Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


18. Jealously

7/14/13, 7:21pm
Dear Payne, 
           We pushed back the day we are going home by two days. We're just gonna stay in Oregon for the two days and relax. 
              I was sitting on the kitchen counter. You had your arms around my waist and your was on my chest. It was quiet and nice. Peaceful. The door opened and shut quickly. There was a knock shortly after. You went to the door and opened it. The boys just sat around the kitchen. 
            Louis looked at me, "next time, be a little quieter. Me and Zayn were trying to sleep," 
           My cheeks turned bright red. Louis just laughed, "uh... I, um.. I. Kay." I managed to spit out. I gave him a thumbs up and smiled. 
           "Whatcha wanna do today?" Niall asked. 
            "We should all just relax here," Zayn said while putting his feet on the table. We all agreed. It sounded like a good idea.
             Me and you were taking turns whispering into each others ears. 
                "I love you," you whispered. 
                "I love you too," 
                 "You should probably get dressed.. I think Harry's eyeing you.. And you're mine. Not his." You smirked. I was wearing flannel plaid short shorts and a black tank top. 
                 "Nooo, I don't wanna get my clothes. They're soo far away," 
                  "C'mon.. Look at Harry though." 
                 I looked at him. He just smiled and waved, "He's not," he was. You were right. I was just too lazy, "here. I'll make you a deal. You go get my sweats and a shirt, and I'll just put them over my clothes." 
                You left and brought back my clothes. You handed me the clothes, and I jumped down from the counter. I slipped the sweats over my shorts and pulled my shirt over my head. I hopped back on the counter, and we continued whispering. 
                 "Happy?" I asked. 
                 Before you could answer, Niall spoke up, "hey, you," you looked at him, "yeah, you're my bestfriend, MY bestfriend. Haha, Erica, he's mine," I could tell he was trying to start a playful fight. 
                 "Ni... I think I win cause he's MY boyfriend,"
                  "Husband," you corrected me. 
                   "Even better, he's MY husband," I told him. He gave me the evil eye. 
                     "Yeah, but I can ask him for advice," he said, "and hug him," I looked at Harry. Jealously was basically written all over him. 
                       "Mmhmm.. I can hug him too.. And kiss him," I grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you closer so our lips met. 
              "C'mon, Ni," I walked a little bit and turned around, making sure he was following me. I took him to our bedroom, "Are you crazy?! Are you trying to make your boyfriend jealous?!" I questioned him. 
                "Yeah, I am. You wanna know why? Cause he was flirting with girls at the club! Right in front of me!!" 
                 "Maybe talking would be a better solution..," he turned his head away from me, "Niall, I love you and Harry both to death. I don't want to see you or Harry hurt. Just please talk to him," 
                   He nodded his head, "I love you too, E, and I love Harry," he turned around, leaving me alone in the room. I sat on the edge of the bed, swinging my feet. I love all you guys, but you have a lot of problems to work out. Don't be jealous, Payne. I love you the most.
                   "We are gonna play Twister, you comin'?" Zayn asked me. 
                    "Sure, why not?" 
                     Yep... A bunch of adults were playing Twister and that's what we did for the rest of the night. It was pretty fun. 

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oh! There is only about 9 chapters left in this book:( ~Emily:)



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