Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


9. Harry Potter

6/27/13, 11:37pm 
Dear Payne, 
                 You called me today asking when you were going to meet my parents. I told you never. Then you hung up on me. I called you back. 
           "Why did you hang up on me?!" I furiously asked. 
            "Because you were  being unreasonable! All I want is to meet your parents and ask them a simple question!"  
            "What?! What possible question do you need to ask them?! Trust me you don't want to meet them! They are horrible people!" 
             "I want to ask them if you could come on the rest of the tour with me!" 
            "Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! That's not happening!" I laughed.
          "You are eighteen, you already graduated! I don't see the problem." 
           "Fine," i sighed. I hate How i give in so easily, "You get to ask them," 
            "Good," I could tell you smirked by the change in your voice, "I'm already on my way, actually I have been for about an hour or two. We are on break, so I'll be there in 20 minutes, I believe," 
              "Ugh! What am I going to do with you, Payne?!" 
              "Stop calling me by my last name.. I'll see you in a little bit, bye baby!" 
              I sighed, you were very persistent. I laid down on my bed and took a nap. I was gonna need it..
                I felt hands on my shoulders, shaking me violently. My eyes opened slowly. You smiled at me. " I told you I would get in here sooner or later," 
            "How the hell did you get in? Wait are my parents home yet?" I started asking question after question not giving you time to answer. 
             "The door was unlocked. You should really start locking it. And no, they aren't home. Which I'm glad about! We get the house to ourselves," you looked at the picture I had of you on my head board, "aww, you have a picture of me!" 
            I jumped up, knocking you off me. I almost had a panic attack. I looked at my ceiling and walls. They were clear of One Direction posters. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth, "yeah, we get the house to ourselves, what should we do?"  
             "I'm beat I say we should take a nap, pleaseeee?" you pleaded. 
              "Fine," you were already laying down so I crawled in next to you. You wrapped you arms around me and closed your eyes. I wasn't really tired. You were letting out soft snores. It was adorable. Listening to you snore was making me tired, i finally drifted to sleep. 
            My body shifted in bed. Your arms weren't around me anymore. You were gone. 
             "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" my dad yelled from the kitchen. You were talking to my dad without me. That was a bad mistake. I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could. You were trying to explain who you were. 
              "Dad, calm down, this is Liam, my boyfriend," I calmly explained. 
               "You are not going with this stupid ass kid! I forbid you! Right, Rita?!" My dad looked over to my mom. 
              "Right." She agreed. 
               "I'm eighteen and I graduated, you can't tell me what to do anymore, I can leave if I want! And I'm going to!" I screamed.
                "You. Get out," he pointed to you. "And as for you Erica, you need to go to you room!" I stood there. I was not budging. I was eighteen, not seven, "Erica, get the fuck to your room!" He tried walking to me, but stumbled. i saw smoke escaping from my moms mouth. 
             "Are you guys high?! Again?! Dad, this is like the 5th time this month! Plus, you guys are drinking which makes it worse!" 
               My dad threw his empty beer bottle at me. It broke and cut my arm open. You ran over. You were all worried, but little did you know, this was normal. My dad grabbed me by the hair, "when I tell you to do something," he spit In my face, "you fucking do it," 
         You tried pushing him off, but he let go of me and grabbed your arms so you couldn't fight. He pushed you out of the door and locked it. His face was about an inch from mine, "we are going all Harry Potter on your window! Rita! Get me my tools! I'm not having the boyfriend of yours getting you," 
          My dad got everything he needed and went to my room. He put the bars on my window. I sat on my bed, trying not to cry. That's what he wanted. For me to give in, to show weakness. I was not gonna let that happen. He pushed my chest back so I fell on the bed. He went to my door and switched around the knobs, so I couldn't get out. He slammed the door shut and locked it. I was stuck in here forever. That was official. 

I just had to put something Harry Potter related into this. I love Harry Potter. Haha. Annnnnnywayyysss... I can't wait every Tuesday and Thursday to post so, yeah. I'm gonna post once a day since you guys have been good readers or whatever I'm posting two chapters. I love the seven of you that are reading this:))) 

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