Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


7. Meeting the Boys Part 2

6/16/13, 5:33pm
Dear Payne, 
           I walked into the arena and you brought me backstage. There was some screaming girls out there.. They were asking who I was, and why I was with you. I didn't answer. I just looked straight forward trying not to fall. When we got backstage, you put your hands on my shoulders, "Stay," you told me. 
         I didn't move a muscle. I felt out of place. Like I didn't belong there. You came back with a glass bottle and the rest of the boys. I opened my mouth to speak, but I was cut off by Louis, "SPIN THE BOTTLE!" He yelled. 
"Truth or dare style." Zayn said smoothly. 
"Aha, guys... Really? Don't you guys think this is a little middle school?" I asked. They all shrugged but you, Liam. Niall was staring at me. "Fine. Lets play." I sighed. 
       We all sat in a circle. Zayn spun it first. It landed on Harry. "Harry, do you have anyone special?" He asked. Harry eyes wandered over to me. "Nope," he smirked. 
        "Get your eyes off my girlfriend," You said to Harry. His smile faded. Louis went next. The bottle landed on me. 
       "What's your biggest secret?" 
         "Uhh...," I put my hand on the back of my neck. "I-I-I can't say.." 
"You kind of have to," Louis said. 
    "Can I just tell you later," Louis nodded, "thanks," I tried to smile but couldn't. We played about another 45 minutes of Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare Style then the boys got ready. Louis got done first. I was standing by a door. Somehow he was in the room. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in. 
     "Tell me," he demanded. 
     "Fine. Just pleasee, pleaseee. Don't tell Liam," he nodded his head. "I-I have...,"  
     I heard the door open. Both of our heads immediately turned to the door. It was Zayn. "Are we having a party?! Wooo," Zayn shouted. 
      "No, she's telling me her secret!" 
       "Ooh, I wanna know," 
         "Just don't tell anyone her secret, Zayn.." He looked over at me and nodded. I guess I trusted these guys. I told them my secret. Their mouths dropped open. I covered my face with my hands. I was scared. They both have me reassuring looks. We walked out of the room we were in and saw you, Niall, and Harry sitting on a couch. 
       It was quiet and awkward at first. Louis and Zayn were whispering. Harry was fiddling with his thumbs, and you and Niall gave each other confused looks. All of the sudden, Zayn and Lou broke out into a song. 
"Just one chance, just one breath, just in case there's just one left. You know, you know, you know i love you. I loved you all along. Ill miss you, been far away for far too long." 
Far Away by Nickelback.. I gave them a dirty look and they smiled. 
"Are you talking about Perrie and El?" You asked them. They just started giggling. 
"C'mon, guys time to get ready for  our show," Zayn told them. 
"We are ready! We've been waiting for you two, knuckleheads!" Niall said quite frustrated. Lou and Zayn got ready and you guys put on a great show, like always. 

So? What do you guys think? What do you think her secret is? Sorry I haven't updated. I have been sooo busy. I'll try to update more:) I would love feedback:)))

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