Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


8. Vacation

Chapter Eight: Vacation




I gotten wind of the Guardians idea of going on Holiday for a few days up in a cabin. I didn't mind them going of course, not that I didn't want to get to know them, especially Snow, but they deserved a break, did they not? I was confused on the fact that these American Elders wished their pack to inter-mate it was unheard of in the Guardian world, but even I could not deny the chemistry between Lycan and Snow, they were definitely meant to be. Another pair that bothered me was Luna and Echo, they were very much in love, but they could not stay together, it was part of our way of life, we did not choose our mates unless its a very special circumstance such as Accalia and Tyler and Snow and Lycan. I couldn't decide on any mates for them until they turned twenty.


They had placed me in a guest bedroom in the Everett's estate and I was trying to adjust to the American lifestyle, its been a week since I arrived in the states and I haven't exactly gotten used to the idea of 'home-schooling' the Guardians, their parents had pulled them out of their public school because of Placksworth's death, it saddened me that one of our best agents were dead, but he was the one who fell in love with the enemy, I know I sound like a hypocrite; didn't I fall in love with a human? I didn't know our history then, humans only care about themselves...I was naïve to believe that Ethan would be any different. I knew I had made a horrible first impression.


I discarded my 'Emo' clothing and replaced it with what I had actually brought with me, black t-shirts, tailored pants, blazers, and sensible shoes. I had showered and the pink streak that had been in my naturally red hair came through. I haven't actually seen the Guardians I had been chosen to protect since the first encounter I had with Snow and the rest of them. This pack of Guardians were so much different then the one I had been a part of, they actually loved each other, Izra he didn't care about me he only cared about killing...killing the Unspeakables and anyone who got in the way of his pack's mission. He had been responsible for Ethan's death and the death of my wolf.


There came a knock on the door and charges have come to visit...yippee. I opened the door, the towel still on my hair like a turban.


"Hello...Snow?" Snow glowered at me with her ever changing eyes. Her black hair was in a French braid down her back and she wore a purple and black sweater paired with black designer skinny jeans. Her feet were bare, her toes painted black contrasting her porcelain white skin, her face was beautiful, but contorted in her sneer she wore whenever Rebecca was around. "What do you want Snow?"


"My mother and aunt prepared Thanksgiving dinner, they sent me to get you." Somehow it seemed that she didn't want me to join her dinner with her family and pack.


"I'll be down in a minute." She huffed in a bratty way before continuing,


"Alright, hurry up because after dinner my pack and I are going on vacation." She turned on her heel and disappeared into the dark hallway. I closed the door to continue getting dressed and couldn't help but wonder what Snow could be thinking about me. What has she gone through to make her so judgmental? I ventured towards the smells of something delicious, being from the UK I have never celebrated the Holiday dedicated to eating, they called it Thanksgiving, but they ate...a lot from the stories my father told me when he returned from conferences out here in the States. I entered the dining room, to find all three packs sitting around the giant table. Snow sat next to Lycan, and Nina and Marcus, and Malcom sat alone. They sat according to mate. Lena and Valentine, Serena and Vincent, and Dianna and Benjamin, Accalia and Tyler...I refused to acknowledge Luna and Echo as a mating pair. The Elders sat in a reserved state, they hardly acknowledged their mate beside them. I took an empty seat and Lena looked to me and smiled, she was Lycan's mother, and so far besides Dianna was the nicest of the Council to be around. Since they were the next Elders I wanted to be sure to be on their side.


"Hello Rebecca...are you adjusting well?" I was surprised to be addressed directly by Elder Malcolm, Snow's grandfather the man that probably trained her to be who she is-a kick ass fighter from what I've been told. She took down four Unspeakables by herself one of them fresh out of the gate after being told what she was. She took down the traitor Ana, she's a God in the UK. Even Izra said he'd die to be her mate, too bad for him although I don't think she'd go for him anyway. I don't think she's the one to go after cold blooded murderers.


"Uh yea...if I did anything to offend any of you I'm deeply and truly sorry. I know I shouldn't have dressed the way I did the first day you met me. As you can see, that's the only outfit of that nature I brought with me. So I'm sorry, uh so what do we do now?"


"Dig in, and Rebecca thank you for your apology." Serena said quietly. Her eyes showed she still didn't trust me, none of them did. The Guardians dug into the food around them, passing plates and talking amongst themselves, Snow gravitated wherever the talking turned to fighting and bloodshed, but only to quiet the conversation and she began talking about other things, happy things. She was truly a leader.


"Rebecca. Ham or Turkey?" Echo asked, she must've been trying to get my attention forever.


"Uh turkey is fine." My plate had grown since I had sat down, mashed potatoes, vegetables, turkey, ham, glazed rolls and stuffing. No wonder Americans and Canadians loved Thanksgiving so much. It smelled delicious, and it brought everyone together. I watched the Elders, Council and the Prophecy Children mingle and talk like a family. As the meal came to close, the talking died down and the current pack, Snow's pack stood to say their good byes.


"We'll see you next Friday alright?" Snow asked her mother and father as they engulfed her into a hug to say goodbye. "Mom, dad its only for a week."


"We know sweetheart, you keep safe, protect your pack." Marcus whispered.


I looked around the room, every parent was hugging their child goodbye, and Tyler stood alone, awkwardly waiting for his pack to leave. I felt bad for him, I didn't know who he was, or his history but he looked so sad. I walked over to him, and before I reached him a chocolate brown wolf with charcoal eyes was in a hunting stance, and snarling protectively in front of him...Accalia Coal was protecting her mate. Tyler transformed into a fire covered wolf with green eyes, Accalia calmed and returned to her human form, Tyler did soon after, his clothes charred, but nothing else was. Amazing...wait how could he be on fire? Snow came up behind me and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.


"Tyler is my uncle."


"And my half brother." Nina said stepping forward.


"He's the former All Power One's son."


"What? How is that possible?"


"We'll explain when we return, you just get settled in. Read Luna's diaries and that should fill you in, The Elders also have kept records on our exploits. So if you have any questions, we're just a call away." Snow reassured me, she changed so much from the ice queen upstairs to the reassuring mother she was now, a natural born alpha female.


"Have fun on your holiday." I whispered, Tyler passed by me and I shivered. His father had been the inspiration for the horror stories Guardian parents told their offspring to keep them in check.


"We will don't worry." Tyler said, as if sensing my sudden body change. "We'll see you soon." Tyler continued to the rest of the Guardians. He took Accalia's hand and followed his pack mates through the open door. They piled into a Land Rover with Lycan behind the wheel.


"Where are they going?"


"A cabin we own up in the mountains. Its a lovely place really." Marcus supplied, he turned on his heel and disappeared up the stairs. I heard the study door close and the rest of the adults disappeared along with him. I was left alone, again.







I sat in the front seat of Lycan's Land Rover as we drove towards the mountains for our 'holiday' as Rebecca put it. Luna and Echo sat close together playing some app on the iPad Luna had  brought along. Tyler and Accalia sat in silence, Tyler was upset at Accalia for being so jealous and protective, and Accalia was upset at Tyler for exposing himself. It was a quiet car ride, and Lycan was trying to scroll through the radio stations but it was all Christmas music. Great just great, I rummaged through my bag and found a CD and put it in the player, One Direction blasted from the speakers, Lycan groaned but he went with it, and started singing along to 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Soon the whole care was in hysterics, and even Accalia was smiling and holding onto Tyler as they sang along.


It was near dawn before we arrived at the cabin and by the time we parked the car, and unpacked everything we were all too tired to do much of anything. I plopped down in a lounge chair in front of the fire Tyler had set in the fire place. Lycan sat at my feet and dozed, he whispered,


"It'll be nice to sleep in a bed."


"Yea if you make it that far." I joked,


"Oh shut up Snow, I drove for seven hours. I think I can crawl up there." Lycan dropped his head on my knee and Accalia sat on the arm of the chair,


"Tyler and I are going to bed, see you in the morning Snow, great idea by the way." she disappeared with Tyler in tow, and Luna and Echo sat close to the fire, Luna braiding Echo's long blonde hair.


"This is nice. No parents, or grandparents and no new Protector." I whispered to myself. Luna looked up and smiled,

"Rebecca isn't all bad Snow. She let us go on this vacation didn't she?"


"She didn't have much choice. I'm sure once we explain-"


"No, she already was banished, she'll want to look good in the eyes of the Elder's Supreme Council, do you really think she'll let Tyler stay, when it was Echo he was 'temporarily' replacing? I don't trust her, and neither should you. She doesn't like the All Powerful One, and certainly doesn't like Ana, she wants to be in the good graces of my grandfather, I know her kind Luna."


"I know I shouldn't trust her, but she seems so innocent and she's been through so much."


"She brought on herself. Even I knew dating a human was a bad idea, of course it took a Dillenholer to show me, but now I know humans are just selfish pigs." I looked to Lycan's hair which was spiked with a minimum amount of gel, just enough for it to look sexy and sleek. I tossled it around, wanting to distract myself from the mention of my dead ex-boyfriend who in reality deserved what he got, he was a cheating, lying, manipulative bastard who cheated on me after six months of going 'steady' with the town now dead slut Charity Bell.


"Snow, I know Travis hurt you, but not all humans are bad. Jessie, was our friend and I let an Unspeakable kill her." Echo whispered.


"Echo we were seven years old, we didn't know it was an Unspeakable and besides our wolves were bound."


"Yes you're right, you're always right. Let's just enjoy our vacation." Echo whispered.


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