Howl at the Moon

Snow is faced with a dilemma. She is the pack leader of the Manhattan Pack--but she is also the star of a Russian prophecy that tells of her defeating the Rogues. With everyone searching for Echo is the first part of this new book--and then when that is solved they are faced with a whole new problem. The Rogues
The Rogues are a species of Guardian that have killed one of their own in cold blood. Rogues can infiltrate packs with black magic that they learned in the Russian woods. When Snow learns that the leader of the London Pack is a Rogue--she will do anything to stop him, and others like him.
With a new Protector with a mysterious past and a mysterious connection to Snow and Lycan--the pack soon learns that not everything is what it seems.


10. Ambush


Chapter TEN: Ambush



Luna's POV



I sat up in bed, twirling Echo's long hair in between my fingers. I've had no visions lately, and I wondered if my visions were directly tied to the former All Powerful One or it was just me and my jumbled thoughts. I didn't know exactly how my visions got to me but I was determined to have another one, and then to learn how to control them. I pulled out my phone, I haven't used it in months.


'345 miss text messages from Elizabeth Daniels

500 missed calls from Snow Heathcliff

90 voice mails from Nathan Cross' 


I clicked 'reply to message' on Elizabeth's latest text message, merely for something to do.


'Hey sorry for not responding.'


'OMG finally. Luna what the hell happened to you guys? Where are you, Echo, Snow, Accalia, and Lycan?'


'Safe, being homeschooled my parents didn't like the fact I was gay:('


'Gurl, I miss you.'


'I miss you too:)'


'Call me anytime but I gotta go. Nat wants to talk to you by the way. He didn't tell me why.'


'Okay, I'll call him.'



I had no intention of calling my ex boyfriend Nat, I threw my phone a crossed the room. Afraid now that Nat could use his geek ware to trace the call. I tried to fall back to sleep but I kept seeing wolves, not my wolf and not my friend's wolves. These were foreign wolves, oh God no. These wolves were Guardians, they were here for Rebecca, maybe she was never supposed to leave London. Oh they just want her dead. I ran from the room, upsetting Echo's spot on the bed causing her to fall to the floor.


"LUNA! What is going on?"


"Wolves! Foreign Guardians are coming for us! For Rebecca, I must warn Snow and the others." 


"Let me come with you! Hold up a moment, I'm stuck in the sheets no thanks to you."


"Will you hurry up if you're coming? The London Pack will be here any second!" I hurried out of the room, and pounded on Snow and Lycan's door. Snow came to the door in nothing but a sheet.


"Yes Lu?"


"A vision, I had a vision of the London Pack coming, HERE at any moment. They're after Rebecca, I don't think she was supposed to leave the Academy. Or they really want her dead." 


"Snow what's going on?" I looked around Snow and found a very naked Lycan. 


"Oh God! Lycan will you please put shorts on?"


"Oh sorry Luna." Lycan disappeared reappeared fully dressed and ready to go.  "Alright what's wrong?" Lycan said in alpha mode.


"Luna had a vision of the London Pack coming here."




"They want to kill Rebecca."


"Gee I wonder why? She did betray the most sacred law to Guardians, not to mention the fact that she failed to mention that her assigned mate for when we turned twenty was Lycan."




"You heard me Lycan, you're soul was spoken for before Rebecca screwed up." Snow growled. 


"Its not my fault the universe didn't see that the whole time I belonged with you." Lycan said wrapping his arm around Snow's waist. "So what do we do? Obviously they have more experience fighting,"


"So optimistic. But we took down a dragon."


"While losing Echo in the process."


"True. We won't lose anyone this battle. How the hell do they know where we are?"




"Accalia probably posted we were going on a Holiday on her FaceChat. C'mon, we have to wake the others. Be prepared, we're entering the realm of clothes are never allowed."


"Accalia, loves clothes though. OH."


"Do you get it know?" Lycan laughed.


"Shut up. You were naked too."


We- Snow, Lycan, and I climbed the stairs towards Accalia's attic bedroom, an identical one to the one she had back home. 


"Cali? Open up its important!" I said through the door. "Tyler?"


"I really hope you're decent in there!" Lycan yelled and opened the door wide. Accalia sat in a chair, tears falling down her face. "Accalia, what's wrong?"


"They-They took Tyler!"

"How, do they kidnap a thirty foot, fiery dragon wolf hybrid while he's with his Guardian girlfriend?"


"When he went to name the new All Powerful One, he had to give up his dragon to do so. They caught him off guard and I don't know where they went."


"Instead of coming to find us, you sat down and cried?" Snow asked.


"I'm in shock, but now I want to hunt down that British bitch!" Accalia growled and transformed into her chocolate brown wolf. 


"I'll get Echo." I disappeared from view. I ran into Echo and she understood without me even saying a thing.


"They took someone didn't they?"






"Don't ask just follow." I transformed and ran back to the attic, the five of us jumped from the broken window and followed the scent of unknown Guardian, and the familiar scent of our friend, mate, and uncle. We didn't know what we would do when we found them, we didn't know if we'd even survive, but we had to dive right in; we had to save our friend didn't we? I didn't sacrifice my sanity for nothing. Tyler was going to come home. And whoever took him was going to be deported, nobody messes with my family and my pack. No one.






I was being dragged, bane shoved in my throat creating a burning sensation and intense pain. My head was incapable of making coherent thoughts or stringing together coherent or recognizable sentences. My vision was blurred and for a former dragon I was scared. 


"Where are you taking me?"


"You're an abomination. You shouldn't exist."


"What are you talking about?"


"You're a dragon wolf. A danger to us all."


"I'm no longer a dragon, I gave it up to become a full Guardian. Now what do you want from me. My pack will be here shortly I assure you. My mate won't be pleased of my being kidnapped."


"Shut up. Why would anyone love filth like you. There are ways of killing dragons, and a true Guardian would go unharmed. You will put to this test."


"What test."


"A silver dagger plunged into your chest, if you are innocent, you will survive if you are a dragon, you die."


"Who the fuck are you?"


"The mate of the Alpha of the London Pack."




"The very same. You see, he hates abominations. He hates humans, and he hates his cousin."


"What the hell? If he hates us so much then why isn't he here?"


"I am. You are bait. I hope Rebecca's with you."


"No way, she's fucking crazy as hell."


"Shame. Did she tell you that if she kills you, her wolf will be returned to her? A wolf for a wolf."


"Why me?"


"Don't know. I don't question; I just deliver."


"Too bad its not pizza you deliver."


"Funny. Shame that my cousin will be a greedy bitch won't it?"


"Rebecca won't come. She's seven hours away."


"Not anymore, she just pulled into the driveway at the cottage."




"I'd say so." Izra's eyes changed from blue, to blood red and he transformed into a black wolf, half the size of Lycan. 'I'm ready to destroy my cousin once and for all. You won't die tonight young Tyler. No your pack will be successful in your rescue, but Rebecca will die."


"Izra, darling she's here." I looked to where the bitch was looking, sure enough the emo girl walked through the bushes.


"Tyler!" she exclaimed noticing him first. She turned when she heard the growls of Izra and the unnamed mate of his. "Izra, Zara! What are you doing here?"


They transformed to speak with her.


"Isn't it obvious dear cousin?"


"Not really."


"Its Death Day to you."


"Um...I don't think so. Guys?" Snow and Lycan entered the clearing first, both looked imposing by themselves, but then Luna and Echo walked into view. Then finally Accalia leaped over all five of them and landed inches from Izra and Zara. She transformed and snarled,


"You fucking had no right to take him! He's mine, he's pure and he's good! He rescued Echo! He helped us defeat the All Powerful One, and he gave up his throne to be with me. Where do you fucking get off on kidnapping him?" Izra looked to me and said, slightly terrified,


"So this is your mate then?"


"Uh yea that's Accalia. Scary ain't she? Wait til you meet Lycan and Snow."


"Let me guess, Lycan's the big scary black wolf, and Snow, is the all white wolf giving me the death glare. God she's beautiful."


Snow transformed, "Thank you. Now if you would kindly release my uncle, I'd really appreciate it, I just sharpened my claws, I don't want them chipped." I laughed, 




"I'll handle it." Lycan snarled. Yep he's pissed off. He walked over to me and undid the ropes. "You really need to sleep as a wolf next time."


"You know what, I was busy. Thanks though for rescuing me."


"Don't thank me, thank Luna, if she hadn't came to us after her vision we'd never would've found you."


"Thanks Lu."


"No problem Uncle Tyler." 


"Wait hold up. Luna can have visions?"


"We have a lot to talk about. Come back to the cottage and we'll talk." Lycan said. Lycan wasn't usually the diplomatic one, but he seemed well trained in dealing with foreign associates. What did his father do?


'His father is the Foreign Trade CEO for a big company the deals mostly with Guardians.' I heard Accalia reply. 'He learned a lot of diplomacy over the years.' 


"Yes sure we'll come with you."


"Just don't kill Tyler or Rebecca because strangely my mate has taken a liking to Rebecca and Tyler's family wouldn't like it when I'm angry."


"You really wouldn't." Luna said. "He pinned our former Protector against a wall once for announcing he was in love with Snow."




"Placksworth was under a spell cast by the ancient Chinese warrior/witch/ Unspeakable Victoria Xa fifteen years ago, and then was recently killed by her offspring."


"Zara; we really do have a lot to catch up on."


"Yes we do."




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