Sakura's Diary

One day during a mission, Naruto looked through Sakura's bag and found Sakura's Diary. Naruto wants to know what is in Sakura's Diary. But one thing Naruto doesn't know is that this diary hold not just Sakura's secret, but her childhood. {This is a Naruto Fanfic!!! This is anime}


2. Coughing blood

   "Here you go Naruto-kun." Sakura said handing Naruto a glass of water. "Are you feeling fine Naruto-kun." Sakura looked nervous as if she was battling Orochimariu. She has gained a lot of confidence ever since she trained under Tsunade. She was frighten by how sick Naruto is. Sakura leaned in and kissed Naruto on the forehead.

   "Thank you Sakura-chan for taking care of me while I've been sick. You're so kind and yes I feel fine." Naruto told Sakura sweetly. He was smiling at Sakura for the kiss she had planted on his forehead. It made him feel special since Sasuke left since Sakura would care more about Sasuke than Naruto.

   Naruto started to cough blood. 'Is this how it feels before death' Naruto wondered. He tilted his head forward. His chest was in pain. "Sakura-chan get Kakashi-sensi, QUICKLY." Naruto urgently yelled. Sakura's eyes grew wide. She was more nervous than before. Her body was shaking lightly. She turn torwards the door and started to run.

   "Kakashi-sensi! Come quick! Naruto coughing up blood!" She alarmly yelled. She was in tears. Her body was shaking of the thought of Naruto dead. Kakashi-sensi's door suddenly open.

   "Sakura, thank you for telling." Kakashi-sensi said calmly. Kakashi-sensi walked into Naruto's room and Naruto was coughing up blood.

   "Kakashi-sensi, please pass me my water." Naruto requested. Kakashi pulled out a medicine out of his pocket and handed it to Naruto. 'It's a pill. Thank goodness for that.' Naruto thought. Naruto took the medicine and instantly took a sip of water. He stopped coughing.

   "Thank you Kakashi-sensi." Naruto said. When everybody left, Naruto picked up Sakura's diary.

"Hehehe, I'm surprised by Sakura that she didn't notice her diary out of her bag." Naruto remarked. He opened the diary and read the next entry.


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