Adopted By 1D

This story is about a little girl who had lost her parents at the age of 4. She is placed in an orphanage and is adopted 4 years later. Who are the people who adopted Breanne?
I'll give ya a hint. They're famous! Anyways read to find out. Also please no hate.....its my first movella. Any suggestions, please feel free to say them.


2. The Beginning

I was sitting in my room waiting to be called down for lunch. Although I don't really eat. They hadn't called me down yet and it was very quiet so I decided to check downstairs. When I got down, I smelt something burning. As I got closer, I realized there was a fire and they abandoned the building. As I was trying to get out, I could hear sirens. I kept breathing in smoke and blacked out before the firefighters got there. I woke up in a hospital room 2 hours later and found 5 boys staring down at me. I was scared and I think they noticed because they moved backed a little. I had asked who they were and they introduced like this "I'm Harry" "I'm Louis" "I'm Liam" "I'm Niall" "I'm Zayn" "and we're One Direction" they yelled. After they introduced themselves I started to relax a little. Then I asked "why are you guys here?" Liams POV As she asked us that, I immediately responded "We were on our way to your orphanage to adopt a child and we heard that they found one child still in the building, so we decided to visit and here we are." She looked confused at first then said "Did you say adopt the child that was still in the building?" Louis answered this time and simply said "yes, yes we did" Then Niall asked "how would you like to be our daughter?" She was speechless and just nodded her head and started crying. We went over to the bed and hugged her. She calmed down and looked up at us. We were waiting for her to say something, but we didn't expect her to call all of us daddy. We took it as surprise but then smiled and signed her out of the hospital. Nialls POV Nialls POV
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