He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


8. The big day


   It was the big day Zayn is supposed to be moving in by the time I'm off work, but he called and said he was going to be arriving earlier. "Mousie! We need more red velvet cupcakes!" Brian  yelled he is the cashier I make the stuff he sells it. 

"Alright!" I yelled back I grabbed the tray of cupcakes quickly putting icing on it then put it in the display case. Dylan was at work with me like always. He plays with Brian and Miguel's kids. Miguel is my assistant. Brian has a daughter and Miguel has twin boys. They play in the kid area in the front. "Miguel are you done with those scones yet?" I yelled 

"Yes Mousie I out them in the case like you asked! Did you take the cookies out the oven Miguel asked. I was just now taking them out. 

"Yeah thank you Miguel" I shouted back, I walked into the freezer to finish doing inventory. 

"Mousie you've got a vis" Brian started

"Daddy!" Dylan yelled I put my clipboard down and walked out to the front. I looked like crap I had dough and flour all over me. I saw Zayn standing with Dylan in his arms. "Mommy look daddy's here!" Dylan chimed  I laughed 

"I see! Hey Zayn" I said. 

"Hey Mouse Uhm I need the key to the house I left the spare inside on accident" Zayn smiled I took out my keys and handed them to Zayn. 

"Mommy can I go home with daddy?" Dylan said 

"Can he?" I asked he nodded "Sure baby, You want a cupcake to snack on later?" 

"Yeah" they both answered 

"What kind?" I walked behind the counter they followed they both pointed to the same cupcake. I grabbed them both one and put it in a box. 

"Thanks babe, what time do you get off?" 

"Around five" I smiled I had an hour left. 

"Alight I'll see you then" he smiled "Oh and ugh mousie" 

"yea zayn" I said 

"You look beautiful" he laughed walking away. I went back to doing inventory Miguel came up to me. 

"I need to go home early, the misses is sick and I-" 

"go it's a slow day any way and we close in an hour" I sighed he gave me a hug. 

"Thanks mouse I love you your the best." He smiled I nodded 

"Tell Regina I said hi" I called after him. I finished inventory then went to the front with Brian.

"Hey mouse what's up?" Brian smiled 

"Nothimg interesting, I finished inventory and I was thinking since its a slow day we should close up early?" I said. 

"You miss Dylan huh" he smirked 

"Yeah" I sighed I did miss him, he's never really been away from me. 

"Let's close up then I think my kid is getting bored over there" he chuckled pointing to his kid. I laughed and went over to the front door and flipped the open sign. I wasn't going to lock it yet there was still people inside. I went over to the back and put everything away and washed all the dishes. I turned around and saw Brian locking up the doors. I started stacking up the chairs so he could sweep. 

    We finished cleaning up the shop I closed the door and locked it behind me. I walked to my car, I got in and started it up. When I got home I walked in and was greeted by Sturges I crouched down on my knees. "Hey Sturges!" I said scratching behind his ear. 

"Mommy's home!" Dylan screamed jumping in my arms literally knocking me over. 

"Hey dilly did you miss me?" I asked he looked like he had been crying Zayn came over to us he was wearing basketball shorts and a tank top. 

"He wouldn't stop crying for you" Zayn laughed I looked at Dylan. 

"I missed you mommy" Dylan pouted I kissed him on his forehead and sat down crossing my legs. Dylan crawled on my lap and wrapped my arms around him. 

"I missed you too" I said squeezing him Zayn sat next to us and wrapped his arm around us. 

"I love you guys" he smiled kissing my cheek. 

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