He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


14. The video

  I was at Ed's place he said I could come over he has a huge house it's bigger than mine. "Mousie what did you want to talk about?" Ed asked I looked at him and sat down in his bean bag chair. 

"I'm confused" I sighed, it was true I love Zayn but I'm scared he'll leave or cheat. I already caught him sucking face with another girl today. 

" It's Zayn huh" he said already knowing I chuckled he knows me all to well. 

"Yeah" I sighed I got off the chair and started walking around again. I stopped at a picture of me him and Dylan. I love my son with everything I got. 

"He loves you" 

"I'm not to sure I caught him sucking faces with some tramp at the bistro my daddy owns" I said 

"Did you here his side of the story maybe you just saw it from he wrong angle or something" he always so optimistic and right. I sat next to him and smiled I laid my head on his shoulder. 

"Your probably right" I sighed once more he pulled me onto his lap. 

"I'm always right mousie" he laughed 

"Did you ever get a copy of that video you wanted to show me?" 

"Yeah, let me go get it" he said I got off of him and sat on the couch. He came back with a cd in his hands he put it in the DVD player and sat back down. He pushed play on the remote. 

"What's it about again?" I asked

"You and that dream you told me about when Zayn broke up with you, I play you and a cat plays me."he smiled I laughed thinking of a cat.


"I love it" I said it was so about me and the dream I had he played flash backs of when Zayn stepped on my Lego heart me and Ed built when it was Halloween and he was running around waiting for me to catch up, and then he even had my apartment right. Back when me and  were dating I lived in a shitty apartment and had pictures of me and Zayn on the wall. They weren't in frames I had an old fashioned camera that would spit out the photos when I took them. I loved the song too it was exactly how I was feeling. When we broke up.

"I'm glad you loved it it took me weeks to make it." He said  

"thanks weasley!" I gave him a hug and hurried my face into his neck like I always do when I hug people. 

"You want to keep it?" He said his throat vibrated as he spoke. I nodded and pulled away looking him in his eyes. 

"What are you looking at" 

"your eyes" I said he laughed I was looking for my phone in my pocket but it wasn't there. I checked my purse it wasn't there either. 

"What are you looking for?" He asked 

"my phone" 

"do you want me to call it?" He asked 

"no I think Ieft it at home." I sighed leaning back onto the sofa. "Will you drive me home?" I asked I didn't drive here I walked it was far and I don't feel like walking again. 

"Sure, do you want to go now?" He asked 

"please I need to check my phone and see if Harry or Liam called then after I think I'm going to crash I'm have work I the morning and I can't stay out any later." 

"Lets go then" he grabbed his keys and we walked out to his car. I got in the passenger seat he locked the front door and then got into the drivers seat. We drove to my house I got out of the car and grabbed my purse. 

"Thanks Ed, I love you" I said I kissed him on the cheek and went inside.

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