a young girl 14 called Katie is bullied called fat ugly everything, she is going though a lot and it pushes her over the edge


1. nobody knew

she lay there on her bed, she didn't want to go to bed, she didn't want tomorrow to come, she walked over to the mirror, pulled up he top and look at herself, she just wanted to get a knife and cut all the fat off herself, she hated he body she didn't want to be herself. katie always remember when she was happy, but then people changed her, they didn't like the way she acted or was, she changed herself because the people around her 


6:00 am i dread waking up, having to my uniform on, what makes me look 10 stone bigger then what i am, i get the bus with all my friends, one of them says hey wanna know what this boy said yesterday , i said ''what ?'' she replied ''well every one was talking about you'' - what a surprise, '' and Stevie said you sat next to him , then mark said oh the fat and small one '' i hated hearing that word FAT it makes me feel sick, like when i get called it i shouldn't eat because i don't deserve it, the only words that go around in my head is fatty fatty, i always think what do people think of me am i being judged  or something? , the bus stops and our conversation ends, time for amazing school ''yay''

maths first whoo, i love being in a class with people i really hate, one boy in there said once, fat , i heard the word and turned around, he was speaking to my friend louise, she said ''who me ?'' he obviously said ''no'' and said '' theirs only one fat girl in the glass'' she questioned him ''who'' the words wobbled out his mouth as even my name was to fat ''KATIE'' .


that night Katie went home, grabbed a blade and wrote fat in to her leg, its like no one knows she looks in the mirror, don't they think she hates her self enough with out being reminded of it very day, she never used to hate herself, and she didn't know why people hated her but no she dose because she hates herself just like and outsides would. 

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