Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


9. Rebecca's Story




I went to bed that night, not thinking about Rebecca for once. For someone who hates a certain someone, I dreamt of her. I don't know why exactly but when I closed my eyes I was transported to another land. A different time;



' Rebecca Reed sat alone in the court yard as she always did. Izra almost never joined her unless the pack needed her help in figuring out where the Unspeakables were hiding. Most of the time they were disguising themselves as Cheer Squad members or one of the Student Council members. Rebecca looked over to her cousin and her alpha and snarled,


"What ever do you want cousin?"


"I can not just sit here and keep my lovely cousin company?"


"No because usually you want something in return Izra." Rebecca stood and walked away. She had distanced herself from her family and friends-her pack. Not because she did not love them, but because she loved someone else. A human boy that would surely would be disposed of if they ever found out about him. His name was Ethan Wade and he was the nicest person she had ever met, and they were in love with each other. He respected her, and understood her like no one else could. It was impossible to be completely honest with Ethan given her ability to transform into a wolf at will, but it was irrational not to take advantage of this circumstance, not only was she rebelling against her parents and her alpha but she was doing something for herself.


Not one of the wolves in her pack respected her as a Guardian but Ethan not even knowing about her abilities respected her and cared about her, and loved her. She didn't care if her family found out and stripped her of her wolf, she did care about the fate of Ethan, they would kill him for sure. Izra wasn't one to show mercy for anyone not even family. He was the most evil Guardian she had ever met. Rebecca herself was never one to read the many history books that her pack read religiously throughout the year, day and night. They knew the reason behind the law of 'NEVER DATING OR MARRYING A HUMAN' but Rebecca was blissfully unaware of the reason she only knew she was breaking the most important rule next to "THOU SHALL NOT KILL ANOTHER GUARDIAN' .



The night she lost her love and her wolf forever started out fine, wonderful even. She dressed for a pub downtown and went to meet Ethan at the corner. They enjoyed three blissful guardian free hours at the pub, finally tipsy enough, Rebecca climbed on top of Ethan's lap, and began snogging him unmercifully. She loved him, and she wanted him inside her. To fully understand her. She didn't understand why he stiffened his lips, until she noticed in the mirror the alpha of her pack and her cousin not known for his mercy. Especially on humans... before she could even react, Izra's fingers grew into talons and those talons sliced Ethan's throat open, as blood, red and hot spread down his 'Beatles' shirt and over her white dress Rebecca screamed a howl so haunting that Izra shrank back; but only for a moment Rebecca's eyes were her wolf silver but that's as far as she got in the transformation before Izra shoved Wolfsbane down her throat.







Rebecca woke up on the cold stone floor of Sherwood castle. My home, and now my prison. I was bound and gagged without a chair. The bindings were covered in bane and I could not move. I looked over at the far wall where the Elders and the Council sat. Debating her punishment. She spit out her gag and snarled at the boy in front of her, Izra glared at her, hate filled his eyes and Ethan's blood stained his face and teeth. 


"Have the Elders Supreme and Grand, the Council, made their decisions?" Izra spoke.


"Untie her Alpha Izra." Izra stepped towards her and undid her bindings with a talon, 


"I do believe, your wolf is no more." he whispered. I snapped at him and he smiled. 


"Rebecca Reed of the London Pack we find you guilty of breaking our laws concerning the relationships between Guardians and Humans." the Council member spat the word 'human' and Rebecca cringed. 


"Your punishment for this crime will be the stripping of your wolf, and your banishment to the Protector Academy. You wish to act out sins with humans so you will be a human." the Supreme Elder spoke in monotone. I was nothing but a speck of dust to them, a speck of dust that disobeyed every rule they had put forth to keep the young Guardians safe. Now she would never meet her American mate-Lycan.


Rebecca was sent to the Academy the day after she had been stripped of her wolf. There was no goodbyes for her at all. The former pack she had been bound to had denounced her as quickly as Ethan had taken his last breath. She didn't cry over that, she cried over her wolf. She wanted her wolf back so badly but she knew deep down that once a Guardian was killed there was no returning the wolf. Rebecca cried for months over her wolf and soon came to realize that she had done nothing wrong, until she read some of the Sacred texts of her people.                

                              'Long ago when Guardians were a race older than humans the Humans found out about our gifts from the Two most powerful deities in the universe and beyond. They were a jealous race and set out to destroy what they despised and envied. Guardians had vowed never to harm a human, so they were slaughtered, never breaking the vow they cherished most. Many Guardians died but five packs remained scattered a crossed countries far and wide were the North American Pack, South American Pack, Mother Country Pack, and the Russian Pack. All Five agreed to mate with each-other in cycles of five to ten years of each other. Once the new generation of Guardians were born however they changed the cycle length to twenty years. They were small in numbers and were desperate for peace for a little while, just long enough to reform and create new Guardians; but then the unspeakable happened. A human came a crossed a spell that would transform him into a Dragon for twenty days and nights; he called himself-The All Powerful One, a man by day and a creature of the skies by night. The North American Pack tried for centuries to defeat him but if proved to be a quest that none could conquer, until 1977 when the North American Pack, now known better as the Manhattan Pack went into the Dragon Realm and suppressed his Dragon form, only to find out that it was the fifth generation of the All Powerful One, the original long dead. The Manhattan, forever our heroes lost one of their own that day, Anna. The Alpha Malcolm's mate....'


Rebecca decided then after reading just those words that she had been in the wrong, the humans were a disgrace to this Earth. She felt still her Angel blood and her Demon blood swirling in her veins, her bones aching to transform into her long dead wolf. She vowed then and there she would find a way to get back her wolf.'



I woke with cold sweat congealing on my skin, I ran my hand through my hair and looked over at Lycan sleeping on the bed his hands grasping at the air; searching for me. I got up from the bed and now angry at what I had just seen in my dream which I knew to be the past, Rebecca's past. She thought Lycan had been her mate? How could this be if Lycan was my mate? I turned on the shower the hottest it would go and jumped in. I was angry so very angry but I shouldn't be, she was human and there was no way for her to get her wolf back...was there? And even if there was a way for her to be a wolf again, she couldn't come between her and Lycan, could she? Her Elders and Council had said there was no coming between them. And anyway they had taken everything away from Rebecca even her mate, which would make Lycan's soul free to find a new soul mate. I guess that would be when he fell in love with me. I heard movement in the adjoining room, Lycan was awake. 


"Snow, are you alright?"


"Lycan I'm fine, go back to bed."


"I would, but the image of you naked in the shower is too much to resist." I giggled at his boldness.


"Do you need something Lycan?"




"Come on in then." I heard the door open and the curtain come open. Lycan stood there in all his glory, as he looked at me, my black hair wet and clinging to my shoulders and down my back, the water glistening off my porcelain skin. He climbed him and crushed his lips against mine his hands roaming my body and his lips venturing down my neck to my breasts. I let out a moan of pleasure and sexual need. "More, Lycan faster." He obeyed and inserted himself into me, I let out a yelp and as he started thrusting; faster and faster I felt myself start to climax. He felt me tightening around him, and started going faster. I screamed as I came and he pulled out and turned me around and inserted himself into my other entrance. I screamed at the sudden pain and eased into it with each thrust he took. I was moaning for more when he came as well.  The water erased all the evidence of our encounter in the shower and I stepped out and dressed. I climbed back into bed and now exhausted, fell asleep.





Rebecca's POV


I woke up with a cold sweat. I had just relived my life through Snow's dream. Why are we connected like this? Is this some kind of sick joke the Universe is pulling on me?  This is fucking insane. I don't want to see Ethan's death again never not even in my dreams or anyone elses. Now Snow will never have a reason to like me, not even a little. She knows that Lycan was originally meant to be my mate. I know I can never have him now, not only did I lose my wolf, I lost any privilege I had over Lycan, I could not claim him as my mate all because of one mistake. I had to do the Mating Ceremony and I don't think I could do it. Its not like they could Elope or anything, the mating ritual is very tedious and took me forever to master the damn spell that bound them forever.


How was I going to be able to mate them, to bind them to each other forever, their souls entwined forever, Lycan will never be able to love another woman or Guardian again, unlike Snow who could still love, it was part of the 'Carrying on the Line' crap. The males didn't care for the offspring the females did because they could 'love' another female or male unlike the their male counter parts. 


Being a Guardian sucked, but being a Protector who was in love with the Alpha already sworn to another sucked even more.




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