Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


18. The War

Snow's POV


The rest of my pack arrived two days ago, and it has been quiet for the most part in those forty-eight hours. Accalia seemed to be fine, given her recent injury. And Rebecca seemed to be pleased about her wolf being returned to her. Tyler had arrived before either of them and said simply that give the command and the reinforcements would be here. The Elders and Council of both England and Manhattan were camping in a clearing in the Russian woods. We were all in our wolf forms and to any passer by we would the largest gathering or pack of wolves Russia had ever seen. Rebecca's golden wolf sauntered up to me, and sat.


What prophecy?


What do you mean?


Two days ago I was connected to you, and you were being surrounded by Rogues and they stopped because they saw you, and you thought of the prophecy, explain please.


Oh, well we met a lone wolf out here, who was willing to help, until he saw my fur. He told me of the story of a prophecy long ago told. It went a bit like this I think;


When wolves and dragons meet

When one betrays for another

When the snow white wolf 

is born,

Then the Rogues will retreat

A war will ensue

A life taken,

and Two taken away

A cousin but not

Will betray the one she 

Is most deeply connected

A love so strong

Will become so weak

When the snow white wolf

Bellows her namesake

And when it falls

And when they all

Howl at the Moon

Then the War and the Rogues will

Be over, and peace will ensue

Peace though comes at a risk

The two forbidden lovers

Will be torn apart

Dead and not

The wolf of fire

The wolf of ice

Will collide

And the forbidden will be deceased.




Very. I think Luna or Echo are leaving us, and you're going to betray me, and oh God I have to fight my uncle!


Shush now Snow, no one knows for certain in that's even about us.  Lycan said as he too sauntered up to me. Lycan's impressive shadow black wolf loomed high above my own wolf, I was laying low on the forest floor, trying to feel any change in the movement of the forest. 


Prophecies never lie Lycan they may be cryptic but this one, I know is about us. We're going to lose a lot of loved ones Lycan what if we're torn apart?


We won't be my love. I promise you


But you  don't know that Lycan. I insisted Rebecca grew weary of our conversation-unable to hear it. She walked off towards Luna and Echo, no doubt trying to pass on the prophecy. I tuned in to Luna's mind and she was trying to figure out what the Prophecy meant. She would mull it over until she had her the meantime the vibrations in the forest floor shifted. It was still, no animals or anything moved, and the wind ceased to exist. I stood and sniffed the air-brimstone flooded my nose as I inhaled to the foreign air. I barked and the others came to attention. 


We have company! I shouted mentally towards them, Get ready Tyler with our reinforcements!


Of course  Tyler barked three times and a portal opened, and Unspeakables flowed through it. Tyler spoke mentally to the last to appear and the Unspeakables lined the trees in front and behind us. I growled, trying to fight my instincts to attack them. They were our unlikely Allies and I wasn't about to sour our new found friendship. The scent of brimstone was stronger now, but I knew the stench of Unspeakable, and they smelled more of Hell Fire then brimstone. 


At your ready! I howled and eerie, soulful howl towards the sky, signalling my family and Allies to attack-just as the first rogue broke through the serene beauty of the clearing. Snowflakes began to fall as I leaped into the battle, teeth flashing white and my eyes bright with the thrill of the fight. My adrealine was in hyperdrive as I clawed, slashed, and bit my opponents. I heard the ear piecing howl of the Fallen all around me, but I could not stop, would not stop until the Rogues were dead. I felt as if I was falling and drowning in the blood of my family, of my pack because it was my responsibility to protect them, to guide them safely in and out of battle. I couldn't let myself become distracted not even when I heard Lycan in my head,


I love you...I am Proud-


I couldn't let myself believe that Lycan had fallen. I couldn't let myself believe he was,,,he was dead. No I would fight until this was over-until I was last one if that was what that Prophecy meant-standing. I would win...I would end them. If not for me, for the ones who have fallen in the wake of their terror and their sly ways of infiltrating our Packs. I cried out as a Rogue bit into my right flank I spun and tore into it's throat. Not today...I would not die today. Or tomorrow. I spun around, no longer engulfed by the scent of brimstone, but now of blood. The Rogues were gone. It was silent in my head no one was speaking. No whimpering, no crying, or howls. I turned to look at the carnage behind me. The familiar faces of my pack and the Council met my gaze. Except for one. The all black wolf...


Lycan? Lycan! Where are you? Lycan!! I spun in circles hoping, willing him to be alright for him to answer me. My gut told me to go behind my family, and there I saw him, in his human form. No-no. I ran over to his side. Lycan? Lyc? An? Ly-c-an? I transformed effortlessly and cried human tears onto him. I turned him over, and saw his, he had survived so much- why now? Why? "NO! Lycan! Lycan wake up! Please baby please wake up! Wake up please, please don't leave me, don't leave me! Lycan please! Please wake up!" The others formed a half circle around me. "I can't do this without you...please...please do-on-don't leave m-m-me L-l-Lycan please w-w-wake up." I whispered into his shoulder. I was falling deeper into this abyss of solitude that had formed around me when I learned I was the Savior of the Rogues. That I was the key to end this...oh God, Please send him back! I can't possibly do this without Lycan. I felt his mother, her hysterical sobs of grief echoing off the trees. Mixing with my own making an eerie banshee's song. 


"Who else is dead?" I asked to anyone who would answer.


"Claurice, Jake, Jarod, Timothy, Ashley, Serena, Nick, Claudette, Dianna...and Claudette." Luna whispered, tears cloaking her voice, making it sound like another person. So many dead-so many dead...but the only one that mattered was Lycan. I turned to see my friends in tears. Echo was in the arms of her mother, the only family she had left, Accalia cried in her father's arms, and Maryanna, Lycan's mother wept in Geoffrey's arms. Crying for her fallen son. The only Elders standing were Malcolm, and Timothy. The Council had been almost completely wiped out as I took in the blood and gore of the battle field. Only Maryanna, Geoffrey, Nena, Marcus, Marybella, and Michael remained. My pack had been lucky in a sense...only losing one. But losing an Alpha is different then losing a beta or omega. It left a gaping hole in the pack that could never be filled. I couldn't bring myself to leave his side...he couldn't be dead-no, Lycan was alive somewhere just like Echo had been. I would do anything to bring him back again. I was willing to fight the Creators so I could have him by my side. I turned to my back, still kneeling in front of Lycan's corpse. 


"I will find a way to bring him back. No matter the consequence." I vowed to them. "That is my Sacred Promise to myself. I will not break it. Or I will die for my failure. I will jump from the Ridge if I must. I will bring him back." I stood then, renewed with the prospect of finding Lycan again. My eyes burned from the hot tears and the cold wind that whipped my face as I stood in front of them in all my glory. My hair swirled around me, and I knew then...that the prophecy was true. I was the Savior and the death of my mate gave me the resolve that I needed, the reassurance of my strength and my power to realize it, to embrace it. I transformed and howled up into the night sky. So high pitched that the birds scatted and flocked away in masses away from the sound. My aqua eyes flashed as I tore into the forest, searching for the rest of the Rogues. I would end them..tonight. I could no longer be naive about others as I had been. I couldn't trust that they had all just disappeared. This war was not going to end pretty or easily. It was going to be bloody and I would not let anyone else sacrifice themselves for me. 


I suddenly felt another presence,


Let me help you...please Snow. I loved him too. Not like you did but I did.


I can't let you do that...Rebecca go and Protect the others.





Brimstone filled the air, it was too late for Rebecca to turn back nowIt was time to fight or die. There was no option for flight. Rogues came out of the trees, They looked battered and worn from the battle and one looked far more triumphant then the others. I took this one as being the one who killed my love. 


I didn't think, I just lept into the fray. I bit into Triumphant and killed him instantly. Rogues immediately returned to human form in death and Triumphant was no exception, she was beautiful but I didn't dwell on that, I rushed to help Rebecca but found she needed no help at all. So I focused on my own fight. We won the battle, impromptu as it was. 


We make a good team. Rebecca whispered in my head. I remained silent and continued walking, Rebecca followed like a lost puppy. I was going to end the Rogues with or without Rebecca anyway, so who cares if she tagged along.

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