Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


10. Secrets Don't Make Friends

6/29/13, 10:54pm 
Dear Payne, 
                My head was buried in my pillow. My eyes were red and puffy. I could barely breathe right. I had been crying all night. I raised my head from the pillow and I though I heard sound of a car pulling in my driveway, but no one was there. I put my face back into the pillow. My life sucked. I couldn't see you. I was starving. My parents didn't feed me. Next thing I knew, someone walked into my room. Which was strange because my parents were at work. 
              "ERICA!!!" I recognized the voice. It was Louis. I rolled over saw five guys in my room. I smiled. 
             "Wha... How did you get in?" I was curious. 
            Niall lifted up a lock picking kit,   "i've got skill." He laughed. 
           You walked over to me, "are you okay? Why are there bars on your window? That seems familiar.. Oh! Harry Potter. What? Who puts bars on a window?! Crazy. Oh my go-" 
              I put my hand over your mouth, "shush it, Pay-, babe, and just kiss me!" I put my arms around your neck and are lips connected.  
            "Hey, I don't wanna ruin this lovely moment, but.. We have to go," Harry said. 
             I smiled and let go of you, "alright, just let me get some stuff, everybody out." 
              "Jeez, you're in here for a day or two and you turn out bossy." Harry replied. I gave him the death glare, all of you walked out. I packed most of my clothes,  toothbrush, hairbrush, you know the important things, and then my journal. My hand reached out to the door knob and stopped. I was thinking about if I should do this or not. I know my parents are drunks and addicts, but like you said,  "your parents love you," I decided the best thing to do is to leave. I opened the door and found you guys sitting in the hallway. 
           "Come on, you lazy bums, get up, hurry, let's go, go, go," I grinned, "is that bossy enough for ya, Harry?" He looked down at his feet and smiled. Niall looked at him with a jealous glare. Personally, I think those two are gonna get together too. Harry's smile quickly faded when he saw Niall. "Well? Where are we going?" I asked as Louis was driving. 
            "Missouri, dummy, you know, Kansas City. We've got a concert there in a few days," Zayn said. 
             "Oh, now you speak..," I leaned over so I was closer to his ear, "how are ya doin," I asked. 
              "I'm fine, Lou still doesn't want anyone to know, I've tried telling him, but he won't budge," he whispered. 
              I was about to answer him, but  Louis interrupted me, "Secrets don't make friends," 
             "But friends make secrets," Zayn and I said in unison, " haha, great minds think alike! We did it again! High five!" Everyone looked at us like we were crazy, "what?" We both said. 
             You shook your head, "I don't know what I'm gonna do with you, babe," 
             "Hey... Play nice, Payne. I'm sensitive," I said, sad-like. You let out a sigh and put your arm around my shoulders. 
             "Might as well take a nap while you can, we barely get any sleep, so that means if we can't sleep, you can't." You told me. 
              I groaned, "I did not agree for this," I laid my head on you shoulder and fell asleep. 

This may be a little short, I dunno. But yeah.. I like feedback. Feedback is good...:))

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