He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


11. Family day part 1

"Ready 1-2-3! Wake up Mommy!" Zayn and Dylan yelled my eyes shot open and I looked at their smiling faces. 

"I'm up" I groaned Dylan laid down in my next to me. Zayn laid on top of my. 

"Good morning beautiful!" Zayn said kissing me on the lips.  


"bleh! Mommy and daddy gots cooties!" Dylan said we both started to laugh. 

"Hey some guy called, I think his name was Chris or Craig. Something like that." Zayn said I looked at him confused. I don't know anybody by those names. 

"What did they say?" I asked maybe that will help me figure out his name. 

"He called saying he had a message from a guy named Gabriel, the Gabriel guy says he is getting out soon and will take what is rightfully his" Zayn said. I know Gabriel must have paid a guy in jail to make a phone call for him. I nodded in reply. "Whose Gabriel?" Zayn asked 

"That's mommy's old boyfriend him is not nice to mommy, him would hit her and make her cry." Dylan answered I looked at Dylan. 

"What's rightfully his?" Zayn said I shrugged my shoulders I honestly don't know what us rightfully his. 

"What are we doing today?" I changed the subject. 

"Dylan wants to go to the beach" Zayn smiled 

"All day?" I looked at Dylan. 

"No daddy said that uncle Louis uncle Ed uncle hazzy uncle Ni and uncle yum is taking us for breakfast when the little han is on the ten and the big hand is on the telve." Dylan said looking at Zayn. 

"Whose uncle yum?" Zayn asked

"Liam" I assured he nodded and rested his chin on my stomach. 

"Why uncle yum?" Zayn questioned I felt his throat vibrate as he spoke. 

"Because he can't say li or Liam so it's the other portion of his name"

"that's cool I like yum, I'm going to start calling him that." He laughed getting off of me. "You need to get ready" 

"Alright" I sighed I sat up and looked at Dylan he was playing with a toy car. I went into my walk in closet and looked around zayns clothes were on one side mine on the other. I looked at my side I grabbed a bob marly tee and some green skinny jeans with my green red and yellow nike's. Zayn came I the closet once I was finished getting dressed. He looked me up and down and smiled. "Like what you see" I laughed 

"I love it!" He smiled putting his hands on my waisti wrapped my arms around his neck. 

"Oh really, you should take a picture then I'm told it would last a lot longer" 

"Yeah?" I felt his hands go down my butt and on my legs I wrapped my legs around his waist. He kissed me on the lips I felt him lick my bottom lip asking for entrance. 

"Mommy!" Dylan yelled I got off of Zayn and went over to Dylan he was still playing with his car. 

"Yeah dilly?" 

"My arm is itchy" he whined I walked into the closet Zayn was picking out clothes. I grabbed a wire hanger bending it then I went back over to Dylan I showed him how to scratch his itch. 

"Better?" I asked 

"yeah thank you mommy!" He left with what use to be a wire hanger. I went into Dylan's room I picked up the clothes off the ground placing them in his hamper. I went into his closet and picked out a Spider-Man shirt and some shorts grabbing a matching SnapBack. Dylan came running into the room. "Do I gots to take a baff?" He questioned. 


"I hate baff's!" 

"Do you want to take a shower?" 

"Yeah!" He cheered running off into the bathroom. I followed behind him and turned on the shower while he undressed. He got in I did my hair while he was in the shower. "Done mommy!" He cheered turning off the water I wrapped him in a towel and got him out carrying him into his room. I set him back on his feet. "Mommy can I wear my shirt that says 'cool kids don't dance'" 

"sure baby" I smiled drying his hair with the towel I walked over to his closet grabbed his shirt and some random black skinny jeans. I handed it to him with some underwear. He got dressed and went back to the restroom I put in some make up then went back to check on Dylan. He was trying to put on his shirt. 

"Mommy I stuck!" He yelled I helped him with his shirt he walked over to his snap backs and picked out a black and white one. He put it on and ran off somewhere I went back into our room Zayn was doing his hair in the mirror. He saw me and turned around. 

"You ready?" I asked 

"yeah let's go" he smiled 

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