He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


27. Dinner

***ZAYN POV***

    We pulled up to a big fancy restraunt mousie didn't looked surprised at all she turned red and looked around. "What's wrong babe?" I asked squeezing her hand. 

"My dad owns this place" she whispered she stopped looking when she saw a man and a women she looked like a mixture of the two people. "There they are keep cool!" She said 

"What's so bad about your parents?" I asked her 

"Mousie Dylan my two favourite people!" The women cheered walking over to us with open arms. "Oh and you brought a friend" she added looking at me. 

"Grandma!" Dylan cheered 

"you'll see" she whispered in my ear I felt really confused. 

"Mousie Darling whose your friend?" Mousie's mom said

"uhm mom this is my boyfriend Zayn" 

"Hi I'm Abigail Mousie's mother" she smiled she looked nothing like Mousie up close 

"I'm Zayn" I smiled shaking her hand 

"You're a very handsome young man, Mousie you better keep this one on a leash" She laughed Mousie rolled her eyes and mumbled something. 

"I'll take that into consideration, mom it was nice talking to you but-" Mousie started 

"Why don't you guys have dinner with us, I think your father would love to meet the man his daughters dating" Abigail cheered 

"We'd love to" I replied I wanted to meet her parents her mother seemed a bit pushy though. 

"Splendid, waiter!" She called the waiter came over Abigail whispered something into his ear and he nodded 

"I'll get right on it Mrs. Andrews" the waiter said Mousie squeezed my hand and gave me a death glare I pecked her lips making her glare disappear. 

"It'll be fun Mousie" I assured I was a bit bummed because I couldn't propose to her in front of her parents, I just met them and I find out they're rich they'll think I'm a gold digger or something. 

"I hope so" she whispered we followed her mom to a round booth table where two guys were sitting one was a man he looked to be in his sixties then the other looked to be sixteen. 

"Mousie!" The sixteen year old said with a smile she looked at him and a smile plastered on her face. He got up and pulled her into a hug

"Steven!" She said Abigail sat down at the booth next to the old guy. 

"Uncle Even" Dylan chirped pushing Mousie away and hugging him. 

"Babe that's my brother" Mousie whispered I looked at him he turned away from Dylan and looked at me. 

"So Mousie I see you got back with your baby daddy" Steven smirked she turned red 

"shut up or I'm going smack you so hard upside your head your eyes will pop out" Mousie muttered he walked up to me and looked me up and down. 

"So you're the boy who had my sister crying for days" he nodded he looked back at Mousie "you could have done way better" he said making Mousie laugh it hurt me knowing she cried for days. "I'm Steven by the way call me Mr. Andrews, and between me and you if you make my big sister cry again I will kick you-"

"shut up Steven he gets it lets just eat!" Mousie said a bit embarrassed she pulled me to the table the man looked at me then at Mousie. 

"Baby mouse!" The man cheered he stood up and wrapped his arms around her 

"hi dad" she said a bit shy Dylan tugged on my pants I looked down at him and picked him up. 

"Is you still going to ask mommy to marry you now?" Dylan whispered 

"No, I'll do it tomorrow" I whispered back. Mousie pulled away from her dad and he looked me up and down again. 

"Mousie is this the young man that wrote you that lovely song?" He asked

"No daddy this is my boyfriend Zayn he's uhm Dylan's dad" she said mumbling the last part 

"The man you cried about for weeks and when you found out you were pregnant he couldn't even answe a single call" her dad said raising his voice a bit Mousie played with her hands. "Aren't you that boy from that pop band, what is it wonder action?" He asked me

"Yes, the our bands name is One Direction" I said 

"Well popstar sit down I'd like to get to know the boy who broke my daughters heart. And please call me Mr. Andrews" he said we all sat down I now see why Mousie didn't want to eat with them. 


~~~~~~PIXIE'S NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~

    Hey Fans of Mousie's book, I'm Pixie and I wrote half of this chapter Mousie asked me too she's been a bit busy lately but she doesn't forget about you guys. So I hoped you liked it and thanks for the favorites comments and likes you guys are like my dream fans. Mousie is so lucky my story only had like twelve fans. Please read my story though, I just added another chapter it's called 'adopted brothers' it's a 1D fan fic. Uhm that's all I have to say so good bye for now and uhm yeah 



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