Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


11. Larry Stylinson

7/1/13, 10:45pm 
Dear Payne,
                 Now that I'm staying with you and the boys, it's tricky to write. You guys are nosy. I'm actually writing in the tour bus bathroom right now. Awesome, right? Anyways... This morning at breakfast, Harry and Niall stood up from their chairs, "Excuse me, me and Ni have an announcement," Harry said, "uh... Me and Niall... Are together," everyone's mouth dropped but mine. I knew it was gonna happen. I can predict things apparently. 
            "Yeah, you know... Narry," Niall said. Everyone started clapping. I was soooo happy for them, but you on the other hand weren't.. You stood up from your chair, excused yourself, and left the room. I followed you, I grabbed your wrist to stop you from walking any further, "What the hell was that?!" I asked. 
             "Do they not know this could ruin everything?!?! If anyone finds out about that everyone will be pissed. The Larry shippers will be mad Harry's not with Louis, Niall get hate from them! I can't let Niall go through that!!" You went on and on and on... You wouldn't shut up! 
              "You need to chill! They are your brothers! You need to be happy for them, I will not let you ruin their relationship! They are happy. If that does happen, all we need to do is support them and be there for them," 
               "I hate how you do those hand motions when you get mad.." 
              I rolled my eyes, "get back in there and give them a hug, and tell them congrats," you gave me the 'do I really have to' look, "now." 
You let out a groan and went back. 
           You hesitantly gave Niall and Harry a hug, "Congratulations, guys," 
              I went over to Zayn and Louis, "hey guys, how ya doin?" 
               "We aren't the only ones," Louis said with a pouty face. 
             "If they can tell everyone, why can't we?! I don't see why we can't!" Zayn whispered. 
              "Because I don't want you getting hate! Can't you see I'm protecting you? I love you too much... I don't want to see you get hurt, babe," Lou whispered back. 
                "I think you are being a bit unreasonable, Lou," I said. Louis opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off, "BUT Zayn, most of your fans think Louis should be with Harry... I think Lou is doing the right thing here," I patted both of their shoulders and left. 
               I hate giving advice. I'm horrible at it, but you guys seem to think I'm some kind of God. 'God of Advice' you walked behind me and put your arms around my waist. I turned around so I could face you. 
                "You looked stressed," you said.
             "Considering the fact that I haven't comfortably slept in basically two days, you bed hog, and I'm giving sooo much advice today, kind of, yes I kinda am," 
             "Who else did you give advice to?" 
              "Lou and Za-" I shot my hand over my mouth, "no one," 
               "C'mon. I know you know. Tell me what's going on with them," 
             "Nothing's going on, nada, zilch, zero," I pecked you on the lips, "yeah, so yeah..."   
              "Mmhmm... If you say so," 
           Well, Liam, the rest of our day consisted of driving and singing. That is all... My life probably needs to be more exciting. 
So.. Hi. Sorry it's short. Haha. I'm thinking about starting another book, you know just for fun. 
Yeah, so.. This other book will be about a girl stalking 1D. Trust me it'll be different. Do you guys want a sample of it, then you can tell me if you like it or not?



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