Just another love story

A normal New York girl wins 2 tickets to a onedirection concert and takes her best friend. They each fall in love with the boys and can't choose who they like most but more importantly the boys can't even decide if they like them. Read I to find out


2. So this is what London is like

Jenna and I stepped off the plane and made a run for the luggage claim because we were so excited to be there! First my luggage then hers and after that we got a rental car and drive to our hotel. As I walked in the hotel lobby I got a full understanding of how beautiful this place was I don't know how we managed to get that under our belts. As we walked up to the desk to he our key the lady upfront seemed extremely annoyed and angry I don't know what her problem was and I wasn't about to find out so we got the key as fast as possible and ran. When we got up to the top floor it seemed deserted except I did hear a few voices cute British voices! I will for sure get a look at them before I leave. I. Unlocked our "room" to find that just the kitche was the size of my whole apartment......wowwwww!!! Since we are staying for 3 weeks I decided for once to actually unpack my stuff. After that I was pretty thirsty and hungry so I went to get something to eat from the vending machine. On my way there I heard those boys against except they were in the hall. It was funny though because those boys look an awful lot like one direction! I just brushed it off and kept walking until I realized that they were headed to the ceding machine too. Well shit I looked like crap because I had been on a plane for the last 12 hours!!!  

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