Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


19. Dad?!

7/25/13, 8:49pm
Dear Payne, 
     I swear someone's stalking us though. You always tell me it the paps, but I swear it's not. I only think it's not because I got this message a few days go. 
From UNKNOWN: you sleeping next to him is making me want to kill him more. I'll get you back
     I didn't tell you about the message though. I gotta admit its scary staying here when you're gone. I told myself i would when you got home which I did. 
    "HEY! I have to show you something," I yelled at you when you walked through the door. I took my phone and went to messages. I put my phone in front of your face, "see!! I told you someone's stalking me." You didn't say anything, "please, don't leave me alone again. I don't like staying here alone," I pleaded. I grabbed your hand and started playing with your fingers. 
    "I still don't believe it. I think it's just a fan. It'll be alright," 
    I basically jumped on you, "noooo, just never leave me," 
    "Trust me, I would never leave you," you said softly. 
     "I know you won't, but that's not what I mean. Don't leave me alone. In this house. I don't like it," I started playing with your hair. 
      "You're overreacting, nobody's stalking us," there was a knock on the door, "you wanna go get it," you asked, laughing. I shook my head. There was no way in Hell I was opening that door. You opened the door; nobody was there. 
     "I TOLD YOU! I told you," I sang. You showed me a sticky note. It said, "leave" you had this look on your face that I've never seen before. You look worried, "Payne, maybe we should... Leave?"
     "Yeah, lets go to Niall's flat. All the boys are there," 
       "I'm not moving, just letting you know,"
        "So you expected me to carry you like this," you were standing, and I had my legs wrapped around your waist and my arms around you neck. I nodded my head. You carried me out to the car and put me in, "do you need me to buckle you in or can you do that yourself?" You asked sat sarcastically. 
     "Shush it, Payne,"  
      When we arrive, you just walked right into Niall's place, you didn't knock or anything.. Niceee. 
     "What's up?!"
     "Nothing, just thought we would stop by and visit cause we haven't seen you in like forever," you said. 
      "We saw you yesterday..," he busted out laughing. This kid was weird... Zayn and Harry walked into the room. 
       "Hey, guys!! Thought you guys would be at home,
     "Nope," my phone started ringing. I held up my finger, "excuse me," I walked a little bit away but not to far away from you, "hello," 
     "Hey," the voice said. I didn't recognize the voice. It was deep; it was definitely a man. 
    "Who is this?" I asked politely. 
     "Your father," he replied calmly. 
     "Dad?!" I said quite loudly. The boys heads turned toward me, "what do you want from me?"
      "I want you to come home,"
      "No! I'm not leaving Liam. You're gonna have to accept that I left, and you'll never see me again,"
      "Then we will have to do this the hard way," his voice was hard. He was mad. 
     "Hard way?" 
     "I'm gonna have to take you or something else," 
     "Don't you fucking dare think about touching me or Liam!" I snapped. 
     He laughed, "watch me. Oh.. By the way, I'm at your little blonde headed friends house," 
      You snatched the phone from me and hung up, "why did you even continue the conversation?!"
      "He's here, Liam. At Nails house. I told you someone was stalking us!" 
       "Why is he even here?" Zayn questioned. 
       "He wants to take me home," I said quietly. 
       "Alright," Niall spoke up, "no one is going anywhere. We are all staying here," Niall looked at Zayn and Louis, "You two need to lock up every single window and door. Anything someone could get in through needs to be block and locked," he turned to Harry, "you are going to make pizzas and dessert. I am going to go get blankets, pillows, and movies. Erica and Liam, you stay here and... Just stand there. We are going full lockdown tonight," 
     Everyone did what they were told. When Niall meant full lockdown, he meant it. Nobody was allowed to leave by theirselves. He made us use the buddy system. We all ended up sleeping in the living room. We took turns staying up and watching the house. Luckily, nothing happened.


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