Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


17. Rebecca's Wolf

Rebecca's POV


I sat in the study, the makeshift meeting room for the Council, Elders, and High Elders. I sat nervously on the chair they had provided in the center of the room and watched as my grandmother smiled down at me, of all the Elders of my old pack, she understood my reasons for rebelling and falling in love with Ethan, behind them was a great bay window, frosted over with the immense cold outside, through the frost I could see snowflakes falling-and my thoughts were taken from the nervousness and anticipation of the possibility of getting my wolf back-to Snow and the other wolves that were fighting desperately to remain control of the Rogue-Guardian War. I hoped she and the others were alright.... my vision blanked and suddenly I was no longer Rebecca, ex Guardian and new Protector, but the Alpha of the Manhattan Pack fighting for her right to rule against the Rogues.


Snow surrounded us, it clung to everything, including me, masking the blood and singe from fighting the Rogues as my true fur. Lycan looked speckled compared to the usual all black wolf that he was. Rogues surrounded us like vultures surrounded carcasses. Their jaws chomping, and their saliva hung from their jaws like stalagmites in caves. I thought that we could take them, after-all we defeated and now controlled the All Powerful One. Luna growled, low and menacing looking around I understood her reasoning. They were staring at me, not caring about the others-they were staring at me the only all white wolf, the prophesied one-that would end them all.


What prophecy spoke of Snow being the saving grace for the Rogues? As their Protector shouldn't I know of these things? I looked up when I heard a grunt-as if someone was about to speak. I had forgotten where I was. 


"Rebecca, is something wrong? Is it Snow and the others?" I had mentioned before to my grandmother and Marcus that I had a strange connection and there were theories floating around that because my soul was made for Lycan first that Snow and I now shared some sort of aforementioned soul or something along those lines. It was strange and I didn't praticularly enjoy being telepathically connected to the girl I'm supposed to hate because she's technically sleeping with my soul mate but he was ripped from me. Granted it was  for a good reason, I did break a very sacred, and well respected law in the Guardian world but somehow, I still had that remaining thought nagging at the back of my mind that Lycan is rightfully mine. My heart, and soul broke each time I was reminded that he could never be mine. The pain I experienced with losing Ethan could never compare to this pain. Watching the one you love irrationally, and totally with all of your being-leading a successful pack, and fulfilling their destiny, without you by their side-is the worst pain imaginable. 


"Rebecca, even with your wolf-you can never be with Lycan or any Guardian. You are to be a lone wolf so to speak. A breeder if need be but you can never have your own mate. That part of your sentencing remains. Do you understand?"


"I do."


"Do you also understand that as with the removal of the wolf, the pain is intensified with the return of the wolf."


"I do." I said looking up at the Elders.....I didn't know them all by name-and some preferred to remain unnamed and unmentioned from the histories. I didn't mind, it was less I had to memorize- the Unnamed chose to rid themselves of their identities and become the wolf mentally full time, They didn't react to conversation or to small talk, but their mates, if also Unnamed could understand them telepathically so could their Alphas in all generations. I had never come across so many Unnamed in one pack before, but most of the Elders and Council were unnamed and the High Elder Council was totally Unnamed. Ashamed of their lack of skill to defeat the first All Powerful One before he could reproduce.  My grandmother Matilda looked at Elder Malcolm and whispered,


"Its time." I looked around and spotted Tyler-I felt connected to him for common feelings of neglect and being alone in the world. In the physical sense we weren't-but we were the only one's of our kind. A Guardian turned Protector and a Dragon/Guardian/Human hybrid. There weren't many guys like him out there-well actually there weren't to my knowledge, and my knowledge was vast for a lack of a social life and informal incarceration in the Protector Academy at London. 


"For the Gods we speak.
Of the Creators we ask
Return this wolf
Taken from the traitor
Give back to the Protector
For she is worthy 
As we will it, so mote it be!

Deorum enim loquimur.
De Creators petimus
Revertere hoc lupus
Captus a proditore
Redde Protector
Dignus enim est,
Quod volumus illud, ita fiat!


The Elders had stood from their chairs as they chanted in both English, and the sacred language-to humans it was Latin. I didn't feel anything at first until Tyler threw water infused with Bane and other toxins. I screamed out in pain as I fell from the chair. I envisioned bones breaking and that pain-but this was worse. SO much worse. It was like I was being squeezed by a giant boa constrictor, and all my bones-all 206 were being broken all at once. My bones were reforming back into the Guardian bones-the hinged bone, that made transformations painless. Instead of the human 206, Guardians had almost four times that amount. I collapsed to the floor, the hard marble of the study cooled my skin and heightened the pain--my screams echoed off the vaulted ceilings and no one moved to help me-but really what could they do? The pain was internal, unseen but very much heard. Tyler looked about ready to help but he was restrained by my own father. It was a surprise really for him to be here of all places. I would've thought he would be in Russia helping to defeat the Rogues. As suddenly as it began, the pain disappeared...I was left panting, trying to catch my breath. 


"Rebecca?" I heard my grandmother ask, her voice filled with worry, and anticipation-they have never done this before, she was hoping she hadn't killed me. I sat up, and looked around, my senses were heightened, I could see things I couldn't normally, and I could hear radio stations in cars zooming past outside. "Rebecca answer us please."


"It worked!" I stood up.


"Transform!" Matilda and Malcolm cried, their voices taking the Alpha power that everyone had come accustomed to hearing from Snow. The pain that had disappeared returned, and I doubled over from the pain- it was agonizing, I  transformed into a golden brown wolf, I was expecting to be Izra's black wolf but no, my wolf was returned to me. It was a welcomed surprise as I sat and howled in happiness. To flex these muscles once more after feeling the phantom wolf inside me for all these years was amazing. Tyler had also transformed, unable to resist the High Alphas. Accalia to my utter amazement stayed in her human form, although she was shaking from the pure mental power it was taking to keep that form. Her mother had even transformed, she was utterly amazing in her own right. I owed her a great debt, she had killed Zara, at the expense of her own mind and memories. I didn't want to return to my human form, mostly because my clothes laid in torn pieces around me. So, I excused myself telepathically and returned to my room. There I transformed and dressed hurriedly so I could return to the study and express my thanks. 


"Tyler, are you ready with the cavalry?" Malcolm addressed the hybrid.


"Yes Elder Malcolm they are ready when you are." 


"We leave at dawn then. The Unspeakables and the faux All Powerful One will enter Russia through their portal. Rebecca are you ready to fight and defend what is ours?"


"I am." I said ready to prove to everyone that I wasn't the same person I was all those years ago. "We should leave now, you know."


"Splendid. Arrange our flights won't you?"


"Of course." I left the room and pulled up the nearest airport. I booked the amount of tickets that were needed and paid for them. The packs pooled their money into one account, so they were all very wealthy. Of course they had private accounts for frivolous things such as clothes and cars but other than that they shared their net worth. The packs of Manhattan put together would be almost multi billionaires or they are, I would have to check again-but they had the funds to go to different countries if need be. I returned once more to the study and said, "The flight is booked and ready when you are."


"Pack your bags we're going to Russia. Snow is meeting us in Moscow." 


"What time?"


"As soon as we land." Malcolm supplied looking at what presumably was his phone. The others left the room and began to pack their belongings. The Eldest of the Elders stayed put, not wanting to leave Manhattan completely unprotected in our absence. They could take down stray vampire or two but an army of Rogues was another story. Most of them were unnamed. I began to take my leave when Malcolm beckoned me to him.


"I trust that you will have my back in this battle. I have been out of the battlefield for quite some time now."


"Your trust is rightfully placed Elder Malcolm." I said with sincerity and his eyes glowed, as if he was deciphering whether or not I was being truthful. "I view you as my own grandfather." 


"Well go and pack dear girl. You need the rest on the plane, you have been through an ordeal." I scurried from the room and gathered clothing, although I would most likely be a wolf most of the time. So I decided against it. I only packed a carry on which consisted of a pillow, blanket, and a change of clothes for the flight back. When I was finished, I made sure I had my passport and went downstairs to wait for the others. I found only Tyler in the kitchen, he was nursing a cup of tea, for Americans they drank an awful lot of my native drink. 


"Is something the matter?" he didn't look up at first but when he did, his eyes were bright orange. He was communicating with someone. 


Yes I will be in the Dragon Realm soon. I do not have a human passport. Be sure the troops are ready. You sure? Alright. I will let Accalia know.


He was speaking to someone that was not in the room, my guess was that it was the faux All Powerful One when his eyes returned to normal he looked at me,


"Have you been  there long?"


"Not long. So ah, you don't have a passport?"


"No, I will be arriving in Russia via portal. I may have to consider waking the dragon."


"I thought you gave that part of you up?"


"No, Echo simply cast a spell to conceal that part of me. There's no way to actually rid myself of my demon half." he sighed disdainfully as he traced the rim of his cup. "I must be going, is that all you packed?"


"Yes. I saw no point in packing a lot of clothes, It isn't a vacation its my job."


"True, but try telling that to Accalia."


"She realizes that we'll be 'wolfed out' so to speak most of the time. There's no use for clothes."


"Try telling that to Accalia." We laughed before he ducked out of the kitchen and ran up to the Ridge. The rest of the packs trickled down into the kitchen like a blocked stream.  Accalia surprised me by only bringing one bag and the rest had thought the same as I did. 


"Ready all?"


"Yes," They said in unison. We all decided then to run to the airport or close enough to it that we could walk in our human forms the rest of the way. It was time to end this war.

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