Blade Angels

An assassin exiled from her Order takes her handler under her wing while in hiding as they both go after her prior associates to find out whats really happening to the Mystic Orders of the world.


11. Necros

By early afternoon Iva had finally awoken after dozing off on the couch, a half filled cold coffee cup sitting next to her on the end table, and the smell of fresh brownies in the air. Iva could hear more than one feminine voice echo from the kitchen. Iva quickly got up to investigate. 

"Oh you're awake! Cher is here to visit!" Ker was excited to have some company and a distraction from what has been happening. 

"Well isn't this a pleasant surprise?" Iva was being slightly sarcastic.

"We made brownies!" Ker was eating them happily with milk seemingly upbeat.

"How does someone so bubbly get into the handling business again?" 

"Oh shut up, I'm trying to lighten up. Having a stick up your ass all the time doesn't relieve anything."

"Neither does eating your weight in chocolate when we have a lot of work to be doing."

"Should I leave you lovebirds to your own quarrels?" Cher was cool sipping her milk slowly having only had half a brownie. Instead of continuing the conversation Iva just gave Ker a glare before looking over to Cher.

"I don't mean to be rude Cher but there's a lot more at stake here than I expected, but before I go on, I'm sorry if the work done by the guys is not sufficient in repairing your front door. Since you are here however I might as well use you. I have here a book that is in another dialect. Considering you probably know a bit more about the old mystic language than I do, would you care to try and help translate?"

"Don't worry about the door. What sort of book?" Cher was skeptical as she was of most assassins. Iva took out the book and placed it on the table in front of Cher. Cher's eyes grew wide as she read the title. 

"How did you get this?" Her words were grave.

"I've been kind of having a rough past 24 hours as you can tell. Let's just say it crossed my path last night."

"What is it?" Ker wasn't enjoying being out of the loop. 

"Let's just say there have been myths about this book among the mystics, how to reform our world in dire positions. For example, say the humans took over and most of the mystics were gone, this was the plan made to make it so our magic would somehow live. The problem with this plan is that it entails going against our code even your assassin friend is aware of, cross-breeding between humans and mystics."

"Whats wrong with cross-breeding?"

"Human and mystic blood-lines, depending on the mystic type is unpredictable. It can work as a catalyst to make them stronger or it can essentially form monsters. The success rate of reproduction between the blood-lines was usually 1 out of 10 offspring, and with those odds even mystics find it inhumane. The only way to always redeem success is through powerful dark magic. Practically sacrificing one's soul to the dark demon Necros which is only found within these pages. This was designed to condemn all of the souls of the current generation so the next would thrive essentially and rule."  Ker was no longer eating her brownies.

"Who the hell would want to condemn their own soul?!"

"When you're desperate, you're desperate." 

"That is why we have a lot of work to do... humans such as yourself may have connections but it gives me twice the work to train you."

"Fine. So what are we going to do about this?"

"Well first we need to know what is laid out in this book, while Cher translates, you are mine for training. Can you stay for a while Cher? Would your husband mind?"

"I'll stay for a while, but I'll be heading home nightly. Don't worry assassin your secrets are safe with me, and its the only way to keep the mister from minding." It made Iva uneasy with Cher calling this book "her secret." No assassin likes to share secrets, but for survival purposes this was essential. 

"Everything's settled then, Ker,  time to go back to the basement."




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