Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


15. Las Vegas, Baby!

7/9/13, 11:47pm
Dear Payne,
            I woke up around 4pm, still in a car. "Where are we?" I asked, hoping someone was awake.  
            "Only the best place ever!" Louis replied. 
             "And where's that, Lou?" 
             "LAS VEGAS, BABY!" Louis screamed. He literally screamed that in a car with four sleeping people. You all were startled. It was hilarious! 
               "What the hell, Lou," Harry said. 
                "Everybody up!!! We are at our hotel!!"
                 Our driver pulled up to the front door, we all got our stuff and checked in. Me and you arrived at our room, you opened the door, I flopped on the bed. It was soo friggin comfy. 
                "Hey, me and the boys are gonna go out shopping, and I need you to stay right here," you told me. 
              I gave you a confused look, "what? Why?" 
             "Don't question, we will be back, have fun," you said. You walked out the door. Well alright. I didn't know what I was suppose to do. I didn't even know when you would be back. 
To you: When are you going to be back? I miss you already:'( 
I waited and waited and waited some more for you to reply, but you didn't. I was getting bored. I walked around the floor I was on, down and back. 
              "Excuse me, Miss?" I turned around to see a boy about my age standing there. He had black hair with green eyes, "are you lost?" 
                I laughed,"no, I'm just having fun," he looked weirded out, "my names Erica,"' I extended my hand out for him to shake which he did. 
              "I'm Derek," he said. 
               I sat down on against the wall and put my phone beside me. He sat down next to me, "can I help you?" I asked him. 
                He picked up my phone and looked at the screen, "you can tell me who Liam is,"
                "If you must know, that's my boyfriend," I snatched my phone from his hand. I read the text you sent me. 
From you: I miss you too, I'm almost done. I'll be back soon:*
                "Is that guy on your background Liam?" Derek asked. I nodded my head, "he's good looking but not as good looking as me," 
                 "Yeah, I highly doubt that," I stood up, "it was nice meeting you, Derek, but my boyfriend who is hotter than you will be back soon," that Derek kid was really nosy, I slammed my door shut. I unlocked my iPhone and started a game of Angry Birds. 
             Half an hour later, there was a knock on my door, I slowly got up.  "Li-," I said as I opened the door, "Derek. Hi. What do you want?" 
              "I just came to say hi," 
              "Well.. Hi," 
               "Is your boyfriend here?" He asked. 
                "No, why?"
                 "Good that means I can come in," he said all cocky. 
                 "Uh... No it doesn't," I said. Just then, you tapped on Derek shoulder. He turned around. 
                  "Excuse me? What are you doing?" You pushed passed him and wrapped your arm around my waist. 
                  "I was just checking in on her," he replied shyly. 
                   "I believe that's my job. I mean as her boyfriend," you kissed my cheek, "I think you should run along now," you slammed the door in his face. 
                 "Thank you sooo much, I thought he would never go away," I told you. 
                 "You should of texted me, I wouldn't of took so long," 
                 "Well... You took forever to reply the first time I texted you, so I thought you would take longer if I texted you again," I explained. 
                  You looked at your phone, "wow.. I was gone for three hours! It's already 7pm! We are going out to party tonight. It's already getting dark, be ready in a hour," 
                I quickly took a shower and got dressed and sat on the edge of the bed waiting for you, "ready?" You asked. 
                 "Yup, I have been," you opened the door, signaling me to follow you. We went downstairs to the car and waited till everyone was in. 
                 Once we arrived to the club, Niall went to gets us drinks, except Zayn, he didn't drink. After a few drinks, I was drunk. I didn't remember anything, so I had Zayn fill me in. This is what he told me: 
                "Ahhh, c'mon, lets dance," you slurred. 
                 "I think both of you need to stop drinking," Zayn told us. 
                 "You, Mister Bossy Pants, need to start drinkin," you stumbled over you feet. 
                  Zayn took the drinks from both of us, "Zaynnnnnn, why did you do thattt? You're no fun," I huffed and crossed my arms. 
                   "Fine, if Zayn won't let us drink, let's do something us fun," you stated, "Erica, will you," 
                   Zayn cut you off, "Liam, you said you were gonna wait. That you only got one here because LA has the best jewelry stores," 
                You turned to Zayn, "Shush it, Zayn," you turned back to me, "will you marry me?" 
                   "Yesssss," I slurred. 
                    You pointed to Zayn, "go get Louis, Niall, and Harry. We are having a wedding tonight," 
                      "You're gonna regret this," he said as he got up. He went over to the boys and told them. They were all drunk, of course. We all piled into the car, "take us to the nearest chapel," Zayn told the driver. 
                    Once we arrived to the chapel, we all piled into this small room. Zayn walked over to the receptionist and made an appointment. Since we were the only ones here it was like a five minutes wait. 
                 "Not to be rude or anything, but can we please make this quick because he looks like he's gonna fall over any minute," Zayn asked the Father. 
                 "Do you, Erica, take Liam as your husband?" 
                  "I do," 
                  "Do you, Liam, take Erica as your wife?" 
                  "I do," you grinned really big. 
                    "You may now kiss the bride," he said. The boys clapped and cheered as we kissed. 
                    "Lets go, Payne, time to for bed." 
                    It felt like we were never going to arrive at the hotel. We finally arrived there. We got out of the car and Zayn helped us up to our room. He stayed there, making sure that we were okay, "here you go, babe, this is your ring. Sorry I didn't have it with me," you put it on my ring finger. It was beautiful. 
                     You put your wedding band on and changed into your pajamas. I woke up, my head was pounding. I realize that I had a ring on my finger, knowing Zayn didn't drink, I ran to his room. I demanded him to tell me everything and he did. Hopefully you remember all this. 

Muahahaha! What do you think:) 

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