoying. It's weird. I groaned,"okay everyone go to your partners and talk about what you are going to do. This project is due in two weeks." she walked out of the classroom for a second and I just slouched. This is fucking horrible I need to go somewhere and try not to hurt someone. "Hey." I heard a raspy voice call I looked up to see Harry.


Harry's POV

I was pissed that we had another project and the girl I was working with well I didn't know her but Haley would just talk about how she's a freak but is rich her name was Marabell it was a nice name. I walked over to her,"Hey." I smiled she looked up at my face and I saw her eyes they were... beautiful they were teal and if you could really see one of her eyes had brown specks and the other one had green specks they were amazing I never seen eyes like that. "Hi." she mumbled and stood up shyly "eh.. I'm Harry so when do you want to get started on the project?" I asked "I know. I'm Marabell, it doesn't matter maybe tomorrow at around 6ish? My house. Also try not to be late." She explained. Wow, that sounded harsh. "Okay." I rolled my eyes and she rolled hers also. "Okay well can I have your address and maybe your phone number?.. So I can see where to go and call you if there's anything we need to do over the phone for the project." I could feel the heat of my cheeks turned red she chuckled, "Um..sure." she wrote down something on a piece of paper. "Thanks." I said "it's fine." She said calmly I nodded just then the bell rang and she grabbed her books then left I grabbed my stuff and met the boys outside of the classroom, "Wow.." I said to myself as I walked with the boys to our next class.

Marabell's POV

As the bell rang I quickly grabbed my stuff and left quickly. Jeez. I can't believe I have to do this project with Harry fucking Styles out of everyone. I saw Sam at her locker putting her books away and taking others out for next class. She smiled, "Louis is really sweet, funny, kind, and he also said I was cute, and commented o my outfit and-" "yeah yeah he's a great guy, Woo hoo." I rolled my eyes. "So how's Harry?" She smirked. I rolled my eyes," Oh guys amazing! I replied with sarcasm. "That was sarcasm I suppose?" She smiled, "yep." I laughed. "He' coming over my house tomorrow." I told her as we walked through the crowed hallway,"ooo your house?" She wiggled her eyebrows and smirked. I smacked her arm playfully,'Ew! Not like that! For the project you dummy." I told her she just laughed. I rolled my eyes. Tomorrow is going be my hell.

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