imagine for Kim~

I hope you like it! c: xx


1. ..

"why did the mushroom go to the party?" Louie asks with a smile on his face "I don't know, why?" you ask trying to act like you haven't heard his joke four-hundred times. "Because he was a fungi!" he says happily, you fake a laugh "okay, c'mon Kim, that was the most un-realistic laugh I have ever heard, whats wrong?" he asks wrapping an arm around you "you know you can tell me anything,right?" "yeah, I know...everything's okay Lou, don't worry about it" you say with a small smile "babe, I won't go home until you tell me whats on your mind" he says smirking "good, I hate it when you leave" you say,leaning back against him "is that whats worrying you?" he asks and you nod, making a pouty face, the pouty face that Lou can't resist. "Okay, fine, you win" he says with a sigh, turning off his phone and placing it in your hand "I'm all yours today, anything you wanna do" he smiles and kisses your nose, you set his phone on the table and hug him tightly "I missed you so much" you whisper only loud enough for him to hear,"I missed you too babe, but I can't dissapoint my fans..we start tour again in the morning" he says sadly "I know, but we have tonight"you smirk "what do you have in mind?" he asks with a wink, silently standing up and walking to your bedroom you get a pile of movies you rented earlier that day, and a blanket and pillow from your bed, walking back to the living room he watches you curiously as you place them in his open arms and go to the kitchen. "You had all of this planned, didn't you?" he asks,"yep" you say over the noise of the popcorn maker, he laughs "your smart, i'll give you that", you walk out of the kitchen, flicking the swich off with one hand and balancing the bowl in your other. he sets down the movies and throws the pillow and blanket on to the couch,"which do you wanna see?" He asks flipping one of them over and reading the back "ummm Harry Potter?" You ask and he looks at you,with a wide smile "Harry Potter it is" he says and goes and pops the disk into its place in the DVD player and hits play, flipping of the light and flinging himself down on the couch with a smile he pulls you close, and eats a handful of popcorn, as do you. For about 15 minutes you lay there on the couch, just cuddling,the only noise is that of your chewing. finailly after a long time he softly whispers "this is perfect" he hugs you "you're perfect" you say, your head against his chest,"I love you" he says sweetly , planting a soft kiss to your cheek, you smile and kiss him back, before snuggling back into the couch with his arms wrapped protectivly around your waist, your head on his chest, litening to the soft steady beating of his heart,his small snores make you smile, knowing that he's all yours, your eyes flutter closed, sleep taking over. you awaken in your bedroom with your boyfriend next to you, his arms still around you, he wakes up too, his blue eyes sparkling in the morning light shining in through the window "good morning, beautiful" he says and kisses your forehead " did we-" "I carried you in here last night, babe" he reads your mind,"oh"you say and snuggle up next to him again "babe, plane leaves at 12.."you grab the pillow and smack him in the face with it "hey..I packed your stuff last night after you fell asleep..I didn't want you to say no when I asked you to,come on tour with me and the boys?" you smile and hug him "of course!" you sqeal happily and he smiles and hugs you back,"did you have to touch my stuff though?" "Your a girl, you would have taken forever to pack"he laughs and you playfully slap his arm, before you get out of bed to finish packing for the next two weeks on tour with your perfect guy.♡

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