Just another love story

A normal New York girl wins 2 tickets to a onedirection concert and takes her best friend. They each fall in love with the boys and can't choose who they like most but more importantly the boys can't even decide if they like them. Read I to find out


4. A Date??

As we were headed to the pool we all got to know eachother and we got to know a lot maybe because harry "knew" where the pool was! I swear we looked for it for 30 minuets before asking someone where it was! Whe we finally got to the pool I felt extremley self concious of my body.....I've had a lot of problems in the past with that stuff and never really recovered so every once in a while if I get too uoset ill cut my thighs amd I completley forgotnabout the scars...., SHIT!!! Harry had come over to make sure I was ok and I completkey broke down...way to go you are with yourndream guy and youre crying on his shoulder and you have only known him for like 2 hours way to go melissa way to go....after a while of talking he knows everything about me and im madky in love with him grea just great! Asnwe walk back into the pool we fine niall and jenna making out like animals!  Well I guess they got along pretty well without us said harry and so I guess they are going out now. Then harry turned to me and said he really liked me and henconsidered this a first date. I was so happy so he kissed me rihht then and there, it wasnt long it was shortnand sweet but it was electric and all I could think about for the next few hours until he called that is.

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