He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


3. They knew

"Mommy I scared!" Dylan said crawling on my lap. 

"Why are you scared?" I said running my fingers threw his hair. 

"Because him is yelling at you and hims scared me"

"It's okay, Uncle Ed is coming over tonight he's going to spend the night" I smiled kissing him on the cheek. 

"I like when him comes Uncle Ed always buys me new toys" Dylan cheered 

"I like when he comes too, Go call him and tell him when he's coming over okay Mommy has to talk to Zayn for a minute okay baby" 

"okay mommy." Dylan smiled taking my phone he looked at Sturges "Stay here Sturges watch mommy" Dylan walked out of the room I looked at the dog he was growling at Zayn. 

"Sturges back off!" I yelled at him he calmed down but was watching Zayn. 

"So Ed knew about Dylan but not me or any of the boys?" Zayn asked I looked at the guys they were avoiding eye contact with me I shook my head. 

"The boys knew, Liam Ed and Niall were actually in the room when I gave birth Harry and Louis were in the gift shop buying a bunch of balloons and flowers." I smirked Zayn looked at the guys they were avoiding eye contact with him too. 

"Does everyone know about my son but me?" Zayn said I nodded "I want to be apart of his life"

"Alright but I don't want him to be out in the public like I was I don't want him to get any crap from fans or anything" I sighed 

"He won't we need to make some sort of arrangements for us as a family." 

"What do you mean?"

"I want to be able to see you and my son when ever the hell I want" 

"You can see us tomorrow we were going to the zoo, Dylan wants to see the zebras" I smiled 

"Alright I think I am going to go I need to let this stuff settle in and think things over." Zayn said scratching the back of his neck. I nodded in response I stood up

"I'll see you tomorrow" I sighed I wasn't ready to start seeing him again. It took me a while to get over him and then he comes back into my life and I have to see him again. "Dylan come here!" I yelled Dylan came running into the room he was holding my phone talking to Ed. 

"Yes mommy?" Dylan smiled

"You me and Zayn are going to the zoo tomorrow okay" 

"But I don't want to go whiff him him yell and scare me." Dylan pouted I looked at Zayn he looked hurt. 

"Baby he's really nice and you know your favorite bear?" I said he nodded "He got that for mommy a long long time ago before you were even born." I smiled he smiled to and looked at Zayn.  

"Really?" Dylan smiled he looked just like Zayn when he was younger.

"yes really, go get your bear I can prove it." I smiled he ran up to your room. 

"You've kept all the stuff I gave you after all these years?" He smiled I blushed just as Dylan came into the room holding onto a brown teddy bear he handed it to Zayn he grabbed it and smiled. "I gave this to your mommy when we went to a carnival I won it at the ring toss." He flipped it over and looked at its ear he had burnt it with his cigarette on accident he rubbed over the burn with his thumb and looked at me and smiling. 

"Wow!" Dylan smiled he grabbed Zayns hand and tugged on it. "I want to go to the zoo tomorrow" Zayn smiled and picked him up. The other boys were waiting outside and in the car. 

"Me too, can I tell you something Dylan" Zayn smiled Dylan shook his head he looked like a little bobble head when he did that. 

"I'm your daddy and tomorrow me you and your mommy are going to spend the whole day together does that sound nice?" Zayn smiled 

"If your my daddy how come you never weres here and don't ever give my mommy huggies and kissies like Braxton's mammy and daddy do" Dylan asked 

"Dilly Braxton's family is different from our family we've got a special family" I butted in

"Okay mommy I'n going to go feed Sturges him hasn't eated dinner." Dylan said I nodded and looked at Zayn

"Are you rely going to come?" I asked 

"yes I want to be apart of your guys lives" Zayn smiled. 

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