Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


13. It's a Monthly Thing

7/7/13, 11:38pm
Dear Payne,
                  We started on our road trip today. We only have a week before you guys have to go back to the studio. We started in Kansas, we plan to hit Washington State, Willpa Wildlife Refuge, Astoria, California, and last but not least, Las Vegas. Our first stop was Washington State. We are currently staying in a nice hotel. Tomorrow we are leaving though, so if we wanted to sight see we would of have to do it today. You were going to take me out on a date, but something came up. 
              You went out with the guys this morning wanted me to come with you, but I didn't feel good at all. While you were gone, you texted me like crazy. 
From you: Are you ready for our date?
To you: …I don't feel good, I've been having cramps all day.
          I started my period, and I didn't know how to tell you. 
From you: ohhhhh, I get it. It's a monthly thing... 
To you: Mmhmm...
From you: okay, baby, I'll be there with some chocolate, a scary film, and soft blankets:*
   You showed up to our hotel room about 10minutes later. 
            "I got Poltergeist, supposedly it's really scary," you told me. You put the movie case in front of your face. 
            "You should put it in, pleaseee," 
              You put the movie in, got the chocolate out, and covered us up with a blanket. You are the best boyfriend ever, Liam. I don't know what I would do without you. 
               Once the movie was over, you fell asleep. I turned around to face you. I leaned over and whispered, in your ear "they're here," 
            You immediately jumped up. Muahahaha. I got you good. 
"Don't do that! You scared me," you made a pouty face. 
             "I'm sorry, but hey, why does all our 'dates' happen at night?" 
              "You'll see," you said with a wink. Oh, god. I don't even want to know what you have planned. It was about 9:30 when the boys returned home. 
             "Hey, how did your 'date' go?" Harry asked.
              "Pretty good," you replied with a smile. 
               Louis and Niall walked in with a huge teddy bear, "here you go, Erica, we got you this!" Niall said. 
              "Aww, thanks guys," 
              Louis walked over to me and whispered, "Liam told us you were on your period," 
               I gave you a dirty glare. "Hmph," I picked up the Teddy Bear from the ground, "well... I'm going to bed, you comin, Payne?" You nodded your head. "Night guys," I walked to our bedroom and set the bear on a chair. We both crawled into bed. You fell asleep first. It's was about an hour later when I decided I couldn't because you kept taking all the covers. I got up and walked to the kitchen. I pulled out a chair and sat down. My journal was in my hands then a sleepily Niall comes in. 
            "Whatcha got there?" He asked pointing to my journal. 
            "Oh, nothing," 
             "I know it's something. Start speaking," 
              Since I was already caught with it, I told him everything. Like everything. What's inside of it, my secret, EVERYTHING. 
              "You have to tell Harry," 
Before I could say anything, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to their room. Harry was laying there half naked. Niall walked over to him and kissed him. Harry started to shuffle, "I knew that would wake him up," Niall said to me. 
                "What do you guys want," Harry said groggily. 
                 "Erica has something to tell you, but you have to promise not to tell Liam," 
                 "I won't. I promise," I told Harry everything. He looked like he was about to cry, he pulled me into a hug, "I love you, Erica, in a friend way," 
                  "Love you too, Harry," I said awkwardly, "I better be getting back to bed.. Night," 

Well.. Liam is quite sweet:) ~Emily:)))) 

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