Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


16. Mr and Mrs. Payne

7/10/13, 9:47pm
Dear Payne, 
         This morning you woke up all whiney, "what happened last night?" You groaned. 
         I slowly opened my eyes, "have Zayn tell you, he's the only one who wasn't drunk," we both got up and looked for Zayn. 
         "Hey, what happened last night, Zayn?" You asked him. 
         "Look at your left hand," he told you. 
        You held your hand in front of your face. Your eyes widen, "holy shit. Why do I have a wedding ring on?" 
       I laughed, "it looks like we got married," 
     "That wasn't suppose to happen for a long while! It was suppose to be a romantic.. And we ended up getting married in Vegas, while we were all drunk. The only person who has memory of it is Zayn, that's cool," you said, "anyways.. What time is it?" 
     "11:24am," Niall said as he walked into the kitchen. 
    "Niall! Put some clothes on! You're only in boxers," you yelled. 
     "Oh, you know you like it," he smirked at you. 
     "No, I like my girlfriend. I'm gonna make a phone call, I'll be back," you left the room, leaving me alone with a half naked Niall and a chirpy Zayn. 
     "Dude, Erica, you were so drunk last night," Zayn told me. 
     "Hey, don't judge me," 
      I sat down at the kitchen table and started playing with my ring. It was really pretty. 
      "What are you thinking about?" Zayn asked me. 
       "I don't want this to end," I said quietly, "none of this. I love him too much. I love you guys too much," tears started rolling down my eyes. 
       He pulled me into a tight hug, "don't cry, you're gonna make me cry, then we are gonna have to crying people," he wiped the tears from my eyes. We stayed like this for awhile. Zayn kept singing in my ear. It was soothing. I was hoping you nor Louis would walk in because I didn't want to explain. 
        "Hey, babe!" You called from the other room. Zayn quickly let go. I gave him a friendly peck on the cheek and went to you. 
         "What?" I asked. 
          "Me and you are going to Cali for the night, and we are leaving about now, so hurry up and dress in something casual but dressy, Mrs. Payne," you smirked. 
           "All these 'presents' are going to make my present for you lame, Mr. Payne" I said as we walked out the door. The car ride there was long. You kept glancing at me, grinning, "keep your eyes on the road, Payne," I turned on the radio, and you started singing. I smiled and started busting out laughing. You gave me a concerned look. I just ignored you. It was about 7pm when we got where we were headed to. It was dark and late.
      "Where are we?" I could feel sand on my feet. I saw a tent like thing with lights hanging in it. You led me to the tent. 
       "Do you like it?" you asked. 
        "I love it," 
        "Good because this is where we are sleeping tonight," you grabbed the blankets that were folded neatly in a stack. You later a blanket down on the ground and sat down. You patted your hand on the spot you wanted me to sit. Across from you. We talked for awhile but then we decided to lay down. I put my head on you chest and you wrapped your arm around me. I stayed there for awhile then I lifted my head. I moved so I was hovering over you. 
      "You believe in kissing on the second date?" I asked softly. 
       "Good," you crashed you lips until mine. It took a minute for me to respond. Our lips were syncing perfectly. This wasn't like a normal make out session. It was romantic. 
The lights were off and only a few candles were lit. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach was soothing. This was a perfect night I didn't want to end. 

all the comments you guys post really motivate me to make another chapter. Thank youuu!:) -Emily:)) 


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