Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


20. Buddy System

7/26/13, 11:24pm
Dear Payne,
     You were still asleep while everyone else was up. I slowly removed the covers and stood up. Carefully, I walked to the door. Niall was still insisting on the buddy systems. My hand reached for the door hand. 
     "Where do you think you're going?" Niall asked me with Harry by his side. It was just my luck. 
     "Just to go get something out of the car," I lied. I wanted to go on a walk, but noooo. I tried that last night. Meanies. 
     "Not by yourself. Take your buddy," 
     I pointed to you, "my buddy's still asleep, and I'm not waking him up," I just wanted to go on a walk! 
     "Take Harry," he said as he pushed Harry towards me, "I'll stay with Liam" 
      "He's bossy this morning," I whispered to Harry. 
      "Learn how to whisper, E," he said. 
      "Come on, Haz," we walked outside, "we are going on a walk," I told him. 
      "I don't think that's a good idea. I mean, your father seems very persistent. He'll probably follow us," 
      "I'm going on a walk wether you like it or not. You can either go back inside and get yelled at by Niall or come with me," 
       "Fine, lets go," Harry started walking down the sidewalk. It was silent for awhile. 
       "So.. How are you, Harry?" 
       "Pretty good. I guess. It's always the same thing. You know? I haven't been tired since the tour ended. Here I am rambling. How about you?" He said. I didn't answer. "Erica?" 
        "HARRY!" I screamed. He turned around and saw me. My dad had a knife by my neck; he was laughing. Crazy. Harry ran towards me. He tried pushing my dad off of me. Harry was punching him in the side, but my dad was a well built man. Someone had to be really, really strong to actually hurt him. 
My father finally let go of me. Instead of letting us go, he had Harry. The knife close to his skin. 
       "You're with a different man? You little whore," my dad said. Harry let out a whimper. I just stood there, speechless. My knees were gonna give out, "yeah, don't say anything. I know how to get in your mind," he pulled Harry's head back by his hair, "just remember, your little boyfriends don't love you, you slut. You have no friends. You'll always be lonely," 
        I started bawling, "L-l-leave us alone,"
        "We love you, E. Liam loves you! Your neckla-" Harry let out a blood curdling scream. My dad had stabbed him in his side. I felt my necklace. Forever. Forever and always. 
         I grabbed the knife away from my dad. He looked shocked. "Go the fuck away! I'm 18! I don't need you!" I yelled. Harry wiggled away from his grip and knocked him out, "where's the nearest store? We need to get a first aid kit," Harry led me to a store. We went in and bought the stuff we needed, "lay down," I demanded. 
        "Here?! On a sidewalk?! No way!" 
         "Nobody's around. Lay down, and pull up your shirt." My foot tapped on the ground impatiently. It took a minute, but he finally did what I said, "you are lucky I know how to do this," I poured peroxide on his wound. He let out a scream, "jeez! Are you trying to get people to notice?" I took off my top. Don't worry, I had a tank top on too. I rolled it up and gave it to him to bite on. I stitched it up really quickly, so we could get home. 
        "Are you okay?" Harry asked me while we were on our way home. 
        "Yeah, Im fine. Are you okay?" 
         "I'm fine. I just don't know how to hide this from Niall," 
         "Just keep your shirt on, and if he touches it, bite your lip," 
          "All of us love you. At first, we were so big on the idea of Liam bringing a girl on tour with us, but we warmed up to it. Just know that we love you. None of what your dad said was true," 
          "Thanks, Harry," I flashed him a smile, "fix your hair. It's messy" 
          "Why?" He thought about it for a minute, "ohhhhhhhh...," 
           We took a deep breath. We were preparing ourselves for the wrath of Niall. I gave him a look; he shook his head yes. We slowly sneaked into the house. 
            "Where have you guys been?! Going to the car, my ass! I've been sooo worried about you two!!" Niall started scolding us like we were children. For a minute there, I actually thought we were going to get grounded. 
              "Chill, Ni. They are old enough to take care of themselves. Plus, they were using the buddy rule," Liam pointed out, "how about we all play a game? Anyone up for it?" 
               Niall let out a deep sigh "Sure," he went to go find the games. 
                Harry and I made a pact to keep the whole dad thing quiet. Harry told me that me and you, Liam, should be able to go home in a couple of days. He just didn't want you guys to get suspicious..


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