He's your kid

Mousie and Zayn use to date he got her pregnant then left she never told him about the baby. Five years later and she has a beautiful five years old son named Dylan a pitbull named Sturges. She and Dylan bump into Zayn and his band one day and everything changes.


9. Broken arms

  Dylan fell asleep in my arms, I carried him up to his bed gently laying him down. I took a quick shower and put on a t-shirt and basketball shorts. I walked into mine and zayns bedroom Zayn was sitting in the bed. "Hey beautiful" he smiled I sat on his lap he wrapped his arms around me. "I love you" he mumbled into the crook of my neck. 

"I love you too" I sighed he pulled me closer to him and kissed me on the lips. He tried to deepen the kiss but I heard a thud and Dylan starting to cry I got off his lap and rushed into his room he was on the floor crying. "Dylan are you okay what happened?" I gasped scooping him into my arms. 

"Mommy I fell" he cried tears flowing down his face.

"Where does it hurt?" 

"I bend this arm and it starts to ouch." 

"Mousie what's wrong?" Zayn said rushing into Dylan's room. 

"Dylan hurt his arm really bad I think we need to take him to the hospital" I said 

"Alright I'll drive" Zayn picked up Dylan and carried him into the car I grabbed my purse and everything I needed. I got I to the passenger seat next to Zayn Dylan was in the back strapped up securely he was still crying. 

"Mommy it hurts!" Dylan cried I turned around in my seat handing him his favorite teddy bear. 

"Baby, mommy and daddy are going to take you to the doctors they are going to fix it and make it feel better okay" I smiled 

"Okay mommy" he sniffled I turned back around in my seat and out on my seatbelt. Zayn grabbed my hand and ran his thumb over my knuckles. 

"It's going to be okay mouse" zayn assured quickly glancing at me I smiled. We arrived at the hospital I looked around it wasn't that packed. Zayn signed Dylan in while me and Dylan sat on the chairs. Zayn sat down with us and held my hand, he put Dylan on his lap. "You okay buddy" 

"Yeah it ouch though" he snuffled he stopped crying And was sniffling. 

"Dylan Malik!" A lady yelled we got up and followed her to a room  


"Mommy my cats's purple like uncle Liam favorite color" Dylan smiled I kissed him on his head. 

"It looks nice dilly!" I smiled I gave him a kiss on his forehead Zayn came into the room, he went to grab two coffee's from Starbucks. It was hella late. It took like an hour for the x-rays then another two ours just so he can put on the cast. The doctors said he had broken his arm and he would have to wear a cast for two weeks. "Thanks Zayn" I sighed grabbing the coffee. 

"No problem babe" he smiled kissing me on the lips. We were waiting for the doctors to come back with Dylan's papers. I looked at Zayn he was standing, I was in the only chair in the room besides the hospital bed. I stood up and infront if Zayn I laid my back against his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. "How's Dylan?" Zayn mumbled in my ear. 

"He's fine they gave him medication for the pain, and they are making us a prescription right now then we could go home" I said Zayn sat down in the chair with me still in his arms. 

"Daddy?" Dylan asked Zayn looked at him. 

"Yeah Dylan?"

"When are we going home?" He asked right when the nurse came in with our prescription. 

"Right now" Zayn smiled the lady handed me the prescription and told me all about it then said we were free to go. Zayn carried Dylan on his shoulders and held my hand. We got to the car and Zayn buckled Dylan in his car seat. I got in the passenger seat and played with the radio. I couldn't find anything good so I put on a CD by future. The first track came on, it was my favorite song it was called 'rider'. My ex boyfriend got me to like future and other rappers, he was cool until he go abusive. He said he would come back one day and take what's rightfully his but I'm not stressing about it. I looked at Zayn ad he got into the drivers seat 

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