Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


17. Haters

7/13/13, 9:56pm
Dear Payne, 
         Okay, so on the 11th, you took me out on a boat ride to look up at the stars, and we fell asleep. We didn't mean to though, so we got lost, and ended up in the middle of the ocean. It took us forever to get back. The boys were sooo mad at us. It was hilarious!!! 
          Anyways... Today is our anniversary! Yay!! I gave you your present this morning. I would like to point out that it was really lame compared to all yours.. 
            You found me in our hotel room kitchen type thing. I had your present wrapped all nice and neat sitting in front of me. 
              "You're awake!" I said happily. You just smiled, "well.. Happy anniversary!!! Here you go," I handed you your present, "but yeah. Don't judge it, kay?" I laughed. 
               You nodded your head and opened your present. You lifted open the box, and your eyes glistened with joy. It was that watch you were looking at, "thanks, babe! I love it," you started to walk back to the bed, "oh, and you'll get your present later tonight," you said with a wink. You are a dork.. 
               The door flew open and four guys came striding in, "did you guys forget how to knock?" I asked. 
             "Oooh, someone's sassy this morning," Niall said cockily. 
              "Hey, watch it," I gave him a death stare.
               Louis spoke up, "Anywho.. We wanted to know if you guys wanted to go walk around, since Oregon has lots of cool things," 
               "Yeah, sure, lemme just go get Liam," I got up from the table and walked to find you. You were laying on the bed, you were admiring the watch I got you, "did you notice this?" I pointed to the inside of the watch where I asked them to engrave, 'and always' into it, "you know, forever and always! Anyways... Lets go, we are gonna go on a walk with the boys," 
                While we were on the walk, Niall had to stop to go to the restroom, and he sure did take forever. I sat down on a bench, I decided to open up my twitter. You convinced my to get one while we were lost on the boat, so I did. All your fans followed me. I was scrolling through the home screen when I saw all the hate. 
                 @EricaW no one likes you. Not even Liam. 
                 @EricaW you're only using Liam for fame. 
                 @EricaW you're a fat whore. You should just go die in a hole.

                   Tears started rolling down my cheeks. My vision was blurry. You were talking to Louis, so you didn't notice. I threw my phone and someone caught it. I think it was Harry because I heard a low voice, say "hey," 
                   I slowly walked away. Someone's hand landed on my shoulder, I turned around, "Hey, where are you going?" 
                   I couldn't speak, I was out of breath from crying. I hugged whoever was there and laid my head on his chest, "I can't do this" I managed to say. 
                   "LIAM! Come help your girlfriend!" 
                     Next thing I know you were over here talking, "I can take it from here Zayn, thanks," you grabbed my shoulders," what's going on?" 
                     "I can't do this," I gasped for air. You wiped the tear that was running down my face away. 
                     "We can get through this, babe. I promise," you said softly. 
                      "No.. Just let me go," I tried shaking your hands off my shoulders, but you tightened your grip, "Let me go," I raised my voice a little bit higher. "LIAM!" I screamed. The boys heads turned towards us. They were all huddled over my phone, probably reading the tweets, "let me go, I just need to walk. Alone..," I softened my voice. 
                  You let go, "be careful," you  gave me a hug and walked away. I felt bad that I screamed at you. I just needed to clear my mind. 
                     Harry ran in front of me, "here you're gonna need this," he handed me my phone, "I'm sorry, if you need to talk about anything, text me," I watched him run back to the boys. 
                    It was about an hour into my walk, you were texting me like crazy. You were asking where I was and if I was okay. I ignored all of them. I went into the nearest cafe and ordered a coffee. I sat at a small table and pulled out my phone. 
To Harry: hey, what's up?
From Harry: we all just got home. Liam is worried. When are you comin back? 
To Harry: I don't know. Can you meet me? I'm at a cafe called Kozys..
From Harry: yeah, just let me sneak away from Niall. Y'know we were all worried about you. 

      It took him awhile to find the cafe. I was looking out the window, and he snapped in front of my face trying to get me attention, "hey," he said. 
        "Hey, um.. I'm guessing you read what I was upset about earlier?" 
        "Yeah, sorry I went through your phone, but you did throw it at me," 
        I looked down at my coffee, "sorry," I mumbled. 
         He put his hand on mine, "I used to get hate too, you'll get used to it. I still get it, and look at me! I'm happy," he gave me a big, goofy grin. 
          "I know, it's just.. It's alot to take in," I took a sip of my coffee. I pulled my hand away from his. 
           My phone started ringing. I looked at who was calling. It was you. I groaned and show it to Harry, "answer it," he said. 
           "Hello," I said into the phone.
            "Babe?! I've been texting you like crazy! When are you coming back? We need to talk," Harry started talking to himself. Wait.. Who are you with?!" 
              "Chill. I'm with Harry! We are leaving now," I hung up without saying goodbye, but you were being a bit to protective. Harry's my  best friend. We walked to the car Harry drove and went to our hotel.
            "Payne...?" I asked quietly as I opened the door to our room.
            "ERICA!" You bear hugged me, "we need to talk," you took my hand and led me to the bedroom, "sit," I say down. You were standing in from of me, "don't listen to the people who are telling you you are a fat and a whore. You are perfect, just the way you are," 
              I opened my mouth to speak, but you shushed me. You gently pushed my on the bed. We started kissing and things got heated. Which I'm not going to write about because you were there for that. 
               "I love you," you said, hovering over me.
                 "I love you too,"

IMPORTANT: Is anyone else mad that all my stories I wrote some of the boys are gay?
If so, tell me. I'll make one where they are all straight. ~Emily.-.


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