Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


8. Kissing

6/23/13, 3:27am
Dear Payne, 
        So... Hi. I kind of can't sleep. Yesterday I spent the day with you and the boys. I usually do! But this time I found out something interesting... I drove down to where you were. I am old enough to drive, and my parents were at work. I wouldn't be there long, or that's what I thought. Anyways, we were all at the hotel. You were sitting by me, Niall was sitting on Harry's lap, it wasn't really odd because they always acted like that, and Louis and Zayn were in a room with the door shut and locked. I wanted to see what was going on, so I got up and walked to the room they were in. My hand raised and I was going to knock, but I hesitated. Whispers were coming from the room. I pushed my ear up against the door and listened. 
       "I know, Louis! Chill, I'm doing it right now," Zayn said, quietly. 
         "Get your phone out now, or I'll do it for you!" 
I'm guessing he got his phone out because the next thing I heard was a girl voice. 
        "Uh.. Hi, Perrie, I have some bad news," Zayn started, "Im breaking up with you.. I'm sorry, Perrie, but I can't do this, I hope you'll forgive me.. Bye..," he hung up, "you happy?!" Zayn whispered-yelled to Louis. Louis didn't say anything. Zayn started talking again, "it's your turn, break up with Eleanor," 
          "Hey ba-" I turned around and put my hand over whosever mouth was behind me. It turned out to be you. 
           "Shhhh!" I told you. I took your hand and led you outside the hotel room. "Jeez, Payne! When I'm eavesdropping, you can't yell!" 
You giggled, "When are you going to stop calling me 'Payne' and start calling me 'Baby' or something sweet? You have been calling me 'Payne' for like ever now," 
       "Sorry, Babe. Happy?" I smiled. 
       "Yep, but what did you find out?" I gave you a confused look, "about Louis and Zayn?" 
         "Ohhh, well..," I didn't know if I should tell you or not yet. I mean they had the door shut and locked for a reason. "Nothing, they were whispering to quiet for me to here, lets go back inside," you led me back to the boys. Niall still on Harry's lap and Zayn on one side of the room and Louis on the other. Zayn staring at Louis, passionately? I had no idea. I would figure out though. Sooner or later. 
       Harry finally spoke up, "Is anyone up for a walk?"  
       "Me!" We all shouted at the same time. We got up and walked out to a rental van they got. Louis drove us to an ice cream shop. I got a chocolate cone and waited outside for the rest of you guys. Like 10 minutes later, you guys were all out. Niall took the longest. They had soooo many flavors! We started walking down the street, it was quiet and awkward at first. 
         "Um.. How's everything, Erica?" Niall asked me. 
         "Fine, same old, same old" I replied. 
          "Aha, Liam, what are you doing?!" Harry questioned you. Your ice cream was melting, it was running down the sides of your cone. You were trying to lick it off, but every time it was all off, more started running down. 
I started laughing at you. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking, so I almost tripped but I caught myself. 
      "Now it's my turn to laugh!" You yelled and started laughing. Everybody was happy except Louis and Zayn. I wondered what was going on with them. 
        Zayn put his hand up to his forehead and said, "I'm going back to our hotel," 
         Louis agreed, "yeah, we will share a cab," 
         They walked off together, caught a cab, and left. I was now worried. All three of us exchanged confused glances. I sighed, "Am I allowed to follow them?" 
          "No! That's wrong," you scowled. 
          "Let her do it, there is something up and I wanna know," Niall said. Harry agreed with him like always. 
           "Oops, sorry babe, it's three against one. You guys go have fun," I gave you a peck on the cheek and left in a cab. 
          I arrived back at the hotel. i unlocked the door and went in. Silently, I crept around your hotel room, trying to listen for Louis and Zayn. I had to go to the bathroom, so I found the bathroom. I swung the door open and found Louis and Zayn. Kissing. They were kissing, Liam! My hand covered my eyes. 
          "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry," with my eyes still covered, I looked for the door knob to close the door with my free hand.  My hand landed on a muscular arm. I slowly opened my eyes to find Louis. 
            "Do not tell anybody, Erica! Please! I'm begging you!"
 I nodded, "First, tell me what is going on." 
            "Well, I love Zayn and he loves me. We have liked each other for awhile now. I guess you could say we've had a 'thing' so we finally made an agreement to break up with our girlfriends and date, but we don't want the boys or management to find out. That would cause a riot with the fans and we aren't ready for the boys to know." 
         Zayn was standing quietly in the background. "Ohh," I said, "Zayn, can I talk to you privately?" I walked to the living room and he followed me. 
         "What?" He asked me. 
         "Why are you being so quiet? What's wrong?" 
          "I want everyone to know, but Louis doesn't. I don't see the problem, who cares if the fans start a riot?! I just want to be honest with everyone. I love Louis, and I want the whole world to know!" He sniffled. 
            I pulled him into a hug, "hey, it's alright. Just give him time." Louis walked into the living room. I let go of Zayn. "Congratulations, guys! I'm so happy for you two!!" The door swung open and Harry's shirt was ripped open, Niall's and yours hair was all messy. "What happened?!" 
           "We..... got.... ambushed," Harry said, taking breaks to breathe in between the words. 
             "I like your hair like that, Payne." You glared at me, "I mean babe," I walked over to you and ruffled your hair. I looked at my phone, it was already 7:36pm! " oh, shit! I have to go though. I wanna be home before my parents! See y'all later," I gave you a hug, waved bye to the boys, and left as quickly as possible, but before I left I decide to eavesdrop one more time. I heard you say, "what's going on with her and her parents?" Hopefully you don't find out, Liam.. Hopefully you don't.


Sorry if this is too long or short.. I dunno. I write all my chapters in my notes on my IPhone, so i never know how long they will be.. haha. We've got ZOUIS! yayy!!:) ohhh! imma start updating every Tuesday and Thursdays! Cause i have Marching Band practice on Mondays and Fridays. then cheer and soccer practice on Wednesdays and Sundays. Then Saturdays i usually write the chapters. yesh, imma busy bee. Another thing, someone told me to start doing Song of the Day, so imma start doing it too. Feedback would be appreciated!:))))



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