Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


14. Forever

7/8/13, 8:30pm 
Dear Payne, 
             I woke up to you putting something around my neck. 
             "What are you doing?" I asked sleepily.
             "Giving you your present," 
              I rubbed my eyes, so I could see better, it was a infinity sign with the word forever engraved on it, "I love it, thank you," I kissed you and got out of bed, "when are we leaving?" 
            "At 10am, you have 15 minutes," 
            "Really? You wake me up 15 minutes before we leave?" 
             "Um... Yep. That's what it looks like" you said. 
               I hit your shoulder playfully and went to my suitcase. I pulled out black sweats and a red shirt. I set my vlothes on the dresser behind me. I looked at you, "um... Are you gonna leave, so I can get dressed?" 
               "What's wrong with me being in here? You've seen me get dressed before," 
               "Ugh, close your eyes," you did as I said. I turned around to grab my clothes, "I can feel you staring at me," I quickly got dressed, zipped up my suit case, and went to the kitchen. 
                 "LETS GO, LET'S GO, LET'S GO! Our driver is waiting on us!" Louis was rushing everyone out the door. You came out with both of our suitcases.
                 "I'm sorry, I forgot about that, thanks," I grinned. I took both of our suitcases and walked out to the car. Zayn popped the trunk of the car for me, and I threw them in. 
I slid into the car next to Niall, he smiled at me. "Hi?" 
                  "I know your dirty little secret," he sang. 
                "You know what, Ni?" You said as you slid over next to me. 
               "Nothing, I know nothing,"  he said. 
                "I'm going to sleep now, so yeah...," I told them. Really, I didn't want to sleep, I wasn't tired, I just wanted to eavesdrop on you guys. I laid my head on your shoulder and pretended to sleep. 
                About five minutes later, you snapped in front of my face making sure I was really asleep. I didn't budge, I'm excellent at pretending to sleep. 
                "Niall, what's do you know about her?" You asked. No one answered, you continued to speak, "why are you guys all looking at each other," 
                 Zayn spoke up, "she loves you, man," 
                 "Alot," Harry added. 
                  You started running your fingers through my hair.
                 "That's good, because I love her too, even though we haven't even dated for a month, I think she's the one, guys," you said. 
                 "Awww," Harry cooed. 
                  "Shush it, Harry..." You entwined your fingers with mine, "I'm gonna take a nap," you laid your head on mine. This was really a uncomfortable position but as long as your comfortable... The things I do for you.... 
                   Harry started singing 'Moments', Niall joined, soon Zayn and Louis joined in. Listening to them was making me sleepy. I drifted to sleep finally. 



Yeah, I don't really like this chapter. Haha. It's not my favorite... Anyways.. Next chapter I think you guys will love:) 


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