He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


4. Sleepover with Ed Sheeren

"Mousie! Dylan!" Ed yelled walking in Dylan fell asleep it was late. I looked up at him I was sitting on the couch with Dylan on my lap sleeping. 

"He fell asleep waiting for you" I said 

"Sorry I'm late I was finishing up with my new music video, it's about you when you broke up with Zayn" he smiled I looked at him and smiled 

"what's the name?" 

"Drunk, I know you didn't get drunk or anything but you told me about your dream you had about how you were drunk and me and you went partying. I play you and a talking cat plays me." He laughed 

"Well I can't wait to see the video or listen to the song." I smiled "will you take him to his bed please"

"sure mouse" he smiled he picked up Dylan and carried him to his bed. I sat on the couch skimming through the channels Ed came back down and sat next to me I laid my feet on top of him and rested my head on the arm rest. 

"So how goes it weasley?" I smiled 

"Nice mouse how about you?" 

"Zayn knows about Dylan" I sighed he turned off the tv and looked at me. 

"How did he find out?" Ed asked I sighed and told him all of what happened "so are you guys going to start dating again?" 

"I honestly don't know, I don't want to mainly because he cheated on me and I still stuck with him and then he broke up with me and broke my heart and I feel like I just got over him and moved on with my life you know I finally got my bakery open and it's busy as hell and I have a wonderful son and awesome bestfriends" I smiled 

"You should give him another chance, you know Perrie broke up with him right" he laughed 

"No I stopped talking to him after we broke up" I laughed 

"Yeah the boys said he really loved her and that he's all sad about it but like she was only using him for fame, but I don't feel bad for him though I mean he had someone who actually loved him but he broke her heart" he said 

"I feel it, I don't want him back though I mean he saw me he wanted me he got me and then he broke me, I felt like I was his toy or something" I sighed Ed put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it. 

"I love you mousie" he smiled 

"I love you too Ed, your the best you know" I said he laid down next to me putting an arm around my waist. We weren't dating or nothing he was like my snuggle buddy at times. I scooted closer to him he put a blanket over us. I felt my eyes getting heavy and I finally let sleep take over me

  I woke up in my bed and Dylan jumping on me. "Mommy your awake!" Dylan smiled 

"Yea baby did uncle Ed leave?" 

"Yeah he telled me to told you him has to be at wert and test him later" 

"okay, did you get dressed?" 

"No I gots on my Spider-Man jammys!" He crawled in bed next to me and moved my arm over him. 

"Dilly guess what?"

"what mommy?" 

"I think somebody is going to get a visit from the tickle monster" I said yelling 'tickle monster' I started tickling him and blowing raspberries on his tummy he kept laughing. I saw a flash of light an I turned my head I saw Zayn standing in the door way taking pictures of us on his phone. 

"I brought breakfast" he smiled holding up a McDonalds bag. 

"How'd you get in here?" 

"You still leave the key in the flower pot" he smirked Dylan looked at Zayn and ran into his arms. 

"Daddy!" He smiled 

"hey buddy I missed you" Zayn smiled 

"I missed you too!" I could already tell seeing Zayn was going to be Lot harder than I thought.

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