Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


4. Complications


I watched as Luna tried to explain the complicated situation. Echo still believed she and Lycan were together. Luna was trying to break the news gently but Echo wasn't buying it. I finally stepped forward.

"Echo, six months ago the day after our joint birthdays you broke up with Lycan, then Lycan saw you with Luna at the school giggling and flirting in the shadows. He started changing but Placksworth stopped him and sent me to accompany him in the woods. There we killed an Unspeakable. After school we went running and the four of us came out with our new relationships. At the bowling ally that night Luna was attacked and was gifted with the Sight."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Echo said,

"Everything because the next morning she had the vision of your death." 


"At the Dragon's Battle you were sent to the Nether Realm. There you forgot everything. Including your love for Luna."

"Sure so magically I'm gay?"

"No you're bisexual like Luna here."

"So you're saying I never loved Lycan?"

"No you loved Lycan but you set him free."

"So he could be with you."

"I don't know the whole frickin' story Echo!" I yelled at her. Accalia where she was in the corner flinched at the harshness in my tone.

"I don't think yelling at our amnesia patient is quite necessary," was her usual snarky remark.

"I don't have amnesia!" Echo screamed. " I am not a wolf, and I am not gay!"

"Echo," I said, as I watched Luna run from the room in tears. I saw Lycan grab her and pull her to him in a bear hug. I could hear her gut wrenching sobs. "Do you see how much she loves you? You've hurt her, she spent the last four months searching for you, never giving up on you while the rest of us accepted defeat and accepted your death."

"Luna saved me didn't she?"

"She risked her life to save you, and Tyler's."

"Who the hell is Tyler?"

"Tyler would be my mate." Accalia sneered.

"Who would mate with you?" Echo retaliated.

"She's back." I said. 

"You could say that." Accalia said.

"Nice work Cal."

"No problem Snow."

"You tricked me into getting my memories back!"

"Yes we did."

"I died."

"Technically," Tyler said coming from out of the shadows.

"Technically, you were in a very advanced coma." Malcolm said.

"Seriously are you all doctors." Echo said.

"No we are just well versed in the medicinal fields." another Elder said, this one's name was Clarisse, former best friend of Ana. 

"I believe Echo you owe Luna an apology." Malcolm said.

"Yes, yes of course." She got up and exited the room quickly.

"That was a little too easy." I said.

"Now everyone is different when it comes to regaining memories."

"I know. Its just what if she relapses?"

"You trust Lycan don't you?"

"Of course I do."

"Then it shouldn't concern you so much."

"I know it shouldn't grandfather Malcolm." 

"You can rest easy now."

"As should you. Your treacherous ex wife is dead." I said coldly.

"She saved Echo."

"I know that."

"I don't forgive her for her wrongs but in death she corrected many by saving Echo." I didn't agree but whatever floated his boat.

"May I be dismissed?"

"Of course."


I had some of my memories back. But my love for Luna, it hasn't returned. I know I am bisexual but I can't remember how I felt about her. Perhaps this is what the last prophecy meant by repairing the relationship that was lost. An apology was a good way to start I supposed. I found Luna in the kitchen nursing a cup of tea. Lycan was at the sink washing out his tea leaves. He turned and saw me and said to Luna,

"I'll be back soon." She looked up at him and then to me and nodded. He backed out of the kitchen and closed the door. 

"Luna, I'm so sorry, I forgot everything."

"I understand."

"No you don't, you're hurt, and mad and you have every right to be."

"Echo, I love you so much. I sacrificed everything including my sanity to save you. I killed the All Powerful One out of revenge for your death. With doing so, I went crazy for months.  Your violet eyes became mine. I have no idea. But I focused my energy on saving you. Snow was distraught she believed you should've run away when I told you too. Now she hopes you don't relapse into loving Lycan again. They are bound together as mates! You cannot ruin it for them. We may be torn apart but we will always love each-other. You may not remember your love now. But you will because I have faith and Ana wouldn't have risked everything to save you if there wasn't a sliver of hope you would remember who you are." I sat there dumbfounded, she sacrificed her sanity for me and I disrespected her that way in the living room.

"I am sorry. I will try to uncover my love for you. I did it once I think I can do it again. It will be like The Vow!" I said.

"Yes. It will be won't it?" 

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