Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


11. Catch Up



Chapter Eleven: Catch Up



Snow's POV


I led the foreign wolves back to the cottage, Rebecca clung to my back, afraid still that her cousin and his mate would kill her and Tyler at any moment. I had yet to figure out why I knew of her past, why we were mentally linked the way we were.


'I won't allow them to hurt you Rebecca.'


'I know you won't Snow. Its just that I don't deserve your help that's all.'


'Everyone deserves help at some point. Even you.' Rebecca was quiet for a moment before replying telepathically;


'Thank you Snow. Do you want to know why your aunt requested me?'


'Not really no, but if your offering to tell me go ahead.'


'Your aunt wanted to see if it was possible for a Guardian male to have more than one soul mate. She wanted me there because she knew originally my soul was put aside to mirror Lycan's. I'm three years his senior but before I screwed up I was to be his alpha. Not you but I fell in love, and I lost my wolf. To get her back I have to kill the abomination you call uncle. I won't because I've been assigned to protect him with my life. He's as much my family as he is your's. I won't harm my family. Not again. My second chance won't be spoiled by the return of my deranged cousin and his slutty mate who can't think for herself.'


'I trust you, not completely but I trust that you'll keep us safe.'


'My family will not kill another Guardian, if Tyler can prove he's no longer half dragon they'll leave and never come back.'


'Alright. Until its time to get Luna and Echo mates.'


'Yes until we have to split them up.' 


We arrived at the cottage and I transformed as soon as Rebecca climbed from my back. Lycan came up behind me, protecting me from the prying eyes of Izra. The six of us moved into the cottage and dressed in clothes that had yet to be put away. Izra and Zara stayed in the forms of naked humans while leaving the rest of us a bit uncomfortable. Lycan sat close to me, never allowing his eyes to leave where Izra was in the room. I kept an eye on Zara she was a different breed of wolf to me, so foreign, so unpredictable, so violent.


"So, our cousins of America, do tell us what has developed since the Dragon's Battle?"


"I do think the story begins before the Dragon's Battle?" Zara inquired, looking straight at me.


"Why do you think I know everything?" I asked, ice coating every word. Zara did not flinch, did not move; all she did to show she even heard me was move her lips into a soft smile.


"Snow, you are the Alpha aren't you? Daughter of Lena and Marcus? Granddaughter of Malcolm and Anna?"


"Don't mention my grandmother to me,"


"Didn't you kill her?"


"I was under the Sacred Promise, Malcolm wanted her dead. She was a traitor, and she came to die."


"Tyler how do you feel about all of this?" Zara said looking at him where he was  standing idly in front of the fire place. 


"My mother wasn't much of a mother. She didn't spend time with me at all. She refused to talk about my half sisters, the twins Lena and Nena, she learned of my nieces, Snow and Luna but did not tell me of them. She spent most of her days fulfilling and satisfying my father. I was left in the care of the Unspeakable women. I remember Bernadette, she was my favorite and my mother despised her because of my favoritism towards her. Nathaniel became my father in ways my own could not, and Bernadette became the mother I always wanted. My father killed both of them to get to the Prophecy children. He didn't kill Nathaniel directly, no but he sent Bernadette to her death. Lycan I don't blame you."


"Huh, so you don't hate her?"


"The contrary. I love her as if she were my own. You hurt her I hurt you." Tyler said simply. Zara shut up and turned Izra, who simply said,


"You asked. So, Lycan we share the same fur color. How does your's come in handy?"


"I'm like a shadow. I blend in to the darkness my enemies do not know I am there but I am, watching, learning, and absorbing. How does your's benefit you? Can you become like smoke? Move between dimensions at will? Or are you simply a black wolf with red eyes?" Lycan said poetically. 


"I'm simply a black wolf that is all." Izra said.


"How does that benefit your pack Izra?" Lycan said.


"Not very well I suppose. How many Unspeakables have you killed?"


"I don't think that's of your concern. Just know I can handle myself."


"And you Snow?" Izra inquired.


"I have abilities you can only dream of dear Izra. I have the ability to turn off my emotions if I must to fulfill my missions. I have killed many. I am the Alpha and I will protect my family. Why are you here?"


"Rebecca wasn't supposed to leave London. She was under a very strong 'house' arrest order given to her by the Supreme High Council of Guardians and Protectors. She violated our most sacred law for that she must be punished."


"Izra, the incident happened five years ago. Don't you thinks she's done her time? Besides what she's doing here is our education. She doesn't have what one would call freedom." I said diplomatically. "Its quite boring when there's not a prophecy to fulfill."


"I wouldn't call it boring my love." Lycan said to me. He kissed my cheek, not caring whom was watching.


"I can see that Rebecca is in her own personal hell anyway here." Izra said as he watched Rebecca watch Lycan kiss me affectionately. "Rebecca may stay but where she goes one of you go as well. Don't leave her to have any relation with anyone. Part of her punishment is that she can not have romantic relations with anyone or anything. No Guardian, no dragon, and definitely not a human."


"Isn't she a human now?"


"No. She's a Guardian with no wolf." Izra said. "Rebecca, why don't you fetch some refreshments? While the wolves talk." Rebecca's eyes glazed over as she rushed from the room.


"Where do you get off on making her cry and relive the most horrible moment of her life? She regrets allowing Ethan into her life she wouldn't have had a reason to if you'd respected her as a Guardian and as a person."


"How do you know that twat's name?"


"Rebecca needs a friend. I'm no friend but I'm one she can talk to."


"You aren't a diary for a troubled nineteen year old. You're an Alpha female of the most notorious Guardian pack on this planet."


"And you are an insensitive lying twat as you say of a cousin and a mate. I won't allow you to come into my home and disrespect me, my alpha and my protector. You've kidnapped my uncle, thrown my dearest friend through an emotional roller coaster, what else do you want from us?" I said snarling, my fangs peaking out from my upper lip, my eyes changing color. "Do not under estimate me. I know our laws. You're on my territory, I have the right to forcibly remove you, and or kill you. Do you understand me?"


"You are just like your grandfather. Stubborn."


"You continue to disrespect us, yet without us the All Powerful One would still be alive."


"Yes, but there is still a All Powerful One isn't there?"


"He's under Tyler's command. The APO doesn't do anything without the Manhattan Pack knowing first." Lycan said. "Please stop making my mate upset. She has a volatile temper. I can't control her no one can."


"I apologize for upsetting you Snow, please sit. I won't ask anymore personal questions if you prefer I will only ask what Placksworth was like. He was an amazing student."


"Trevor Aguirre or better known as Mr. Placksworth was a kind and loyal man. He would do anything for us. Unfortunately as we were getting to know him more; he confesses that he's under a curse and the only why to break it was a kiss from his one true love. Which happened to be me. I kissed him, it was disgusting and then a half hour later he was murdered by Victoria Xa's last remaining offspring. I was put into the Death Sleep and Lycan sacrificed his humanity for me."


"You were in the Death Sleep? How did you survive?"


"It wasn't easy, I was pulled out of the Sleep half way with a kiss, and then a spell was performed to save me entirely. Lycan had to kill many to regain his humanity it was hard for all of us. He was hesitate to protect us. I suggest you leave. You are not getting Rebecca and you are certainly not getting Tyler." I said calmly. "Rebecca show Izra and Zara out won't you?" 


"Of course." Rebecca said as she came around the corner a minute later.


"How did you know she was coming? What aren't you telling us?" Zara demanded.


"You do not need to know. Don't make me contact your Protector and don't say you don't have one because it is illegal for a Guardian Pack to go two weeks without one. We were a exception our Protector was murdered, and of course at the time we couldn't get anyone to give us a new one. We were in the middle of fulfilling a prophecy. How many of those have you fulfilled?"


"We didn't come here to be be made fools of. We will go, but we'll be in touch."


"Oh Tyler, do show them your wolf, its quite exceptionally unique."


"With pleasure. Its an after affect of giving up my dragon you see. As a wolf I'll always know where I came from." Tyler transformed into the fiery wolf, with the rainbow eyes. 


'How do you like me now?'


"Abomination!" Zara yelled.


"Extraordinary actually. I'm intrigued by him, he's the only one of his kind?"


"Yes. My uncle is one of a kind, unique-deadly one could say."


"Even without his dragon he's capable of anything. I suggest you go." Lycan said standing for the first time since we had arrived back at the cottage.


"We will go, stay in touch." Izra said winking before he transformed. Zara followed shortly after exiting through the open window. 



"Well that was interesting." Accalia said after a few minutes of silence. "Rebecca you never said you're family was so, judgmental."


"Yeah well I thought it was obvious. They did kill my wolf."


"Ah yes, but you didn't tell us how fucking charming they were." Tyler said sarcastically. 


"Zara is an acquired taste."


"She's a taste I want to wash down with poison." Tyler muttered.


"She wasn't always that way."


"Makes me like Izra all the more." Luna said. We turned to looked at her. "What? He's an asshole."


"Yes he is. It surprises me they haven't stripped him of being an alpha. He's a racist pig." Rebecca said sadly. "It isn't fair. I fell in love with a human, yet he'd kill one with no remorse and doesn't get even a lash or a hint of a punishment."


"Maybe Zara is his punishment." Lycan joked. I looked at him before laughing. 


"Yea, he so deserves her." Echo whispered. She'd been so quiet.


"Hey Echo what's wrong?"


"They never asked what happened after the Battle."




"They were more interested in Placksworth's death. You don't think they think one of us killed him?"


"Its impossible, I watched him die. His throat was torn off from his body and then he was drank dry."


"Why didn't you mention any of that?"


"He was our friend, our mentor, his death will go on as a secret." I whispered. I removed myself from the room but not before saying, "We return home first thing in the morning. I have things to discuss with Malcolm."


"You heard her, off to bed." Lycan said standing before following me. 


I closed the bedroom door and collapsed on the bed. 


"Hey, you okay?"


"No. I don't like being cross examined. Especially by that ass Izra and his whore."


"Jeez Snow, Zara was a bitch but she's not you after every male Guardian."


"You don't know that."


"Even if she was, she'd never get me out of your bed." Lycan whispered to me before kissing me. 


"I have no doubts about your loyalty." I whispered.


"Do I have to prove my loyalties?" 


"No, but if you feel you must, then go ahead." 


"As you wish." Lycan said quoting my favorite book and movie. 






The Manhattan Pack took me by surprise. They were a family, they did not live in fear as my pack did. I was jealous, but I couldn't do anything about it. It was illegal to the Guardians to kill another; it was also illegal to mate within the packs. Another exception and technically Tyler wasn't part of the pack. Lycan and Snow were soul mates. As were Tyler and Accalia, but Luna and Echo, they were available and it was up to the Alphas to decide on mates. The Manhattan Pack has made an enemy that they don't want. The London Pack maybe be of lesser blood and lack the experience but we are strong and we are ruthless. Be ready my cousins. For you have a war on your hands. I will make the laws now, and soon Rebecca will break and kill Tyler to regain her wolf.



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