Just another love story

A normal New York girl wins 2 tickets to a onedirection concert and takes her best friend. They each fall in love with the boys and can't choose who they like most but more importantly the boys can't even decide if they like them. Read I to find out


1. Oh yeah today is the day we get to do that thing

I wake up to my screeching alarm and that immediately pisses me off and that's of course until I remember that today is the day that I get to fly out to London with my best friend!! I race in the shower and I hurry and do my makeup which consists of liquid foundation and powder foundation a little bit of eye liner and mascara and my hair was in a side braid. Then I grabbed my phone and charger along with my make up bag and put it all except my phone in my suitcase. Then I was off to get my friend. Your probably wondering what I'm like so ill tell ya. I'm short and I have long brownish red hair with blue green eyes and my name is Melissa. My friend in the other hand is tall blonde with brown eyes ad her name is Jenna. I just turned 18 and Jenna is 19 I have my own car and I live by myself. I left m house when I was 16 because I hated it so much and I was sick of being treated like a baby oh which reminds me I have an older sister who is 20 and her name is Allie. Anyways lets get back to the story. 

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