Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


5. Reparations


I sat there alone in the kitchen, thinking of all the people I have hurt because of my pride. No one would ever understand me as well as Luna does. I have taken up meditation, to try to uncover my love for her. It has come in little spurts, I remembered how it was to kiss her, hold her in my arms all night long. How it was like not to have care in the world and I remembered when she came to my window one night, the night before I broke it off with Lycan. I remembered the hot passion I had for her that night. The passion so strong I had to fight myself to keep from ripping her clothes from her body. I heard the door open to the kitchen and Snow walked in. Her hair was up in a messy bun which told me she had just woken up and didn't give a damn. She had been giving the cold shoulder since I snubbed Luna in the living room and declared my love for Lycan the night I came back from the Nether Realm.


"Snow can we at least talk?" I asked.


"There's nothing to say. You want Lycan and you can't have him. You hurt my cousin and you say you're trying to right the wrongs but in reality you should have run away like a coward and chained your pride." Snow sneered, she's never been that harsh before, never. Not even when Travis cheated on her. I gathered my thoughts and continued what I was going to say,

"How many times do I have to apologize? I remember now that I no longer had feelings for Lycan and I let him go. I am slowly regaining my love for Luna. But it would help if you would stop being such a bitch all the time." I saw her face turn up into a sneer and then as she processed my words her face relaxed into her princess-y demeanor how everyone at school saw her, as Snow White the lovable or kick ass disney Princess. 


"Echo you don't deserve my anger I know that. But you were gone and I had to pick up the pieces. I watched as Luna lost her sanity bit by bit trying to tap into the Nether Realm. She looked and she searched in each dimension, every paradise she could think of. Finally she gets through to you and you treat her like a piece of garbage. She pulls you free from that god awful place and you declare you love my boyfriend so excuse me for being a 'bitch' just remember who's the Alpha and who's the betas." she said steadily and she walked off, her tea cup forgotten. I sat there flabbergasted and threw my head in my hands. I suddenly remembered that day, the day Luna found me there in the Nether Realm,

"I am here Echo, I am right here," surprisingly I turned, and I gazed at her with such hate. 

"I told you to move on!" I screamed

"You're not dead Echo!" she yelled with desperation.

"Move on! Move on! Move on!" I screamed at her.

"You're in pain here,"

"No! No emotions exist here. I feel nothing. The only emotion allowed here is anger!" I had yelled at her, hoping to clue her in.

"I'm not leaving you!"

"You have no choice."

"Where is here? What is it called?"

"The White Place. That's what I call it. Some call it Limbo, some call it the Nether Realm." I had said before I collapsed into the ball she had found me in, cursing the All Powerful One's name.

The shock of the memory knocked me to the floor. I landed in a heap crying my eyes out. It was true, I had treated her like garbage. I pulled myself to my feet and went to search for Luna. Like she had searched for me. I needed to repair what I had damaged, it was time for reparations. 





I sat on Wolf Ridge and thought of the night Ana helped me bring back Echo. I didn't regret it, but bringing her back has caused more pain than her death. The sun was already setting, was I here that long? I had come up here before dawn. I heard a rustle in the leaves and the familiar scent of Echo. She emerged and came to sit next to me.

"Luna, I don't know where to begin."

"I know where I want you to begin, but I know it won't happen." I said. I wanted her to say she loved me. That's all I will ever want until she does and then I want to hear it each time she touches me, each time we see each other. We each kiss. Every stroke of the skin. She brought me back to reality when she whispered,

"I think I'm remembering us."


"But I'm still uncertain you know? I mean I was fairly new to being bisexual before I um died. Now coming back and getting memories back its overwhelming and everyone is walking on eggshells because of me."

"But you remember our first kiss?"

"How'd you know that's what I remembered first?"

"I guess I can also read minds." I told her.

"I remembered how I treated you the day you found me in the Nether Realm."

"Its okay. You weren't yourself."

"I wanted so much to say that I loved you. I wanted with all my heart when I contacted Tyler to come home and throw myself into your arms. I wanted to make love to you until we trembled with pleasure. Then I stepped through the barrier and I forgot everything. I became angrier than I was in the Nether Realm."

"But by you saying all this Echo, it just shows we belong together!"

"We're not a Taylor Swift song Luna, we have to carry on the line."

"Theres four other Guardians more than capable of such a feet!"

"Luna...I think I love you." 


Did she just say, what I thought she said? I thought of the words that had escaped her mouth,
























I smiled and engulfed her in my arms. I kissed her lips which were trembling.


"I love you Echo. I'll never stop loving you."


"Promise?" she whispered


"Of course, do you promise to never stop believing in us?"


"Of course." she smiled she leaned closer and rested her head on my chest. "I'm so sorry for the hurt I've caused."


"Shush now Echo. Its okay. I love you. Lycan can rest easy now." that made her laugh.


"And Snow can stop being so bitchy." she whispered and kissed me. A ripple of pleasure shot through me, and I threw her to the ground. I kissed every inch of her, and tore her clothes to shreds. She snarled in anticipation and tore my clothes from my body. I tackled her and we rolled in the dewy grass covered hill top. We went on for hours, not caring who heard us or who would see. We transformed countless times and when we had satisfied our hunger for one another we relaxed slowly and made our slow descent to my home. I held her hand, afraid if I let go I would wake from this glorious dream. I had my Echo back. 



Accalia's POV


I saw from my attic room Echo and Luna coming from Wolf Ridge holding hands and naked. I gasped and woke Tyler unintentionally. He looked over at me and looked at my purple alarm clock. In was seven in the morning but he could be mr. Grumpy in a second. I leapt from the bed and ran down the stairs to Snow. Who was in the living room. Lycan was sleeping on the floor as he would most nights and Snow was laying awake.


"Snow!" I whispered,


"Accalia?" Snow got up gingerly, hoping not to wake the sleeping rock formation that was Lycan. "What is it?"


"Echo and Luna, they're back together! They were romping all night at Wolf Ridge. Come on they are probably in the kitchen." She grabbed a robe and blanket. "Good thinking." we made our way to the kitchen and we heard the lovey dovey post-sex talk. 


"Good morning you two." Snow said entering the kitchen. Throwing them each the pieces of fabric we thought to grab. "Glad to see you back together." she said when they had wrapped up their unmentionables. Luna glared at her cousin and went back to making scrambled eggs. I looked at Echo and mentally thought, she doesn't love her. I shook the thought from my mind and smiled as she sat down a crossed from me.


"Funny how you two magically come into the kitchen and inferred we were naked." Echo said.


"I saw you from the attic." I said matter of factly. Echo rolled her eyes. 


"Luna Lu we should bring extra clothes next time." Luna turned bright red,


"It was spur of the moment Echo honey, how was I to know you'd say you love me?"


"Don't know. You're the prophet." Echo answered.


"Ah the sound of rekindled love." I heard the gruff voice of Lycan say lazily. 


"Hullo Lycan." Echo said cheerily.


"Morning Lycan." Luna said,


"Morning sweetheart." Snow said, as she kissed his cheek.


"So when did this start?" Lycan said indicating Luna and Echo's choice of clothing.


"Last night they were romping up on Wolf Ridge."




"Yes!" Echo said clearly embarrassed.


"Good. No more eggshells." Lycan said as he sat down. "What's for breakfast?"


"Scrambled eggs." Everyone started laughing. It was the good old days again, before all the Guardian business, aside from the different coupling of the group, it was like two summers ago, when our parents let us go to the cabin by ourselves. We stayed there all summer. Laughing and creating memories. 


Tyler's POV


I sat up in bed, wondering what would make Accalia move so fast. I decided to just get up and find out. Perhaps there was a Guardian emergency. Maybe Luna and Echo finally found their way back to one another. I dress in sweats and went down stairs. I found all five of them sitting and laughing around the table eating scrambled eggs and toast. Accalia noticed me and smiled brightly indicating with her eyes that Luna and Echo were sitting extremely close to one another. I heard Echo, Luna, Snow, and Lycan making plans for a triple date. I groaned. Accalia and I haven't even had one single date yet. Accalia eyed me curiously and went back to her breakfast. I spooned myself some eggs and buttered some toast. 

"So a triple date with the Prince of Dragons?" I said casually.

"Huh?" Echo said.

"I'm next in line to become the All Powerful One. Dad had no other children and we killed his first in command Nathaniel."

"Jesus. If you don't step up the universe will collapse in on itself from the unbalanced nature of the three dimensions." Snow whispered. I looked at my well niece and nodded in agreement.

"I have no choice. I have to become the All Powerful One or there won't be a universe for me to protect."

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