He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


12. Family day part 2

"Uncle Hazza!" Dylan cheered running into Harry's arms. We went to a restraunt that my father owned my parents were rich just like me I rarely talk to them though. 

"Hey little man!" Harry chirped spinning him around in the air. 

"Becareful, he already has a broken arm" I warned Harry rested Dylan on his shoulder and looked at me. 

"Mommy!" Dylan complained resting his chin on Harry's head. 

"Dylan!" I mocked 

"hey mouse how's it going" Harry smiled

"Pretty awesome if you ask me I have a kid a dog and a baby daddy all under one roof. How goes it living the life of THE Harry styles." I joked 

"your worse than the paparazzi" he laughed I laughed along with him. 

"Mousie!" I turned around and saw Louis Liam and Niall running over and engulfing me into a hug. 

"I can't breath" I said joking they lat go of me I looked around for Zayn but I couldn't find him. "Where's Zayn?" 

"He's talking with some girl outside" Niall said 

"Uncle Yum!" Dylan cheered from Harry's arms. 

"Dill!" Liam cheered He grabbed Dylan from Harry "what happened to his arm?" They all looked at me expecting an answer. 

"He fell off the bed, I think he was jumping on it." I sighed 

"where were you during all this?" Louis said 

"With Zayn" I said 

"doing what?" Louis smirked. 

"Kissing" I mumbled loud enough for him to hear me. 

"Are you guys dating?" Louis asked

"I don't know truthfully" I sighed he shook his head. We were waiting for the waiter to come seat us. 

"Hey mousie have you talked to weasley?" Harry asked 

"the last time I talked to him was on Saturday i think." 

"He talked to me last night he sounded a little sad." Harry said I nodded a man came 

"Payne? Party of seven" the man said Liam stood up we all followed 

"Mouse will you get Zayn?" Niall said I went outside and saw Zayn sucking face with some tramp, I have to be honest it hurt to see that. 

"Zayn!" I yelled he pulled away from the girl and looked at me. "Our table's ready." I said putting on a fake smile. I walked back inside he soon followed after. 

"Mousie that's not what it looked like" he defended I looked at him and smiled. 

"Zayn we aren't dating, yeah we kissed but that's all none the more none the less." I said I sat down next to Harry and Dylan. 

"Mommy uncle Hazza and uncle Yum says I can spend a night over there place can I mommy?" Dylan asked I looked at Harry and Liam the both smiled with pleading eyes. 

"If it's okay with them then yeah" I smiled 

"Yay Mommy says yes!"Dylan cheered I looked at Harry and Liam their smiles grew even wider. 

"Yay! Your spending the night with us!" Liam and Harry cheered I looked at Zayn a waiter came and took our orders it was a male and he kept his gaze on me and a few times I caught him winking at me. Zayn looked a little jealous I wasn't into the waiter or anything. He was okay but not my type, also he worked for my father I didn't want anyone loosing there jobs. 

"Mommy, I have to go potty" Dylan whined I noticed the waiter left. 

"Hazzy, I'm going to take Dylan to the restroom" I whispered to Harry the others were chatting about something Zayn was staring at me. Harry shook his head me and Dylan got up and walked into the family restroom. I let him do his business then helped him with his pants and wash his hands. We left the bathroom the waiter that serves us earlier bumped into me. 

"I am so sorry miss?" The waiter said 

"Ugh Andrews." I smiled 

"Is your father Josh Andrews?" 


"Oh well I should get back to work" he stuttered I laughed walking back to

the table. I sat next to Harry. They don't know that my parents and how they're rich and crap. I looked at Zayn again she must think in trying to make him jealous I have no intentions on doing that. Dylan sat down. In the booster seat next to me. 

"Who was that?" Zayn asked looking at me. 

"The waiter" I answered 

"there's nothing going on between you and the waiter?" He asked 

"No he works for my father" I said I checked my phone I had a text message I checked the message. 

"I've got the video are you busy today?" Ed texted. 

"Yeah err can I pick it up later or possibly we can have a sleepover at your flat. Dylan is spending the night with Liam and Harry. :,(" I replied. 

"What about Zayn?"

"I dunno do you want to invite him also?" 

"Nahh, will he be fine alone?" 

"He's a big kid I think he can handle one night alone. I need to talk to you later though." I said putting my phone in my pocket. 

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