He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


25. Mousie's work

***ZAYN POV*** 

    I drove up to Mousies bakery I unbuckled Dylan and we walked inside. Luckily I had no fans following me. I saw that Mousie looked irritated "What the hell I told you don't use that water they're repairing the pipes and to use the water upstairs!" She yelled at some girl she looked pretty mad. 

"No you didn't Mousie-" the girl started 

"I didn't? Miguel Brian get over here now!" She screamed two boys came down. "Did I Veronica about the brown water?" She asked 

"Yeah, I was with you" one of the boys said 

"Veronica this is the second time today third time this week, I think I'm going to have to let you go" Mousie said the Veronica girl started crying then walked out the door. I picked up Dylan then walked up to the counter Mousie stood behind the cash register. 

"Mommy!" Dylan cheered Mousie looked up at him and smiled 

"Hi baby" she said she leaned over the counter and kissed him on the cheek. 

"What about me?" I asked pretending to sound hurt. 

"Come around the counter" she smiled I did as told and walked behind the counter she gave me a peck on the lips. 

"You told me to come behind the counter just for a peck?" I sassed she laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck then kissed me on the lips again. 

"Eww that's yucky!" Dylan said making  a face. Mousie pulled away and looked at him she removed her arms from around my neck and took Dylan she placed him on her hip then grabbed my hand. 

"Miguelito I need you to take over the cash register!" She called a guy came down and walked to the cash register. She pulled me into a room with a deskand a computer and there was papers everywhere. I'm suggesting this is her office. 

"Mommy daddy go you a present!" Dylan said they both looked at me I felt my face go red and I got really nervous. 

"Did he now?" Mousie smirked I nodded. 

"But I want to give it to you at home." I smiled 

"Alright then" she smiled she sat Dylan down at her desk. I sat in her chair it spun around. She looked at me and laughed she sat on my lap and rested her back on my chest. "Ugh I have to get back to work!" She groaned I could tell she was tired I pushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her on her forehead. She let out a small smile she had her eyes closed. 

"Mommy is you tired?" Dylan asked she open her eyes and looked at him. 

"Yes mommy is very tired, remember the dragon cake mommy had to make?" She asked Dylan 

"yeah, that's a big cake." Dylan said 

"mommy had to make another one but bigger, the charity liked it so much that they're were doing another function and needed a mother cake" she said Dylan got off her desk and walked over to us he came and sat on Mousies lap. He snuggled into her and smiled. 

"I love you mommy!" Dylan smiled kissing her cheek. 

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