Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


12. Home


Chapter Twelve: Home







I watched Snow leave the room, she was upset about the way Izra was treating us, and I didn't blame her. I saw how he looked at Echo and I. I hated him already. I really did. This guy was in charge on who Echo and I's mates were going to be. He was in charge of who split us up. But Snow and Lycan had a say didn't they? I wasn't sure what our future would hold, I don't think my visions worked that way. My visions it seemed only showed death, and danger. Echo sat close to me, clearly still shaken by our encounter with the London Pack. A movement in the shadows caught my attention and Lycan walked into the living room.


"How's Snow?"


"Pissed off."


"She has every right to be. Izra is a jerk."


"No he's an asshole." Lycan said, correcting me. I looked up and saw my cousin come up behind Lycan. He was right she looked downright mean.


"Snow? What is it?"


"Rebecca just got a call. One of the Elders is dead. A wolf attack."


"What?" Accalia screeched. "Those bitches just killed one ours?"


"Afraid so. Let's get home. We have to protect our family." 


"Is the Supreme Elder's Council being notified?"


"Yes." Snow whispered. "We've got to go." Snow grabbed her bag and walked out the door. Accalia moved quickly up to the attic to get her things and went out to the car. Lycan, Echo, Tyler, and I followed them. We said goodbye to the cabin and began our journey home. One of our grandparents was dead, and we didn't know which one. If its Malcolm or Claudette I don't know what Snow or Lycan would do. I mean Malcolm and Snow are really close; and Claudette basically raised Lycan. If Echo lost one her grandparents, I knew she'd be sad but she wouldn't kill anyone for it. The three hour drive was long and anxiety filled. When we finally returned home, right before Rebecca pulled into the drive way, we were bombarded by the Council(our parents). Except for one; Marcus. Did Rebecca get the information wrong, had one of the Council been killed, and not the Elders? How could they kill Uncle Marcus? He was the strongest wolf in the collection of packs. Snow rushed to her mother's side.


"Where's daddy?"


"Oh Snow, he's."


"Right here darling."


"Oh daddy! Who, who is dead?"


"Snow my darling;"


"Daddy, who's dead?"


"Julieus is dead."


"What? How could this happen? The Elders are under a protection spell." Rebecca exclaimed


"It seems the protection spell doesn't protect us from other Guardians that have gone rogue. The London Pack has been notified of the situation. The Supreme Council of Elders are engaging the Rogue Act."


"Does this mean its open season on Guardians?" Lycan asked.


"No, it means rogues are in season. Izra and his mate will be put to justice and they will face the Mighty Creators." Claudette said, menace inching into her voice as she looked at the British girl. "Your family is going to die Rebecca, are you prepared to lose them?"


"I've already lost them Elder Claudette."


"Good. Now come with me and let's begin the locator spell."


"Yes ma'am." Rebecca disappeared into the house. I looked at Lycan and his face was dark, and drawn with pain. He looked on the verge of collapse and Snow was having all she could do to not change. The death of an Elder is almost unheard of. Elder's are near impossible to kill. 


"Luna; are you well?" I turned and saw my grandfather.


"Yes grandfather Malcolm I'm alright. Are you? Julieus was your friend."


"I may have called him my friend my dear Luna, but I do not feel saddened by his death. He fought until his last breath. He died a grand warrior and for that I will be proud not sad for the loss of my friend. Julieus was a recluse of a Guardian, he barely knew his daughter, and for that he barely knew his grandson. Hell he barely knew his own mate. But he was a loyal friend and a grand warrior. His advice has been proven to be most helpful in times of need and his loss will darken our packs but we will persevere like we always will."


"You are wise grandfather. Lycan looks like he's on the verge of collapse from his grief. An alpha should not allow his emotions to take over his body."


"A wise man once said;It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more." 


"Did you say that?"


"No, Albus Dumbledore." Luna laughed, perhaps Lycan was just afraid of the unknown as her grandfather so comically put it. Perhaps Lycan was angry because he feared what he did not know, after all Lycan had not visited Paradise only she and Echo had. It was a glorious place; peaceful and free of responsibility of having to rid the world of demons.  


"Perhaps I should tell him of what I know of the great Unknown. I should tell him of Paradise."


"I do believe that would be wise. Let's prevent hysteria." Malcolm said once more before leaving her alone on the front lawn. Luna readied herself and entered the line of fire. She placed a reassuring hand on Lycan's shoulder, the one that was not occupied by her cousin's own slender hand. 


"Lycan. Julieus is in a better place. I know because I have been to Paradise; the home of the fallen heroes. Elder Malcolm has informed me that Julieus died a warrior's death. He inflicted many injuries on Izra. We are lucky don't you think; that we lost but one Elder? What would you have done if Julieus didn't protect his mate? What would you do if it was Claudette who died?" Lycan did not answer right away, he steadied himself before turning to face her.


"Luna, I don't know what I would've done if it had been my grandmother. But I thank you in informing me of where my grandfather is now, and how he died. You've helped me, it may seem small to you; but it has helped, this information you've given me immensely." Lycan turned away once more and crossed the street to his own home.


"Is it wise of him to be alone?" Luna asked Snow.


"I don't know, but I will be listening and watching to be sure he is safe." 


"I don't doubt what you'll be doing. I doubt that Lycan will be safe enough. What if Izra has hidden in one of our homes?"


"I do not know Luna, but Lycan can take care of himself. You saw how afraid Izra was of Lycan."


"I suppose you're right."


"Of course I am. Come Luna we have battle strategies to discuss." I turned and followed my cousin into my home. Afraid for Lycan, and for the rest of my family; my pack.





I sat on my bed, it felt nice to actually be in my bedroom. Ever since we found out about what we were, we've under lock-down at Luna's place. I've been sleeping on a cot for almost a year. I laid back against the pillows and the familiar poster helped me drift off to sleep.


I woke up to the sound of scratching. Strange, my home had always been kept to an abnormally clean standard there's no way we had rodents. I got up and transformed, I smelt something rotten; but it wasn't an Unspeakable, no this was Guardian blood that had turned rogue. A rogue was in my house. I shifted into my shadow form and began my hunt for the rogue that killed my grandfather, I found the beast in my kitchen, its black head deep inside the vanilla ice cream my mother had bought so many months before. I growled to show my presence and the creature looked up; its eyes no longer the Guardian color they had been; but the rogue blood; instead of Izra's red eyes; the rogue's eyes were opaque; and almost pink in color. Rogue Izra lunged towards the sound; now an empty space in the kitchen; Lycan was now perched on the island waiting to attack. Lycan pounced and bit deep into the neck of the rogue, the blood the color of tar and tasted of fire and brimstone. Rogues were hell hounds bred from Guardian packs but are turned at the age of twenty three. The rogue didn't know what to do, he didn't know what was attacking him; until it was too late. Lycan shifted once more so the Rogue could see the Guardian who took his life. 




'You bet your sorry ass. You killed my grandfather for that; you will die. But first I have to take you back to my family.'


'Please...I didn't kill your grandfather.'


'Oh don't pull that crap with me Izra.' Lycan picked the Rogue up by the scruff of his neck and dragged him towards Luna's home. I transformed into my human form and dropped the Rogue in the living room. Snow looked up first and gathered up the blanket she had draped over her arms. 


"Here Lycan, wrap up in this." No sooner had I wrapped up my unmentionables did Marcus enter the room. "Daddy, Lycan captured the Rogue Alpha."


"Izra. As acting alpha of the Council of the Manhattan Pack; I command you to shift." The Rogue on the floor; bloody and worn out from his encounter with Lycan. "And come to the Study." Marcus snarled...The rogue shifted and stood. 


"So you are the infamous Marcus. It is an honor to meet you."


"Honor my ass. You killed a dear friend of mine. Snow, Lycan; escort our 'guest' to the Study." 


"Yes father." Snow said; trying not to snarl. I smiled as he gripped Izra's arm; my talons going into the skin drawing black blood. 


"So this is what a rogue looks like. You stink of your betrayal. The Mighty Creators will have a joyous time with you." Snow said as she circled the Rogue-"Your despicable thinking you can waltz into my home and kill one of my own; and get away with it? You are sadly mistaken; and then you break into my mates home? Who are you?"


"I am Izra Malkovitch originally of the Russia Pack. I am one of the Rogue Packs."


"One of?"


"There are many Rogue Packs."


"How did you infiltrate the London Pack?"


"The Rogues have magic that you goody two shoes can only dream of."


"What do you want?"


"What do I want? I want the All Powerful One to rule the worlds."


"The All Powerful One is under our command."


"No, he's under Tyler's command. Where is Tyler anyway?"


"Lycan take Izra to my father and the others. I have to find my uncle." Snow turned and disappeared.


"What did you do to Tyler?"


"Oh not me big guy; you did not see my mate anywhere did you?"


"Where is Zara?"




"Enough with your riddles Rogue!" 


"Just take me to your leaders pretty boy." I shoved him forward and shoved him through the doors of the Study.


"Here is the Rogue as you requested."


"Thank you Alpha Lycan. Please bow down to your Creators." I glanced up and saw two glowing bodies. One extremely bright and the other dark and evil. I bowed resisting the urge to change. "You may leave now Alpha Lycan."


"Thank you Might Creators." I backed out of the room, and went in search of Zara and my mate. I found Snow in the living room, Tyler convulsing on the floor.  "What the hell is going on?"


"He's been poisoned." Snow said calmly, "Luna is working on the cure. But if he dies, the All Powerful One will be in control of his own actions."


"What if Luna doesn't get the cure to him in time?"


"He'll die in a matter of hours."


"Do you have any idea where Zara is? She's probably the one who poisoned Tyler. Where's Accalia?"


"Curled up in the corner, she always does this when something bad happens to Tyler."


"Luna! Hurry up!"


"I'm trying! The Peppermint isn't boiling!"




"The cure needs the favorite candy of the infected." Snow said. I looked up and saw to my relief Luna rushing over with a teacup in her hands.


"Pour this down his throat and the remainder has to rubbed over his chest and the wound." Snow took the cup and poured some down his throat and then took the rest in her hands and rubbed it over his chest and I took some off her hands and rubbed it on the stab wound on his neck. Tyler stopped convulsing but the wounds weren't closing. 


"What if it doesn't work?"


"We can't talk like that." Snow whispered. "Help me move him." I picked him up gently bridal style and took him up to the attic. 


"Tyler you've got to wake up. We've got a battle commencing and the All Powerful One would  be really useful." I noticed a movement beneath his eyelids, "Tyler you ass, wake up already!" Tyler opened his eyes, and looked up at me.


"Hey Lycan. What's up?"


"You were poisoned by that bitch Zara."




"Without you controlling the All Powerful One, Zara and Izra could do what they wanted; give the All Powerful One access to this dimension."

"Great; another war."


"Afraid so. It seems there are Rogue Packs. Izra comes from the Russia Pack. Who knows where Zara hails from."


"I have a feeling it was Ukraine."




"The poison she stabbed me with? Only comes from a flower that grows in Ukraine."


"Great. Foreign agents."


"Ready for war?"


"Always." I growled. "Glad you're awake. Accalia was freaking out."


"When isn't she?"


"Exactly." I got up to go tell everyone Tyler was alright. "Rest for now." I advised closing the door. 


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