Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


Author's note


19. Coping

Lycan's POV:


I woke up in a bright place. The familiar voice of my grandmother chiding me to wake up. I looked around and saw nothing but white. It wasn't the familiar whiteness of Snow's fur, it was pure white, that made your eyes burn-or it should have made my eyes burn. I didn't feel anything at all. 


"Grandmother, where are we?"


"The Stepping Stone. A place where a Guardian can decide to stay on Earth or to make the great leap into Paradise.  I am here only because I have already made my decision. I wish to join your grandfather-but you must now make your decision. Leave Snow to find another Alpha or go back to her and help win the war."


"I want to go back...please let me go back."


"As you wish."  She howled up towards nothingness and my vision blurred and I was asleep again, this time I could feel the cold, and stiffness in my body. I felt myself being dragged. I opened my eyes and the sunlight blinded me for a moment, and then the screams alerted me that I was truly home.


"LYCAN! You're alive, oh goodness someone needs to find Snow and Rebecca!" I heard Luna say, "Why didn't I foresee this?" Luna cried, dropping to the ground and hugging me. I hugged her back, surprised to be was I alive?


"How are you alive shadow boy?" Accalia whispered. Echo turned to her, almost as if to yell, but instead whispered,


"How am I alive? How are any of us alive? We've fought outnumbered and come out on top, with barely any casualties to the current pack. I mean we lost most of the Council and Elders, but look we are alive." Echo said smiling bittersweetly. I tried to stand, but my limbs wouldn't move.


"Rest for now." Malcolm said entering the clearing. He looked battered, beaten, bruised, and weary from the battle. "The War has begun, the battle won, but this war is not. Rest up, heal as much as you can and then we fight." Malcolm disappeared once more. I leaned back against a rock and Accalia knelt next to me,


"What do you remember?"


"I remember being attacked from all sides, I remember my neck snapping, and I remember waking up. That's it."


"Snow-she went a bit crazy. She ran off and she hasn't returned. Rebecca went after her, and neither of them have been seen or heard from since."


Snow's POV


I raced through the forest, I had no trace of Rogues anywhere. Rebecca and I had been fighting them off for weeks now. I was trying to find my way back to my pack-when I felt the familiar tug of my mate's mind. I reached out, blindly hoping it was true, that Lycan had returned.


Lycan? Lycan are you there? Please don't let this be a cruel cosmic joke!


Snow, darling, I am here, return to us. Please return to us. Follow the tug.


I'm coming baby. Stay where you are. How are you alive?


I don't know my love. I don't know for certain. 


Lycan's alive Rebecca! Lycan is alive! 


What? How?


I don't know, and neither does he! Come on, follow me!


To the end of the earth Snow.


I raced through the snow covered forest until the tug was almost unbearable. I skidded to a halt just outside the clearing. I gingerly stepped through the foliage until I was certain this was my camp, my pack. I saw him first. The all black wolf, he was being supported by a tawny wolf, and a chocolate brown wolf. I neared them cautiously. I transformed first, and then the tawny and chocolate wolves followed suite. The black wolf took longer than the other two, but when he did, it was Lycan-it was my Lycan. Echo and Accalia smiled at me as I stepped closer to him, I knelt to his level on the ground and embraced him.


"Never do that again!" I exclaimed in his ear. "How long have you been back?"


"For a few weeks now. I don't remember much, but ever since I returned I've been trying to contact you. I don't know how I fell in battle, and I don't know how I returned."


"Don't dwell on it Lycan. All that matters is that you're back! You're back and I'm never letting you go again!"


"Could you let go right now? I can't breathe."


"Oh sorry!" I said releasing him instantly. "I'm just so glad you're back-I got a little carried away. Anyway, I have news on the Rogues." I said standing. I wasn't embarrassed by the fact I was naked it was part of life for Guardians. I stood and looked at the Guardians, and Unspeakables around me- "I cannot find a trace of Rogue in the forest. Rebecca and I have been fighting them for a few weeks and today we were hunting, and I could no longer smell Brimstone. I don't know if they're all gone and defeated or if they have retreated farther then I can smell. In any case we must be prepared." Malcolm stepped forward, 


"Snow, if you are certain-then we must migrate deeper into the forest. The Rogues will not give in easily. Tonight we march!" The troops surrounding us cheered, howled, and stomped their feet or paws. Lycan transformed, I didn't want him in battle-but he was our best fighter aside from me. Luna stood next to me, and placed a white hand on my shoulder-as if she could read my mind. 


"He has to fight Snow-we have no choice...we have lost many in the last month. Lycan is our only hope...he knows that, and you know that." Luna said quietly.


"I know." I said finally, looking at Lycan. "I can't force him to stay out of battle, nor more than he could me." I transformed back into my wolf form, and curled up next to him as he transformed. The last few weeks had been unbearable. I hadn't a clue how I would survive the rest of my very long existence without my love, and very best friend. The Gods were in favor of me I supposed. I had lost Echo for only a short time- I had almost lost Accalia, and she and I almost lost Tyler. I had killed my grandmother, but she had wanted to die-I had lost the remainder of my childhood, but I had grown into a strong young woman as the result, and the worst of it was that I had lost Lycan...for a shorter amount of time than Echo had been gone, but the pain of losing my mate still haunted me, and made my soul cherish its partner even more. I felt so lost in a world void of Lycan, my mind had been empty of his quick remarks and snips at people who couldn't hear our thoughts. The memories we shared became nightmares, and my heart had been shattered, and the pieces scattered across oblivion. At times I couldn't breathe, and Rebecca had to bite me, just so I could survive so I could avenge Lycan's life, his death had caused a rift in my world and nothing I did could mend it. Then I felt him, and all was right. My heart was still sore, and I still craved vengeance but at least he was there with me, with us.


I didn't remember sleeping as soundly as I did then. I just remember laying next to Lycan with the sun high in the sky, and then being awoken with the night and darkness surrounding me. Lycan stood, weakly, but by himself with no supports, I stood as well, our souls reunited were mending each-other's broken bits. Lycan was already stronger than he was mere hours before. Malcolm stood, he aging silver wolf looking at me and Lycan-his amber eyes held sadness that made my legs weak. It was an overwhelming sadness, that I had grown to know very well. That sadness that resided in my grandfather's gaze was reserved for those that had lost their mates. I felt his powerful voice in my mind, he was commanding the troops-which should have been my responsibility but I wasn't going to assert myself-he was my Alpha, all Alphas had an Alpha of their own, that they pledged undying loyalty to. It was a choice, and I had chosen Malcolm over my father or mother. Malcolm had understood me, and my views of the world when they did not, and for that I owed him my loyalty. He had protected, and okay'd my relationship with Lycan...making Lycan my second and mate. 


Come, it is time we find them at their source. They have taken too much to be forgiven!


Lead us, Grand Alpha Malcolm. I shouted telepathically. He nodded and turned. I fell into step behind him, and my pack did the same. Lycan at my side, and the others behind us, they formed a triangle, and were separated by mate and rank. Behind me and Lycan were Accalia and Tyler, and behind them was Luna, Echo, and Rebecca. Then the Council formed a different formation behind my pack, and so forth. The few Elders that survived were in front of me, and the Unspeakables traveled through shadows. so I could not see them...but I could sense they were there. We traveled for many hours, without stopping or resting and then finally I could smell the overwhelming stench of Rogue. Brimstone filled my senses and I howled in anger. I was shushed by Malcolm and I quieted myself and we surrounded their encampment. Lycan was by my side, and he refused to leave it-I wasn't complaining about his proximity to me at all, if anything I welcomed it, it made me stronger and the very thought of losing him angered me. 


I waited for Malcolm's signal to attack, so I could give it to my own pack, that were scattered on the Northern front of the clearing the Rogues were using. Malcolm and the few Unspeakables that were helping him were on the Southern side, and the rest on East and West side. I heard him say something,




ATTACK!!!  I screamed to my pack and we ran into the clearing, grabbing Rogues and killing them instantly. They didn't know what hit them-some were even still in their human forms and I growled as each of them transformed. Their pink glazed eyes and their dripping fangs made my stomach flip in disgust and anger. These were the ones that killed Lycan in the first place and the rest of the Elders. I howled and attacked, Lycan close behind me. Tyler engulfed into flames, and many of the Rogues retreated upon seeing his little trick. We would be victorious this time. I was not going to lose anyone else. My teeth flashed and came out bloody at the Rogue that thought it could get the better of me. HA! I was Snow, the great and powerful. I was the prophesied one. I would be thier end, their undoing. They would pay for the injustices they had caused. I was so caught up in the battle that I had not realized it was over. It wasn't until Malcolm howled, a sign of death or an ending that I calmed. Then I was worried-who had fallen? 




I am here Snow, it is alright. We are all fine. No one is dead. We won.


I calmed entirely then, my mother galloped to my side, her fur matted down by blood, and she gazed at me with worry.


I am fine mom. I promise. They didn't harm me, how could they? I am much too fast for them!  I joked halfheartedly. The battle had consumed much of my energy and I needed to rest. But I needed to investigate their encampment, to see if they had any plans or battle strategies that I needed to find.


Rest Snow. You can do so in the morning. Lycan told me. I found a quiet place, under a pine tree. I curled up beneath a fallen log. Lycan joined me, and grumbled about the tight squeeze for his large wolfy form. Nonetheless he curled up around me, protecting me from the elements even more than the tree could. I felt content and safe-I could feel my body healing at a excelling rate...far faster than any of the unmated Guardians that surrounded me, including Luna and Echo-although in love they were not seen as mates and therefore could not heal. The London Pack though, two of the males were looking at Luna and Echo with glazed over eyes. Looks like some-wolves found their mates. I would need to figure out who they were tomorrow from Rebecca. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to sleep away my injuries.


~*~The Next Morning~*~


I awoke before dawn, and therefore before the sleeping Lycan. He was impossible to move but I was small and could manage to squirm around him. If I wanted. Which I didn't, it felt nice in the early hours of morning, before the moon had fallen and the sun had risen, before the stars said goodbye and were replaced with bright blue and fluffy clouds. Before the birds were chirping, and the worries of the day were not yet remembered or thought of. It was peaceful, and silent. It wasn't eerie like a silent night. I stretched, making Lycan move a tad bit out of my way. I crawled out from under the log and realized I wasn't the only one awake. Rebecca sat, nude in the center of the encampment. She was trying to light the fire; Tyler wasn't yet awake. 


"Becky? What are you doing awake at this hour?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing." She said quietly.

"I was wondering who the two boys were that were checking out Luna and Echo."

"Oh, you mean Jordan, and Michael?"

"Yes. Thank you, I'm going to speak with them about being prospective mates for them."

"I don't know if they'll be okay with the fact that Luna and Echo would continue to see each-other on the side."

"Well they're going to have to be okay with it. Especially since they'll be joining my pack."

"I'll go with you. My cousin and brother like to sleep in le nude."

"We're Guardians Becky, everyone is nude." I reminded her.

"I'm glad you're so okay with that fact." Rebecca said. She transformed quickly and led me to a tent. Blood spattered the outside, and inside I could hear the snores. Even the snore of this pack had an accent. Rebecca clicked her teeth and tongue and the boys within grumbled. Rebecca then growled. The boys, I could see their shadows transformed and exited the tent. Their wolves were even more handsome than their humans. One was an antique gold color, almost like a burnt tanned leather, and the other was an exotic orange, almost like a sunset. Their eyes, one had these Victorian blue eyes, almost indigo, and the other his eyes were almost matched Echo's. They were lilac but I doubt he enjoyed that fact.

Hello, I am Snow, the Alpha to Luna and Echo, the girls you were staring at last night.

Oh. Hello miss Snow. I'm Jordan. The golden wolf said,

And I am Michael. It is a pleasure. Hello Becky.

Hello boys.

I want to let you two know that Luna and Echo are together, but they need to mate. You two are their soul-mates and I need to know if you are okay with it, if they continued seeing each-other?

We're fine with it. Its actually kind of hot. Echo-she's into both right? Cause Mikey he is too.

I assure you, Echo is one hundred percent loyal to whoever she is with.

Even though Echo and Luna will be seeing both you and each other they will not stray further.

We believe you.

Good. Then follow me.


I led the boys to where I saw Luna and Echo scamper off to. I found them asleep in a tent, curled up next to one another. 

"Luna, Echo I have some people for you to meet."

"Who?" Echo whispered.

"Your mates." I said. Luna bolted upright. 

"What?! But Snow you promised we wouldn't have to!"

"Lu that was before we lost half the Council and most of the Elders. I am your Alpha and you will do as I say. Do you understand?"

"Yes." They both nodded.

"They are willing to allow you two to keep seeing each-other, Mikey is also a bisexual. Mikey is Echo's mate."

"Who is mine?" Luna asked.

"Jordan is a very understanding person and a grand Guardian he will be an asset to you, but also to the pack." The two of them transformed and I led them to where I left them. Rebecca was laughing, I could hear her in my head. Her giggles ricocheting off my skull. The two males looked up as I approached. They glanced behind me to see the silver wolf with lilac eyes, and the tan wolf with the same eyes with swirls of blue. 

Luna, Echo these are your mates. Michael, he's the orange one Echo, and Jordan. Echo and Luna circled them before sitting in front of them. Mikey looked Echo up and down and nodded in approval. Jordan did the same. Luna and Echo transformed into their human forms, and the two boys followed. They circled one another again before finally embracing. Echo took off with Mikey, leaving Luna alone with her mate. Luna glanced at me, and I nodded...encouraging her to get to know him. He would father her cubs one day, she needed to at least tolerate him.


"I will not force you to do anything you are uncomfortable in doing. I just wish to know you." Jordan said reassuringly. 

"I'm not afraid of that. I'm just more confused then I was when I realized I liked girls." Luna answered.


"Yea too. I've had a boyfriend before but he was a weasel." Luna said. Jordan laughed, it was a beautiful, infectious sound. They transformed into their equally beautiful wolves and galloped away. I sighed. I was glad Echo and Luna seemed to hit it off with the boys, their mates. Especially after Luna swore off guys after her last boyfriend. But that was a story that Luna should tell herself, No need for Jordan to overhear it from me. Luna had been right though in her description of him, he was a weasel.



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