Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


2. Safe House

The voice was smooth and she was wondering whether to trust it or not despite it being feminine.

"We are both in danger. I want you to listen to me carefully..."

"Iva?" She lowered her gun in shock. She never thought she would see her charge with how efficient her jobs had been. She raised her gun again, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Now isn't the time, I need you to come with me. Take only what you can carry, we have to find a safe-house."

Ker lowered her gun all the way. Iva could have left her to fend off the assassins by herself, but she hadn't. That earned her a little trust. For now. "What about Mynx?" Ker looked at the cat slightly worried now for his well-being.

"You're kidding, right?"

"But he's never been in the wild!"

"He has claws, does he not?"


"Leave him."

Ker already didn't like where this was going very much.

"Where are we going? I have a boyfriend you know!" She was lying. She hadn't seen any action for about a year. 

"Really? You don't look it."

"Well aren't you a ray of sunshine?"

"Just get your shit together, I don't want to have both of our blood on my hands because we decided to chit chat. We'll talk more when we get to the safe house." Iva had lost her patience and Ker finally shut up and started packing her things.


As soon as Ker was done packing Iva gave her a look of approval.

"Okay so you and I both cannot go around as ourselves, and using the underground system wont work with the Order knowing the safe houses through there, so I want you to put this wig and hat on with this outfit. Your new name is Gale for the short time being."Iva handed "Gale" a platinum blonde straight haired wig, a baseball cap and baggy clothes.

"What are you trying to make me butch?" Gale growled as she grabbed the clothes from her.

"Shut up and put the disguise on!"

"And what will I call you??" As Gale put on her baggy clothes Iva was getting dressed herself.

"I'm Susan." She had a red curly wig on with green eyes and a sundress.

"Why do you get the sundress!"

"Stop whining! We are going to a diner on 52nd street so act natural. We are going on a vacation." The pair definitely looked odd as they entered the diner but no one paid them any mind. They were used to odd people making their way in and out of this rest stop.

After some hot plates of food came they finally began to talk.

"I need you to use your resources... contacts, everything to help us find a safe house outside of my prior company's knowledge."

"You're serious? You have no idea what we are doing do you?"

"Come on Gale I can't be the only person to plan out our vacation."

"Fine." Gale took out a phone and started dialing.

"Hello Cher, it's me you remember that lake-house? Yeah a client and I would like to visit."

Susan gave Gale a look as she got off the phone.

"We'll meet Cher about our arrangement in the next hour."

"Are you sure?"

"Listen Cher owes me for introducing her to her husband and helping her stay off the grid, this will be fine." Although skeptical, Susan trusted Gale. After finishing their food Gale had them both enter the underground tunnels accessed through an alley by the diner.

"I didn't know you people knew the tunnels."

"You can thank me when we get to the lake house darling." Gale fake blew Susan a kiss. Susan's face was blank, a blank face semi saying "if you knew what I was thinking right now you would think about getting that gun out and running for it."


After about a mile they came to a door lit with a dim orange glow and a woman dressed up in black wraps and studded metal all over her body.

"Well you look positively handsome."

"Thanks Cher, but we really need to just get to that vacation home we mentioned earlier, preferably in a way not easily detected."

Cher rolled her eyes, "Come in then."

They entered what seemed to be an old rundown bar underground. Empty and abandoned and lit by candles all over the counters, tables, etc.

"How's the mister?"

"No complaints, he pleasures enough." Cher was eagerly setting up a table full of powders and liquid vials, mixing specific ingredients into a wooden bowl.

"Now ladies its been a while since I've conducted this spell so please hang with me for a moment." Susan gave Gale a "You have to be kidding me" look.

"What? She's a very well practiced sorceress, now aren't you Cher?" Gale said as she stepped closer to Susan with a little smirk.

"Boasting is for those waiting for the Gods to smite them for their arrogance."

"No God has ever smote me." Susan, or Iva for that matter, had little faith in the afterlife after what she had seen over the years.

Cher drew a circle on the floor around both Susan and Gale followed by placing candles at specific points of the design.

"Be perfectly quiet and still. I have to get the incantation right." Taking her seriously, they both shut up as Cher performed her magic. To her, it was a religious art form perfected.

As Cher stated the incantation she splashed the mixture onto both women and fumes began to rise from their feet engulfing the whole room. Gale closed her eyes worried it was going to hurt but came to in a nice little lake house overlooking the forest. What she was surprised to hear was a Cat's meow.




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