Just another love story

A normal New York girl wins 2 tickets to a onedirection concert and takes her best friend. They each fall in love with the boys and can't choose who they like most but more importantly the boys can't even decide if they like them. Read I to find out


3. well hello mr.styles

As I finally reached the vending machine I was in shock! There I saw 2 of themembers of onedirection....harry and zayn! Harry hadbturnednaround and gave me a confused look and zayn had walked out because he had gotten a phone call so it was just me and harry. He jus sat there for a few seconds and stared then he asked me something id would have never expected...he asked why I was up on that level and I saidnthat me and my friend were on vacation and this is where they put us. Little did I kniw they had rented out the whole floor...whoops!! After talking for who knows how long he invited me to go swimming in the hotel with him and of course I saidyes but only under one condition if jenna could come....he said of course and that niall would go too so she didnt feel too lonely. I was so excited and nervous but there was no time for that I had to go get jenna and go change and that's exactlycwhat I did! 

I changed into my polkadot top and mint green bottoms and jenna changed into her pink ruffled top and black and white striped bottoms and we grabbed towels and waited fornthem next to the elevator.

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