Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


8. Trunks of Chambers

The festivities kept roaring through the night. With the fairies growing drunk the lights, began to turn into dancing patterns to go along with the folk music playing for entertainment. Iva looked at her watch to check the time. 

"May I ask what you gave him?"

"Now, Gabe you should know an artist of my caliber doesn't give away her secrets."

"Well, how long should it take then?"

"Anytime now." She nodded toward the illuminated table where Gale sat and surely enough it looked as though Gale was going into Cardiac arrest. The alphas around him rushed to his aid as a ruckus was suddenly underway. 

"I will admit I did have to use something else in the mix to make sure his wolf wouldn't be able to overcome it." Cerbera Odollam, also known as suicide tree, was one of the main plants used to name a few of the ingredients. Iva watched intently as the alpha lay limp in the arms of his brothers, but was quickly distracted by a younger looking alpha having slipped out of the crowd into the forest behind. Gabe was delighted by the sight of Gale's death, too transfixed to notice until Iva elbowed him in the ribs.

"I wouldn't rejoice just yet. Time to play shadow. Stay here so you're not sensed... I don't need a hulking wolf to give away my position." Gabe just gave her a look of approval as she quickly snapped her fingers, allowing for a light smoke to cover her to allow for her shadow magic to come into play. Although not a witch or a sorcerer, assassins must posses a potential to follow those paths in order to be the most effective in a world full of mystics. 

She found it rather astonishing when she realized that the alpha was using magic to try and make his removal from the uproar unnoticed by his brothers. Luckily for her, the magic being used here was something an assassin's trained eye and talent could overcome easily through experience. 

The young alpha she followed had spiked black hair with a braid behind his ear falling down to his chest, the sign of a newer inductee. His trail led north through the wood to a large tree. The equivalent of a redwood in size, but pale with a hidden door at the base of the trunk. Luckily for Iva this was no large feat, having had quite a few higher up mystics as prior targets. She took a powder from a small compartment in her boot heel and blew it on the base of the trunk to show where hands must be placed to open it. Then, she used the same powder on her hands to avoid any detection of fingerprints. 

The door opened to a staircase that led down into an underground chamber with a long table draped in purple cloth with gold and silver inlays, and at the wood chairs in the shape of trees sat a slightly older looking vampire with what looked like a servant by his left side. Iva cast another spell on herself as she took to the ceiling with another fine powder on her boot tips and fingertips to conceal her if anyone were to look up when walking outside the door.

"Sit Landon, no need to be so intense among family." The vampire had a twinkle in his eye as he smiled in a welcoming motion. 

"They took the bait, Damon." Landon sat down gravely. 

"Oh really, then why isn't there a smile on your face? Don't you want to be head alpha?"

"Yes, but I was hoping they would have gone for one of the other alphas like Luke." 

"Don't worry cousin, all in good time. Who cares what assassins they use as long as they are effective and play their part, and whomever must fall for our glory to really be recognized, let them. We are the new era, our bloodlines will be the new standard of what is regarded as progress. Humans are inferior and the pures are, well, insufficient. Our kind over powers ten fold." 

"Yes, well I guess the cold blood keeps you from feeling when dealing with your own kind."

Damon's eyes flared blood red for a second before he responded eloquently. 

"I do what I have to cousin. Grandfather taught us both, if I remember correctly, to do what we must to survive. Save your vendettas for the war cousin, I'm sure your strength will be much obliged." 

"Enough talk, what is it that grandfather wants for me to have to come out here on this night?" Landon was growing impatient with the underlying commanding tone from Damon. The urge to give him a slight bite was there, to remind him of what it means to talk to an alpha that way. 

"Ah yes, well you see there are  prior assassins that have prices on their heads, but instead of heads showing up there seems to be an influx of disappearances."

"How does this concern me? I thought assassins liked the confines of a gritty city, not a mystic forest."

"Right, well grandfather wants you to stay on the lookout. Here is a case with files on all of the marks. Keep on the lookout for their signature kills and report to him if you find anything."

Landon took the suitcase of files with a slight annoyed tug and growl.

"Is that all?"

"Yes dear cousin, and please, take this seriously. We don't want anything to get too out of hand." Damon's eyes were now the equivalent to the color of fire embers, smirking as he spoke. With that, Landon left leaving the room. 

Iva was smug knowing that she hadn't been found yet, but the curiosity only grew to the point where she wanted to follow this Damon to see if she could find out any further plans. 

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