Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


4. My Birthday Girl

6/13/13, 6:35pm
Dear Payne, 
           Today is my birthday! And I received A LOT of awesome things, but one gift caught my eye...
            So I got home from school, and on my front porch was a long package wrapped in red paper. There was a note on it.. It said, "turn around," why the hell would someone leave this on my front porch? I had nobody special. My mind was trying to process this. All of this. I reluctantly turned around. And to my surprise, you were standing there. You, Liam Payne, were standing on my porch. I ran up to you and gave you a huge hug. You swung me around. "Hey!!!!" I screamed excitedly. 
"Hello," you replied ever so causally. 
"Why are you here?!?!" 
"'Cause of my tour, remember? So I decided to stop by and give my birthday girl a hug!" 
I could swear you said 'my birthday girl' that sentence kept going through my head. What did you mean by that? I did like you, who wouldn't? But did you like me? I thought that was crazy. Why would you like me? 
"Well thank you!" I smiled. 
"There is another specific reason I came here though..." I looked at you, signaling you to continue. "Why don't we go inside?" You suggested. 
           I nodded my head, and dug
Through my bag for the key. Finally, I found it. I put the key in the door knob and swung open the door. Luckily, nobody was home yet. Freedom. 
"Can we go to your bedroom? I reckon it's the door with your name on it," you were halfway down the hallway by the time I realized something. My posters. I ran past you, pushing you to the side. 
"No, no, no, no, no," I spit out, "you CANNOT go in there," 
"Why?" You asked. 
"'Cause. Lets just leave it at that." 
You were determined to get it my bedroom. I could tell by the look in your eyes. "Fine. I'll get in there one of these days,"
"You think you will come back here?" 
"I know I will," you said, confidently.
"Lets go to the living room," I took your hand and lead you to the couch, where we both sat down. 
"Erica...," you said, "I need to tell you something. Something that might change both of our lives," 
"Erica, I... I...."

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