Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


12. I Lov- What?

7/5/13, 3:00am
Dear Payne,
           I swear by the day you are getting nosier and nosier. Hmph. You should probably stop that...  Yesterday, the 4th, was the last day of your tour, and I convinced you to do something awesome! 
              "Hey, babe," you said to me. 
                "Hello," I responded
                 "Whatcha doin'" you asked me. 
                  "Laying on your bed," you laid down next to me. It was 10:30pm. I wanted to go to bed. You entwined your fingers with mine. I gasped, "AHHHH! You know what we should do!"
               You jumped a little because you weren't expecting me to freak out, "Hmm?" you sat up, cross cross applesauce. 
               "WE SHOULD GO ON A ROAD TRIP WITH THE BOYS IN AMERICA! You know, we could do stuff that you guys weren't allowed to on tour," 
                "Ehhh... I don't know....," 
                I crawled over and say in your lap. I wrapped out my arms around your neck, "pleaseeee, Pa- babe? Please..." 
               "Don't do this, this isn't fair.." You tried to look away, but I pulled your face back where you were looking at me, "don't give me that look! Ugh. Fine.. I'll go talk to Zayn and Louis and you go talk to Niall and Harry," 
                 "Really?! Thank you!! I lov- I mean what? Okay, uh.. Yeah," I chuckled nervously. I jumped up and ran to Niall and Harry, "GUYS! So... Do you guys wanna come on a road trip with me and Liam, and possibly Louis and Zayn? We could rent a van and drive around America...?" I gave them a hopeful look. 
               They looked at each other as if they could read each others minds. Niall nodded to Harry. I was so confused, "yeah. Sure, sounds like fun," I squealed. I quickly ran and gave them a hug. I needed to calm down. I took deep breathes. In and out. In and out. In and out. I calmly walked out of the room and ran into you. 
              "Hello, errr... My boyfriend? Um... Yeah, they said yes, so yeah. Don't tell me what Lou and Zayn said, I'm just gonna go ask them, so yeah.. Mmhmm..," I slowly turned around and started walking backwards to Lou and Zayn, "byee!" I turned around and ran.  
          I couldn't believe I almost told you I loved you. I mean we haven't even been dating for a month! But then again, I am moving in with you.. But that's for a good reason.. Maybe I do love you. I'm just scared that you don't love me..  
            I finally reached Louis and Zayn, "hey! Nice idea about the road trip, E. I can't wait!" Louis said excitedly. 
             "Haha, thanks...," I quietly replied. 
             "What's goin' on?" Louis asked. 
             I looked behind me to make sure you weren't there, "okay, so I almost told Liam that I love him, and maybe I do, I don't know. I mean we have only been dating for a month, but you know, YOLO, so should I just tell him or what?" I said without taking a breath. 
            "Woah, there. Maybe you should talk to him about it, or just keep playing it cool," Zayn told me. 
             "Keep playing it cool? I'm so awkward around him now, you should have heard me when I was out in the hallway talking to him," 
               You walked into the room I was in. My hand flew to my forehead. Jesus. This keeps gettin' better and better, "ERICA! I finally found you! I need to give you something," 
                 "I.. Uh... Um..," I tried talking but couldn't. Louis patted me on the back, "yeah, hi" 
                 "Come with me," you took my hand and led me outside to a car, "as you know, our one month anniversary is in 7 days, well In about twelve minutes it will be 7 days  instead of getting you one big gift, I thought I would give you tiny gifts leading up to the 13th," you said with a grin. 
                   "Awwww..... You're just too cute," I tapped your nose. We arrived at a drive in about three minutes later, "Liam, it's midnight, what are we doing?" 
                "I made a few calls, and i got the DVDS which isnt out yet to that movie we've been wanting to see, The Heat, I wanted to take you to the midnight showing, but that wasn't gonna work, plus this will be more romantic," 
                  I couldn't speak, you are just so sweet. We got our popcorn and stuff, sat in your car, and watched the movie. When we arrived back to the hotel, you went to bed, I told you I would be there in a minute, I got my journal, locked myself in the bathroom and started writing to you, which yeah, I'm doing that now, I probably should get to bed. Night, Payne. 

Sorry if this chapter confuses any of you.. Not gonna lie, It confused me a little bit too. 
So far in this story, what chapter is your favorite? 
This one, so far, was my favorite writing.
 It's 2:41am. I decided to write it cause I saw a mouse in my room and I can't sleep... Enough of this
None sense. Love y'all:) ~Emily 

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