Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


Author's note


13. The Sentencing

Chapter Thirteen: The Sentencing



Snow's POV


I watched from the side of the room as Lycan brought in Izra. Some part of me, the part that was destined to be his mate was crying out to me to stop this. To stop this trial...but the more dominant part of me, that belonged to Lycan, that belonged to this pack, that was the alpha of this pack kept me in the warrior's stance. Head held high, and hands clasped together in the small of my back. Izra was forced to his knees in front of Malcolm, and the other Elders and the London Elders, and their Council as well. How horrible, Izra's mother has to watch him die. The Mighty Creators had already stripped him of his wolf; but now The Sentencing of the Rogue would determine his fate. I wonder how I would feel when the sentence was death. As the acting alpha I would have to carry out the death sentence. Lycan had already done so much; and he was leaving soon with the others to hunt down Zara.


"In the name of the Manhattan Pack, I request certain death." Malcolm announced in his elegant, yet full of power voice.


"In the name of the London Pack, I hereby sentence Izra Malkovitch, traitor, rogue, and killer to death by Alpha's Fang."


"Madam, the poison..."


"No, Judith I am sure. Fetch the poison." The Elder named Judith retrieved a small vial, the liquid inside the color of liquid cement. I stepped forward as did Lycan, we had to restrain him. "Rebecca, would you do the honors?" Rebecca stepped forward and retrieved the vial,


"Thank you for the opportunity High Elder Meredith." Rebecca turned,


"If I could give back your wolf, I would."

"I know grandmama." Rebecca continued towards Izra, who had begun to squirm in our grasp.


"Hurry up," I whispered. "The longer I touch him, the harder I have to scrub." Rebecca uncorked the vial, and poured the disgusting liquid down her cousin's throat. Izra started to convulse, I backed away as did Lycan; we weren't sure what was in the vial, but if ingested it was fatal in seconds. Izra was still in less time than it took me to transform. And my transformation took half a second. "What do we do with the body?"


"Usually a Rogue would be ingested by being that the Rogue in question ingested Alpha's Fang it cannot be done; so the body shall be burned."


"Or we could chuck it from Wolf Ridge." Lycan suggested.


"Yes, we could do that. Tyler and Lycan will transport the body to the Ridge, and 'chuck' it over the ledge."


"Alright. I'll go get Tyler." Lycan said, as he bowed and exited the room.


"Alpha Snow, will you head the search party for Zara?"


"Of course. That disrespectful bitch almost killed my uncle."


"Alright, my pack and yours are at your disposal."


"Thank you High Elder Meredith." I turned towards the packs, I had met many of the Londoners, but I wasn't sure I could trust them. "I call forth a contest. Manhattan against London. The winners accompany me and Lycan on the search for Zara."


"Alright. Tomorrow at dawn." I left the room, Luna, Echo, and Accalia trailing behind me.


"Are you sure a competition is wise?" Accalia whispered. "I wouldn't win, I can't fight paw to paw."


"Accalia, all you have to do is try." I said.


"Alright. See you at dawn." Accalia left towards the attic.


"Why must we stay in one house? Its not like we don't live far from one another."


"It would be so strange; to live in our houses individually." I mused. "I don't know the reason of why, only that its convenient. Now go and get some rest you two." Echo and Luna disappeared into Luna's bedroom; and I went downstairs towards my place on the couch. I sighed as I pictured my life as a normal girl. I would be doing homework right now in my bedroom, musing about my next date with Lycan. How horrible it would be to be normal. I pulled out my phone; something I hadn't done since our birthdays. My messages were full, 2,678 texts from various people I could give a damn about. I didn't even bother looking at the missed calls. I placed my phone in a cupboard and shut the door. Symbolically saying goodbye to my old life. Goodbye to a normal life.


"Snow, hey."


"Oh, hello Rebecca."


"Was I interrupting?"


"Not at all. What's wrong?"


"I can't sleep is all. Izra is dead, I killed him."


"Izra was an ass. He killed Lycan's grandfather; his mate almost killed Tyler-your charge."


"I know. I'll Zara myself, but I don't have a wolf."


"I know, I'm sorry that they can't help you."


"Echo, she knows spells doesn't she?"


"Yes, she does. I suppose you could ask her if she knows of a way,"


"I'd never have Lycan back as my soul mate; but at least I'll have my wolf, and that's all I care about."


"You'll find someone Rebecca. I promise."


"Thank you Snow. You're a great Alpha, much better and fairer than Izra."


"Thank you Rebecca for the compliment." Rebecca turned and left,


"Good night Snow." I flipped off the light and climbed onto the couch, and fell asleep quickly.


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